Modeling of sushi rolls


I like to eat sushi and change it according to my own taste. The taste is really good.

BY Happiness Elf quiet [Dou Guo Food Official Certification Master]



1 bowl of rice

2 eggs

Okra 2


1 cucumber

1 carrot

1 ham sausage

Moderate amount of sushi vinegar


2 sheets of seaweed

1 sushi curtain

Practice step


1. Cucumber, carrot, okra washed, ham sausage, eggs for eggs

2, ham sausage, carrots, cucumber cut long strips, okra to go for use

3. Eggs are stalling into egg cakes for later use


4. Put the seaweed on the sushi curtain

5. Add the rice to sushi vinegar and stir well until the hands are warm, and pave the rice with a bamboo shovel

6. Put the egg cake, put the cucumber strips, carrots, ham, and okra on one end

7. Roll up from the end of the cucumber strip from placing the okra.


8. Rolling sushi roll

9. Wrap a layer of plastic wrap like a tightening like a candy paper (so can avoid it when the sushi is cut)

10. Remove the plastic wrap, cut into small pieces with a sharp knife, and the delicious sushi rolls have a flavor.



1. Don’t be too hot rice, too hot seaweed will deformed and soften. 2. The ingredients can be selected according to personal taste. 3. Try to roll as much as possible to avoid dispersing. 4. It is not easy to disperse with a sharp knife.



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