Lead of the fisheries and common ice fishing lines and fishing methods



The addictive fishing friends will be excited in winter, start to break the ice. Irrigation and fishing is not easy to open too much area, often passed on the ice. It is easy to get on the fish. At this time, the pasta can also catch fish, but there is a lot of effect compared to the red worm.


As the weather is gradually turned cold, the ice is getting worse. It is very laborious to break the ice. When the ice layer reaches 5 cm or more, you can fish.


First, the fishing of ice fish:

1, ice fishing rod, 2, open tool: A ice diamond B ice, 3, fishing rod bracket, 4, scallion ice, 5, ice fishing tents, 6, gas heating stove.

Second, the choice of fishing equipment:

1. Choice of the ice fishing rod: If the tent is not used, the ice fishing rod is easy to choose from the fishing rod of 1 meter -1.5 meters long. The advantage of the long rod can open multiple holes at the same time, and people are far away, which is easy to observe. If you use 3 fishing rods, the pores can be appropriately increased. When the water depth is within 2.5 meters, the long rod can stand up directly to the fish. If you use a short rod below 80cm, you have to pull the fish out. So where is the use of the short rod? When you use the ice fishing tent. Due to the limitations of the internal space of the tent. The long rod cannot work, at this time, it is the short of the short rod. The shortest length of the ice fishing rod is only 50cm.

2, open hole tool:

A, ice diamond. The ice diamonds on the market have 6 inches and 8 inches. I am using 6 inch ice diamonds.

B, ice. When the thickness of the ice is not more than 20 cm. Ice is a more convenient tool. Or when the original old hole is breaking, the ice is easier than ice drill.

C, fishing rod holder. There are many kinds of brackets, and the price is not high. It is also very simple to DIY yourself.


D, scallting the snacks of the ice. The head of the hedge is not too big. It is best to use the sloppy of the palm size. There is a finished fence in the fishing gear market. It can be used with a copy of the net.


E, ice fishing tent. Representing the brand is Eskimo. The four-square shape can open the ice hole on the edge of the tent. Maximum use of the effective area of ​​the tent, you can fish in a tent. Self-open steeled tents are low prices, but ice holes cannot be opened at a tent. The rod is very affected.

F, gas heating stove. Tell the tent inside, wearing a sweater, you can fish on the ice of the ice and snow. How cozy.

G, gas stove. Two people fish in the tent, eat hot pot, drink small wine, while talking on the sky, how is this happy life.


The fishing of ice fishing is relatively low prices. Individuals can be in the same one according to their own situation, and one rod can be a slight fish. A small bamboo can also fish.

Third, fishing skills, fishing law:

1. Line group matching: Due to the particularity of the glacial, the main line is easy to inflate, so most fishing friends use great horse lines, and the case of the ice can be used, and it can be put on the ground. Ice beads step on. I use 0.8 # vigorous horses, try to choose a soft and verticality of fishing lines.

2, fish hook: Because the glacial fisherman uses the bait method of the bold redviscus, the fish hook is best to choose to have a hook. In order to prevent hooks from being hooked from the edges or water bottoms. Ice is usually only one fish hook. Tied directly to the main line.

3, floating lotus: There are a few fishing friends who use seven stars, and individual fishing friends use small rapper fishing. Without the use of a tent, seven stars drifted into the water, and the seven star drifting is very practical in the case of frozen ice in the water. Fishing in the tent, the hole is not frozen, and it is very convenient to make a drift. When the water is very deep, the drifting can use cotton line according to the method of floating fishing. Turn line directly after the middle fish. Very convenient. When the water depth, in order to speed up the bottom speed of the bait. Fishing can be carried with a method of straightening lead.

Double lead pendant

4. Fishing: Fishing in the fishing process is very important. It is also necessary.

To keep teasing. Unremitting efforts

. The cold winter fish is poor. If there is no effect at an hour. So hurry up. If there are other people frequently above the fish, hurry to his nearby open. Of course, you can’t open it directly next to the ice hole. As long as you leave him some distances.

Fishing in a strange waters. To open a hole. Constant circulation test fishing. In order to find a fish group, judge the terrain depending on the water depth.

Well-wide thin, judge the terrain according to the water depth, looking for fish.


5, bait: The red insect is the best bait with ice fish. You can pull the insect, or you can kill insects.



I have a very beautiful, I hope that the forum has a kind of fishing friends who have ice fishing experience to supplement.

I didn’t go fishing today, using this time to complete the task. I have written so much. Although it is very superficial. But I insert a lot of pictures into it. It is also a graphic and mad.

Uncivilized phenomenon


Such a big hole, after the surface is frozen, if someone doesn’t pay attention to step on it. Convenient yourself, it is likely to hurt others

The lively fishing field, the ice is smashed

Day black