Everyone loves fur jackets, but if you want to wear, you must understand the fur


Every year to the deep winter, in addition to considering the sense of fashion, everyone needs to consider practicality. The practicality in winter matching is more reflected in warmth. The species must be indispensable in the street matching. One is down jacket, and the other is fur. Everyone loves fur jackets, but if you want to wear fashion, you must understand the fur.

1. The advantages of fur


To say the advantages of fur, the first thing to mention is the warmth performance. Therefore, the upper body rate of this coat in the Northeast region is very high, and the cold effect is several degrees higher than the down jacket. Inside the sweater, you can wear the curve feeling on the body through the inside of the slim body, and you can wear more warmth through the combination of fur jackets.

In addition to the strong warmth of fur, the advantages of fur also have a very strong sense of energy. This kind of furry items are worn on the body with a noble sense, especially for those mature women who are slightly older. When wearing, you can wear a combination of fur coats to wear enough expensive matching effects.

Second, the disadvantages of fur

The advantages of fur are very obvious, but it also corresponds to the corresponding shortcomings. First of all, the first disadvantage is that this fur coat needs more patience when wearing it, because it is very difficult to take care of it, so when you wear it, you need to wear it when you wear it. Be careful, if you don’t take care of it, it is easy to reduce the sense of high -level and gloss of fur.


In addition to the shortcomings of difficult care, there is also a relatively obvious disadvantage of fur jacket, that is, the price is more expensive and the unit price is relatively high. For ordinary people, it will be more tangled to buy. In terms of down jackets, if you want to buy a few more fur and change it, it is not that ordinary families can afford it.

Third, the correct matching demonstration of fur:


When wearing a fur jacket, you can try the short version with high -waisted pants, and use a very classic upper short and high matching method on the upper and lower body. The matching method is usually very friendly for Oriental women who are generally petite.

Secondly, when choosing a fur jacket, you also need to pay attention to the rationality of color. When choosing a fur jacket, you need to match some simple and simple solid colors, and use a monotonous solid color system to match enough simplicity and low -key sense. Basic color fur jackets usually do not have a very high test of control ability, and it is not easy to wear a sense of excitement.

On the upper and lower body matching, you can use the tightly matte method of the upper and lower body to highlight the slender calf. This kind of matching method is particularly suitable for girls with very slender legs. The sense of noble spirit is relatively strong. The lower body with slim jeans can highlight the slender and straight legs.


Fourth, the error matching demonstration of fur:


When choosing a fur jacket, it is best not to try those too fancy colors, too fancy colors will show a very eye -catching visual sense, but the colorful color will increase the difficulty of control. On the other hand, it is easy to wear a negative effect that cannot be controlled, and it looks very rustic.

A golden fur jacket looks too eye -catching on the body. With the long and long modeling, the overall shape effect looks a bit like the monkey king down the mountain.


In addition to the dazzling colors, it is best not to try those elements of tiger patterns and leopard prints. This kind of pattern appears visually will look a little aggressive. Too sexy negative matching effect.

Everyone likes to wear fur jackets, but it is not easy to wear this atmospheric and warm fur jacket out of fashion. You must choose the right color and style.


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