Fashion single feather jewelry, which different styles do they have, which brand is beautiful and beautiful


Summer is a season that is very suitable for wearing necklace pendants, and feathers are the most popular jewelry design elements. In many legends, people believe that feathers are the reason why birds can fly, so jewelry designers have designed different shapes of feather jewelry. To satisfy people’s dream of flying.

As a fashion single feather, there are many different brands in the market. They have designed different styles. Some of them are similar and some are very different. Too expensive?


Bird’s feather size is different, various colors are available, and they are very beautiful, so many brands are designed according to the shape of feathers. At present, the more famous ones are Japan’s Takahashi, Yumi, Pandora, Swarovski, Chow Tai Fook, Zhou Shengsheng, Jin Supreme and other well -known or unknown feather styles. Not too expensive.

Silver feather chain



Many people know that the feather necklace is known from a show from the domestic movie star Yu Wenle and Zhou Dongyu. The brand of Takahashi Kohiro, Japan. Takahashi is a famous Japanese artist. The beautiful feather necklace coming out.

Goro’s uses Indian style, so it gives a feeling of ancient decorations. Because of hand -made and limited output, the price is very high. It used to be a popular fashion circle for a period of time. More than 20,000.

Pandora feather:

Pandora has a lot of feather bracelets and necklaces. For example, the above Arctic Star sacred feathered bracelet with three small feathers and a big feather, small and cute, suitable for young girls to wear, the price is lower than Takahashi.


There is also this wonderful dream bracelet, exquisite net flower design, feather decoration lightly hanging down and shaking with the wind, with the blue string with exquisite snowflakes, and the deep and mysterious night sky blue Morano glazed beads, the dazzling dazzling dazzling dazzling The light makes the bracelet shine. This is the rapid rise of Pandora in recent years because of its shape and style, which is loved by young girls.

Swarovski feathers:


This famous luxury big name also has feather jewelry. The ring, necklace, and earrings are available. For example, the light and bright feather necklace above has black and white gold plating, and the price is not too expensive.

This white -plated Y -shaped necklace brings exquisite and elegant interpretation to this trend. The gorgeous and sophisticated shape not only injects the bright and pleasant glory of the party, but also a superior choice for gifts.

And yesterday,

Jiang Shuying

As the image of Swarovski, the spokesperson for Swarovski starred in the Kyushu record, which was chasing the drama by himself. He was very indignant to the birds of his feathers and was called by others.



The Monaco silver jewelry brand is almost the same time as Pandora. There are also silver feather earrings. The above is the same model Shen Mengchen.

KingBaby Feather:

This is a silver jewelry brand that comes to the United States, the skeleton wings and feathers, and the stylish style, which is suitable for people who like to be different.


Platinum feathers:

It is the 90th anniversary of Chow Tai Fook’s newly launched. This is also a development of Chow Tai Fook’s design diversification. It borrows the feather style of other brands and designed its own unique platinum -made feather necklace. The price is also quite high, but the current market feedback seems to be good.

Golden feathers:

Zhou Shengsheng’s Feather Blockchain

Zhou Shengsheng’s feather style has been going on for a long time. The series named Cupid’s feathers, the guardian of God, weighs about two grams, the price is not high, the average is less than 500 yuan per gram, and Takahashi The feather ratio is the price of conscience.


Golden Supreme Golden Feather Necklace:

The shape of the link is also a good choice.

Green Pine Feather:


This is a relatively special feather. I do n’t know the brand. It may be from the private design room. It uses 18K gold inlaid feathers with dumplings, a feather, a ray of sunlight, gorgeous without losing connotation.


18K gold inlaid diamond, pearl feather necklace


The biggest brand is the feather brooch of the Japanese pearl brand Yumamoto, and the feathers designed by various domestic designed diamonds.

I introduced so many necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets with feathers as design elements. I wonder which one do you like? Which feather jewelry did you start?