Zhang Huiwen’s purple cotton clothing is fashionable and warm, and Suyan is so brave. It is indeed the first love face


“Do you know the girl” Zhang Huiwen? A very good post -90s young actress. In fact, her starting point is quite high. As soon as she debuted, she participated in Zhang Yimou’s film “Return”, and she became popular since then. Later, he also starred in the youth movie “Gardenia Blossom” directed by He Yan, and it has been countless since then. Her actor’s road is quite smooth, of course, this is inseparable from her own hard work. She has a good shape and has her own set of clothes at the same time. Some of her private clothes are very suitable for sisters’ reference.


Looking at this purple cotton suit, wearing cotton clothes in winter is already the first choice for sisters, but the sisters should pay attention to the color issues. Zhang Huiwen’s purple cotton dress is not bloated and will not be old -fashioned. This color is also very eye -catching in the dull winter. And the transparent stitching bag on the sleeve is very strong.

There are white tops and super -eye -catching childlike patterns on the clothes, so that it is very good to open the top of the cotton jacket to expose it. The lower body is put on a beef -beened pants, which is super -age, showing the youthful and lively atmosphere. The younger sister is very fashionable, carrying the small leather bag inside, and the exposed bag is very beautiful. Then step on a pair of small white shoes to easily go out.

Zhang Huiwen’s face is so good! “First Love Face” is really famous, and a little fleshy baby face is cute. With a golden -edge glasses, it has a great effect on the concave shape. Then look at the black fisherman hat on the head, and it is also very equipped with the equipment. Zhang Huiwen pierced a ball head, which was even more playful and cute.

This younger sister can also hold various styles. This dark gray coat is not old -fashioned on her. The long coat should be cautious, because I am afraid that it is not like a child stole the clothes of adults. Several conventional colors of black and white and gray in winter are very common, and because they are very versatile, many sisters will choose this way. This coat is a double -breasted design. There is a British business style. The lady in the workplace can refer to such a version.


The inside is a hump with a half -high collar base, and the lower body is paired with black and white stripes with loose leg pants. There is also a belt on the waist, and sisters with slender figure don’t have to worry about the pants out of fit. It will be playful and cute when you tie a bow. And this loose version is very suitable for sisters with thick legs. Whether to wear Zhang Huiwen’s legs is too long! With a pair of high -heeled short boots, this shape is full!

It ’s too much to wear like this. Some sisters say that the black and white and gray are too deep, and want to be more energetic. Then everyone has to work hard on accessories. She took a red handbag in her hands like her, and it was easy to make the whole look dazzling, and red is the kind of warm and festive color. Zhang Huiwen’s skin is so white, and her hair dispersed at will also looks pure and cute.


There must be denim elements that show youthful vitality. Zhang Huiwen wore a denim jacket this time because it was cotton, so don’t worry about it in winter. This jacket is a direct version, which is very stylish, and lamb hairy stitching lapels. This combination is too hot, and it looks even more warm in winter.


The inside is high -level black, and the black high -neck base is slim, which can outline a good body curve. The lower body is also the same color tight pants. It is recommended that sisters with insufficient leg shape or thick legs do not wear this kind of tight pants, because it is too highlighted, so it exposes the disadvantages. We should avoid strengths. The plush on the feet is too mirror, and the tassel design. The sisters in winter must also protect the ankles and necks.


The red chain bag is also very eye -catching, and a little eye -catching element must be added in winter. Zhang Huiwen’s dress is actually very simple, but the sense of fashion is also very strong. Coupled with her baby face, the full -screen female college student’s breath ~


Zhang Huiwen is still very young and continue to refuel. The future is boundless!

#张 张#