This is a mountain wheel group prepared with a rope. Will it be q bombs when riding?


The Pi Rope made by Germany shows us a ultra -light XC wheel set that is combined with ultra -light textile fiber spokes. It also allows us to have the opportunity to learn why textile fiber spokes are better than traditional steel spokes.

At the European Bicycle Show, we have introduced Tune’s prototypes that use BERB polyethylene spokes, weighing only 999g. And it is not the first wheel group to use polyethylene rope spokes. In fact, the polyester fiber spokes made by PI Rope are earlier, and the weight of the PI Rope with these spokes is only 1065 grams.

Pi Rope ultra -light mountain car wheel textile spoke bar

Let’s take a brief look at the difference between the PI Rope fiber spoke and the BERD spoke bar on the Tune wheel. Pi Rope’s textile fiber spoke bars are made by VECTRAN polyester fiber with threaded screw strip on both sides, while BERD is made from polyethylene materials and does not add a cap.


These spokes are thicker in diameter. They use hollow woven structures and use external thread spoke caps on both sides, which means that they need special flower drums and wheel frames to use. Therefore, Pi Rope also developed its own flower drums and wheel frames. They said that this connection method is better than the competitors, and will not produce additional weight and pressure on the spokes.


technical details


The exact way for this kind of connection is like a bottle, which only shows that this part consists of two parts, one of which is inserted into the end of the hollow spokes, and then the outer thread spoke cap is fixed with its external thread. The adhesive fixes two parts together.

In order to create better wheels, Pi Rope has established a cooperative relationship with German wheel manufacturer Newmen, which provides high -quality wheel frames and flower drums to adapt to unique thread jump caps on Pi Rope. At present, Newmen has created the BOOST 6 -nail disc brake drums, and there are two versions of aluminum alloy wheel frames and carbon fiber wheel frames.


In order to eliminate the twisting (or calling effect) of the spoke bars in the preparation process, they first passed the thread jumping cap on the spokes through the interface on the flower drum. Then fix the jump hat on the other side to the appropriate position on the wheel frame, and finally tighten the thread jump hat to the edge of the connected hole. Eventually, a spoke bar is completely eliminated. However, it is also limited to adjust the wheels when installing tires. Theoretically, although it retains some regulatory, you can rotate the strip of the flower drum and the edge of the wheel frame at the same time, but the most correct adjustment should still be performed from the inside of the wheel frame.

Why is PI Rope textile fiber better than steel spokes?


The founder of Pi Rope explained to us that their VECTRAN spokes are a bit compared to traditional steel spokes. First compare the tensile limit of polyester fiber spokes and steel spokes. VECTRAN spokes can withstand the extreme tension of up to 6-8kn, while only 2-3 kn just now. Due to testing, Pi Rope can create a higher tension and higher rigid textile spoke wheel, and can still allow the spokes to keep more intensity margin.


The benefit of the wheel construction is that when the tension of the spokes is close to the limit of the steel, the steel spoke bar will deform when it is greatly impacted, which will eventually cause the intensity to weaken. However, if it is a textile fiber spoke bars, under this extreme impact, it is still within the range that can be affordable, so even if it encounters a violent impact in the case of high tension, the textile spoke can still maintain the original characteristics There will be no reversible deformation. This means that there are fewer daily maintenance of wheels, especially when you build a carbon ring, it will have better comfort.

Durability is of course an important factor in the design of spokes, because you can’t just walk into any bicycle shop in the world, and you can get a spare Pi Rope spoke bar. First of all, these VECTRAN spokes have been cut and polished, which makes them very uniform and is the same material used as the CONTI GP 4000 anti -spy layer. In addition, they are like BERD polyethylene spokes, and their tension forces them to not contaminate too much dirt. Finally, in order to make these natural gold fibers more durable, Pi Rope also carried out white coating treatment of spokes to further reduce the risk of degree of wear and ultraviolet irradiation. In addition, in addition to white coating, they also have black, red, and blue for you to choose from.


Pricing and specifications

Pi Rope establishes three different off -road and mountain bicycle wheels with their spoke system. The most expensive of these wheels is the 29 -inch carbon fiber RL Squirrel X.22 round, weighing only 1065 g (488 g F, 577 g R), and only 1950 euros.

In addition, Pi Rope has two rotated versions of aluminum alloy, which sells for about 1050-1200 euros, and the inner frame is 30 mm (1445-1513g) and 25 mm (1193-1236g). Both cars have 27.5 or 29 -inch versions, which are suitable for mountain cars from XC off -road to AM -level.

At present, these wheels can already be purchased on the official website of Pirope, ranging from 1048-1949 euros. If you are interested, you can go to their official website to check