When buying these cleaning tools, my mother said that I bought some foreign gadgets, and she was addicted a month later.


When buying these cleaning tools, my mother said that I bought some foreign gadgets, and she was addicted a month later.

Although my mother is enlightened, it is still weaker in accepting the ability of novelty items. Every time I bought something she had never seen, it was inevitable that it would be voiced, “What kind of foreign stuff do you buy?”

Some, really let him say right, not very practical, and waste money, but there are some. After it uses it, it finds the real incense. In this issue, we will take stock of 10 to let her from “dislike” to “real incense” Cleaning products.

1. Clean pea

I just bought this thing. My mother’s original words were: You daughter, you, are confused by the appearance of this thing for a day. This thing is not like a serious cleaning supplies.

After I explained it, I barely let her accept it. This is a setting of a small cup cleaning brush. To tell the truth, I am also guilty, but because I bought it myself, I had to use it myself.

To be honest, it is beyond expectations, because it inside it is a steel ball, and the outside is a layer of things similar to Baijie cloth, which can well rub the inner wall of the small mouth cup to achieve the cleaning effect.


After seeing the effect, my mother also started to use it. Until more than a month later, it was the final conclusion of this thing. It was easy to use! The design is clever.

2. Wipe the ground vacuum cleaner

My mother has always been full of ears about this electric cleaning tool. When I mention it, I want to buy “I don’t listen, I don’t want it, it’s good to use my hands”!


But our children are watching my mother every day to make cleaning, so we plan to start with them and electric cleaning tools.

Among the many vacuum cleaners, sweeteners, and floor washing machines, I finally chose the puppy’s T12 Plus Rinse to wipe the vacuum cleaner.

The reason is that I think this thing is the only tool that can meet the cleaning of the whole house.

There are actually many demand for family cleaning. Floor washing machines and scanning robots can only target the ground. The dust on the wall, furniture, and gaps in the gaps is no such thing. And this vacuum cleaner has various brushes, which is very high, and can also be easily competent in the face of the slight dust in the corners of the edge.

Coupled with the puppy T12 Plus Rinse and the function of wiping front and back, my mother scan the broom each time, and need to wipe the ground with wet water. Now a vacuum cleaner floor is cleaned and easily. So when my house, I only planned to start a main electric cleaning tool, I decisively chosen it.


After returning home, it is inevitable that my mother is suspected of spending money, but at present more than a month, I find that it really likes it, the frequency of use is very high, and the various brushes are switched back and forth. The praise was endless, and even showed off like her old sisters.


Here I have to boast that the puppy T12 Plus Rinse is easy to use, and has made a lot of efforts in the details, such as magnetic dust cups, which is convenient to get and washed; The size … I think this is the main reason why my mother can get started quickly!


3. Kitchen wet towel


For the kitchen wet towel, my mother’s response was “waste”. In fact, I felt so at the beginning.

Later, I knew that the current kitchen wet towels are all plant fibers, which can be degraded, and psychological pressure is not so great. After that, I encountered a middle -size kitchen wet towel like the following figure. By 20, you can start 360 pieces. It is almost a year of dosage.

After explaining it to my mother, although it is not as frequent as we use, it will be used when rubbing kitchen electricity and tables, and often listening to him sighed: “The days of people are good now. It’s! “

4. Blosshanding window wool brush

The shutters have always been one of the clean pain points of my family. Although it is beautiful, it once made our family agree that this choice is a wrong decision.

Then, I encountered the brush of the louver window. In this thing, my mother did not have a strong opposition. When I saw it at first glance, I didn’t know what it was.


Of course, our whole family used this thing to sweep the shutters and use this thing.


The overall evaluation is that although it is still difficult to take care of ordinary curtains, fortunately, it can save a little effort, especially for people like us in the north, it is more needed.

5. Splitted toilet brush

Once, we talked about hygiene and talked about the dirtiest place at home. As a result, the result of the whole family voted was: toilet brush.

So my mother said casually: If there is a not dirty toilet brush.

As a result, I really went to find it, and I found it. It was the toilet brush above. The design was split. The toilet brush head was separated from the brush rod.


On the toilet brush head, it also comes with a cleaning liquid, or it can still be dispersed, which can be directly brushed into the toilet.


This is the biggest thing in my mother at the beginning, and it mainly spit it. It was soft and weak. Then it was idle for a long time at home, and there was no presence next to the toilet.

Until my original toilet brush was broken, I started to use this disposable toilet brush. After a few times, my mother changed her attitude. I felt that this thing was too easy to use, and there was no problem with the cleaning power of worrying.

And I also told people everywhere that this toilet brush is hygienic, clean, convenient, etc., has become a tap water for a sex toilet brush.

6. Window robot


Window -wiping robots are sent by others, which is about to buy, because gift giving is mutual.

It can be seen that when I hear it from others, my mother’s opinion is not so big, and I start to understand and accept this thing objectively.


Soon, I saw my mother used when wiping the outside window. I asked her how to evaluate this thing. She said:

You can still wipe it down, and you can wipe a lot of ash on the cloth every time.


But the degree of cleanliness is yet to be questioned. Overall, there is still room for progress, but it does not affect use. After all, except for this robot, there is almost no way to wipe high -level glass.

7, stone clean powder

To tell the truth, when I started this thing, I was also bottomless, because it claimed that it could remove the seepage of the stone, including the seepage of quartz stone countertops, door stones, and window sills.


But watching many people’s evaluation is indeed effective, and eventually started.


Not surprisingly, my mother started the mockery mode again, saying that it had tried it in various ways. It was not enough. I was also deceived. I even talked about the story of the Internet, Apple 6 and 6 Apple.


But the mule was pulled out, so our mother and daughter conducted experiments on a piece of coloring on the countertop of the kitchen at home.


Alas, sprinkle the powder, then wipe it crazy, and really let it get rid of it.

Two people shouted in the kitchen!


After that, most of the traces on all the stone at home were checked. Most of them were removed. With the old and stubborn color seepage, it would still be a little trace, but in general, it was already very good.


Later, I started to use it. About a month later, I came to me and said: I buy a little floor cleaning film for us online.

8. Cup lid brush


This is started with the clean pea. The process of experiencing in my mother’s hands is similar to it, and it is disgusted.

The only difference is that this thing not only captures my mother’s likes, but my dad loves it too much. Because the old man likes to drink tea and holds a water cup every day, the demand for cleaning the water cup is greater.


This small piece has become one of my dad’s favorite home products.


9. dishwasher

My mother actually came into contact with the dishwasher very early because she had done kitchen after the restaurant. It had a cognitive cognition for dishwasher: washing clean, but trouble.

When I said, when I was installing at home, her opposition was smaller. I just advise me to save money.

But when it is used, that is really, using thieves 6, what precautions and placement skills are clearly touched.

I also boasted that I bought it right. I didn’t buy that small, I couldn’t wash the pot, and I also said the truth: The dishwasher is still much effort than the washing.


10. Citic acid removal cleaner


This thing, I bought it home, my mother didn’t know what it was at all?

When I told her that the easiest way to remove stuffing, she actually said: It is the same as baking soda.

This also exposed her common sense errors. The soda is essentially alkaline, and it is invalid for scale.

The reason why she used to use baking soda before can clean the scale, most of which is that each time it uses baking soda, it will be used with white vinegar. It may be much more white vinegar. In the end Labor.

Later, I explained it, and it started trying to use citric acid. From the dirt rusted from the faucet to the scale on the surface of the shower, it all found a way to clean.

Finally, this citric acid was given a high evaluation: the necessary cleaning agent for the whole house.

In this way, I haven’t told it to citric acid as a food -grade additive, which can be sterilized and bacterial. I am afraid that she will tell my dad. One day my dad, treat it as vinegar!

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