The comfort and comfort of the windy wind, it is enough to have a “white T -shirt”, easy to get literary beauty


The windy dresses are more or less literary atmosphere between comfort and comfort. It is always so comfortable to wear, but it is not so difficult to match.

In the summer, as long as you have a “white T -shirt”, it is enough, and it is easy to get literary beauty. The purest and generous white T -shirt, open infinite possibilities for you.

White T -shirt + white pants

The wear of white pants and white pants gives a touch of the most comfortable coolness. The white T -shirt in summer does not have to be so heavy. The thinner fabrics, the more comfortable and breathable. The loose tailoring is also lighter and generous.

The thin white T -shirt, with thick white pants, even the same color, forms a bright level of comparison. With the black belt, the tall waistline is clearer, casual and comfortable, and natural tentacles are accessible.

White T -shirt + khaki pants

The white T -shirt is universal and versatile, and the daily wind wearing clothing with literary texture is more popular. The passionate -color pants with a sense of age can naturally better shape the randomness and chic.

Khaki pants can be paired with tapered pants. Relative to the fabric, with the nine -point pants type, even the little girl of the small man is very friendly.


White T -shirt + high -waisted jeans

In the daily wind, the appearance rate of skirts is also very high. White T -shirt is low -key and versatile. If you want to wear a laziness of literary and artistic, the fabrics and colors of the pants should be more sophisticated.

The dark blue high -waisted denim skirt has its own stiffness on the fabric, and the color brightness is relatively low. It is a particularly tall and high -grade color. The combination with white T -shirt is also very perfect.


White T -shirt + high -waist lantern skirt

The lantern skirt is a skirt with its own meat -covered effect. It must be very friendly for the slightly fat girl. In addition, the lantern skirt also comes with literary effects, which is a single product with an atmosphere.

Especially the Tibetan blue high -waisted lantern skirt, it is a particularly generous dress to wear. Combining with pure white T -shirts, more fashion and intellectual beauty, simple color matching is also very refreshing and advanced.

Tips for white T -shirts

Use the embellishment of personalized elements to weaken a single boring sense. The matching of white T -shirts and khaki pants is not inappropriate, but it always has a little fashionable taste.

This black sweater, as a shawl embellishment, makes it more brilliant. In fact, the daily wind is more beautiful, not a single low -key.

It can fully enhance the taste of the wearer. Although the clothes of white pants and white pants are elegant, we only need to use fashionable small cookers, or striped handbags to create a more comfortable beauty.

Simple white T -shirts need to pay more attention to details in dressing. It can enhance the beauty of high -level and show a more fashionable atmosphere.

How to choose a white T -shirt

In the daily wind of the wind, the white T -shirt is relatively loose, and the loose tailoring is even more comfortable and comfortable. But daily leisure wear, it is not recommended to choose too loose version.


The too loose version design, the overall style is not so neat, it is easy to look stunned. Therefore, the appropriate self -sliming white T -shirt and high -waisted straight jeans are the most generous style.


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Pure color cotton T -shirt female short white summer summer


¥ 39.8


In the spring and summer season, when we choose a white T -shirt, the styles and fabrics need to be referenced. In addition to the material of cotton and linen, Moder cotton is a fabric with a micro -bullet effect, which is more comfortable to wear.

The T -shirt of Moder cotton is delicate and soft, and it is particularly comfortable to wear in summer. You can wear high -waisted shorts or short skirts, playful and lively and age -reducing.


Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to choose and match the white T -shirt? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)

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