52 good projects for the people in many places in Anhui! Focus on building materials environmental protection pharmaceutical chemical pharmaceuticals


Focusing on building materials-brick and tile plate materials, environmental protection-garbage treatment, pharmaceutical-chemical pharmaceutical, mechanical-spare parts, etc., people’s livelihood projects are warmly launched:

1. An annual output of 100,000 pieces of concrete constructor project

2. Pretending reinforcement concrete house production line project

3. In Tao Lixi (Suzhou) Ceramics Glaze Color Co., Ltd. Kaiping Branch Reconstruction and Expansion Project

4. Xuancheng City Planning Branch (Tongshan Road -Jinglin Road) road project

5. Xuzhou to Huaibei to Fuyang Highway Huaibei Section Project

6. Fuyang section project from Xuzhou to Huaibei to Fuyang Highway

7. Xiyu Garden 3 Phase III Wide Road Network Project

8. Wuhu Yubi New Equipment Material Co., Ltd. annual output of 5.5 million square meters of bamboo and wood fiber board production line project

9. External wall insulation construction material production line project

10. Taishun Sanlei Concrete Co., Ltd. relocated plant project

11. Biomedical and high -end chemicals preparation new technology research and development laboratory construction project


12. Road project around Shanglinyuan

13. Beer glass bottle production line renovation project

14. Annual output of 50,000 tons, 50,000 tons of fixed refractory material projects

15. Annual output of 30,000 meters of cement pipe construction project

16. Annual output of 200,000 tons of optical glass basic materials project

17. Annual production of 20 million m2 super white solar glass production line upgrade and reconstruction project

18. Annual output of 1500 tons of hairphenyrene foam products and annual output of 8,000 tons of hollow sunshine board project

19. Annual production of 120,000 cubic meters of bamboo container board project

20. Annual output of 100,000 sets of mechanical seals and ceramic sealing projects

21. Annual output 1 million decoration panel project

22. Ma’anshan Bao Fengchuan Pile Co., Ltd. sand and gravel supporting production project

23. Kaifeng Kangyixin Stone Co., Ltd. annual output of 50 million yuan free brick brick project

24. Construction of 4 -seater melting amount of 1,200 tons of photovoltaic component glass project

25. Huizhou District Circular Economic Park Infrastructure Road Zijin Road (Divine Sword to Chaohui Section) Project

26. Huangshan Central City District Bus Comprehensive Parking Lot-Huizhou District Comprehensive Parking Lot Project

27. Binnan South Road (Tan Family by River), Huangshan District

28. Hefei core material semiconductor material Co., Ltd. Hefei polymer functional protection material and filter material production base construction (Phase 1) project

29. The West Second Ring Road (North Second Ring -Fanwa Road) of Hefei City Key Project Construction Management Bureau

30. Hefei City Key Project Construction Administration G4001 connection line project


31. Photovoltaic component glass project

32. Guangang Road, West Second Road Road Project

33. Steel glass and hollow glass production projects

34. Foshan Fluorine New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Construction Project

35. Fengyang County Benniu New Building Material Co., Ltd. annual output of 400,000 cubic meters of concrete production line technology reconstruction project

36. East to Economic Development Zone East One Ring South Section Road Project

37. East to Economic Development Zone Industrial Avenue (Xiangyuan Avenue -East Second Ring Road) road project

38. Spring and Autumn Township Weng Weng Research Service Center Ecological Parking Lot Project

39. Chujiang Avenue (Xiwan Road -Jiangbei West Road) road project

40. Bozhou No. 1 Primary School Teaching Building Expansion Project

41. The first phase of the Tieshui Linking Transportation Project in Jiangbei District, Tongling Port, Anhui

42. Anhui Pretty Lady Decoration New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Environmental Bamboo Ou Song Board Production Project


43. Anhui Muyuan Yicheng Environmental Protection Building Materials Co., Ltd. Construction annual recycling and then use 600,000 tons of construction waste to produce 400,000 tons of cement stabilized layers of concrete and annual output of 400,000 tons of mortar production line project

44. Anhui Province, Yu’an Avenue (K0+703-K1+340), Anhui Province

45. Anhui Kaiming New Material Technology Co., Ltd. annual output of 300,000 film decoration panel production projects

46. ​​Anhui Hengli New Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. 3 million cubic meters of commercial concrete 1 million cubic meters of pre -mixed mixed mix of 1.5 million tons of water stabilization 2 million cubic meters of asphalt concrete environmental protection production line project (Phase 1) project

47. Anhui Hefei College Intelligent Manufacturing and Education Integration Training Base Project Project

48. Anhui Aufu Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. annual output of 4 million liters of SCR cellular ceramic carrier project

49. X065 (Liufu-Bengbu Road Section) Reconstruction Project

50. G50 Shanghai -Chongqing Expressway Huaining West Interchange Project

51. G36 Ningluo Expressway Mingguang to Bengbu section reconstruction and expansion project

52. “Social Third -Party Inspection Laboratory” research and development and production projects

The three projects launched by Hefei run through 2022 throughout the year, focusing on people’s livelihood/development, serving the convenience/promoting local economic development, and forming a key project for the people to do practical things throughout the year, covering the most concerned and most demand for the masses “, Promote the solution of the people’s most concerned and realistic interests, and continuously improve the sense of happiness and gain of the people’s lives.

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