In the country, the balcony is hung on a cool seat.


Now that many houses are delivered, the developers do not help the balcony. They find someone to say 10,000 yuan for themselves. Considering that my hand is not very spacious, I am looking for a more money -saving shading design and found that the balcony of foreign families is found to be a balcony of foreign families. On the upper dawn as the rolling curtain shade, as shown below ↓

The reason why it hangs it above the balcony is completely out of the following three goals:



Especially in the summer, the ultraviolet rays are so strong and without any obstruction. The indoor temperature rises to rise, and it will not be said that some small flowers and grass raised on the balcony are also easy to be exposed to death. At this time, the rolling curtain works, and it is rolled down to form a barrier. It is separated from the ultraviolet rays and reduces the indoor temperature. The small flowers and grass can also be placed in a cool place to help grow.


② Seeping the wind and rain


What are you most afraid of when you go out? I am most afraid of raining clothes and confiscation! When the balcony is not sealed, the basics of the basic clothes are open -air. It is okay when it is sunny. There is no cover without any obstruction when it rains. The advantage of hanging rolling curtains for the balcony is that it can block the rain, and does not affect the ventilation. More importantly, when the wind is strong, the clothes are not afraid of being scraped away.


③ Protecting privacy


Without curtains in the living room, rolling curtains can also be used instead of curtains. Pulling down, whether it is next door or opposite, the sight is blocked tightly, and it is called a must! When it is not used, the roller curtain can be pulled up, which will not affect the indoor ventilation and ventilation.


However, the rolling curtain must be fixed up and down, and there must be a fixed hook at the bottom, so that even if the wind is large, it is not afraid that it will be crooked. In fact, this design was very popular in the country before, but with the emergence of new shading curtains, coupled with high -rise houses, and the overall coordination of the community, we basically could not use this design. In the abroad, there are not high floors and whether there is a rigid demand for the appearance of the house, so such a sunny curtain is common.

The balcony is not sealed. If you want to achieve the above 3 points, hanging the rolling curtain is not the only choice. The two methods below can also learn from the reference ▼

Flower wall

Several vines can slowly climb along the flower stand wall. For a long time, a natural partition is formed. From the perspective of decorative effects, it is also a visual enjoyment.

Grid guardrail

In addition to planting flowers and grass, this grid fence can also effectively prevent children and pet climbing. In short, there are countless benefits! (Pictures from the Internet)