New Year’s New Year’s Book -the most meaningful Spring Festival gift for children




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The New Year’s Gifts of the exclusive children


The Spring Festival is approaching, what gift is suitable for children?

Red envelope? How can children spend so young;

snack? Snacks are eaten by mistake;

Toy? Playing things are all toys at home!

What exactly do you give to your children and relatives and friends?

Xiaobian presented the most real gift for everyone today,

Must -read the Ministry of Education for the Department of Education for all grades -New Year’s New Year Book (Gift Box)

Gift to children


-The must read the merit of elementary school

As the General Office of the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Reform of General High School Education Methods in the New Era”, it is clearly mentioned that the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination in 2020 will expand the scope of the examination. With a wide range of reading levels, the Ministry of Education formulates compulsory reading books in accordance with the new curriculum standards and teaching progress.

The Ministry of Education chooses appropriate readings for them according to different reading interests, hobbies and characteristics of children at different ages. For example, the reading ability of children in the lower grades is weak, and the vocabulary has less vocabulary. It often understands the content of the book with an intuitive image. Therefore, you should choose pinyin readings or general primary readings such as fairy tales, fables, folk stories, etc.

Gift to big friends

-The must read in junior high school

The so -called “those who get the language to get the world and readers get the language.” Today, everyone has fully realized the importance of reading. At the stage where junior high school students need to improve the reading, many parents do The ministry recommends selected compulsory books for students and parents to help students’ values, ways of thinking and personality.

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