British style women’s match, classic fashion will never be outdated


When it comes to British Fan’er, many people will understand it as European and American style unknown. But in fact, the two are two completely independent styles, and the gap is relatively large. Europe and the United States are a kind of casual atmosphere, similar to street shooting fashion. And Britain is more of noble sense and gentleman, regardless of men and women. today. Daisy will take everyone to unlock British fashion.


Called the aristocratic fashion with cold items

The cold items are not only reflected in the material, but also in color. The three colors of black and white and gray are the most ‘hard’, especially dark gray. A dark gray skirt with black stockings, and small brown leather shoes, show the most beautiful British fan in minutes. Or the short shirt encounters black striped pants, and with a dark brown tie, it is not handsome.


Although there are no pants to participate, they still express the hardest British trend. A long suit jacket or windbreaker, with Martin boots with middle socks and straps, and a black fisherman hat, you can be advanced, and there is a trace of this high -level mid -level. Leisure.

Men’s concave British Fan’er is even simpler. Any shirt with a suit jacket, and black high -waisted casual pants, is handsome and stylish. But if you want to match the obvious British style, the pair of Martin boots must be absolutely indispensable, otherwise it always makes people feel less.

How to use a skirt to achieve British and American? Just wear it like this

From a certain level of perspective, the English style is also about the retro style. Therefore, the plaid model is very necessary. The upper body is equipped with a black long routing jacket, which is still matched with classic stockings and pointed shoes. Essence Or use a dress with a jacket with a fur wind, handsome.


A classic element of British Fan’er is stockings and leather shoes, so no matter how you match your upper body, you can only match these two, and the style of style is inseparable. Or with a stylish scarf with a sense of fashion, it can also be very easy to achieve this style presentation.


Can you use the style of long legs to achieve this temperament? Of course it is possible. A long khaki jacket with a black belt waist, and black mid -stockings and Martin boots, can not only be modified well, but also improve our temperament with a qualitative improvement. Of course, using a thread -shirt with a half skirt, it also has this effect.

I have to say that in all the British trends, stockings and leather shoes are not missing. Whether you wear it or wear it normally, whether your single product choice is a workplace or leisure. As long as these iconic elements appear, the temperament must be infinitely close to Britain.


We analyzed here for the simple dressing skills of British fashion. In fact, it can be found that one of its focus is that in addition to elements, there are also colors, which are basically earth colors, or it is black and white and gray. So this can also be mastered.