What is the general time for UV curing UV glue and complete solidification?


UV glue is a bonding glue that uses ultraviolet rays to achieve solidification. Different glue curing time is generally different. When choosing a solidification time, you need to determine the product assembly process. For the solidification of epoxy acrocylite UV glue faster, the curing time of polyurethane ultraviolet curing UV glue will be relatively slow. UV curing UV glue should first clean up the oil and miscellaneous objects on the surface of the adhesive surface before using it to avoid affecting the glue; then the glue is dripped or coated on the surface of the bonding part through the three -axis automatic adhesive machine, and then another will be another A supporting component is tightly filled with the surface of the rubber and the bubbles are eliminated and the bubbles are excluded.


In the sun or 10cm from the ultraviolet light, most of the ultraviolet curing UV glue can be solidified in 5-10 seconds. The distance is different. Under the UV -free light light of the 200-400nm wavelength, it can be completely solidified after strengthening the photo glue for a few minutes. Different types of ultraviolet curing UV glue are preliminarily solidified for 1-5 seconds under ultraviolet radiation, and have good bonding performance in 20-30 seconds. After a period of time, it can reach higher intensity. Meet the needs of the rhythm of automated production lines; the second-generation acrylic structure UV curing UV glue is built at the beginning of 1-10 seconds, and the predetermined intensity can be achieved in 24 hours; room temperature curing epoxy structure UV curing UV glue for 10-120 minutes, 7 hours in 7 hours, in 7 hours Can achieve the intensity.