Drop TV upgrade design, the cabinet extension card seat+refrigerator combination, all -in -one cabinet collection 5 major functions


The open customer restaurant layout is really fragrant, the cabinet TV wall extension card is integrated, and then embedded in the refrigerator. The measurement does not take up 1 square meter. The storage is more than 10 square meters. It is saved by design fees!

The small and medium -sized units do have no resistance to the deck restaurant. It extends the card seat on one side of the TV wall on the cabinet.

Storage, dining, seats, refrigeration and display

These five functions make the dining room layout more reasonable and richer in functions. Big flats or small -area houses can try this way.


Among them, the TV wall creates the entire cabinet TV wall, allowing the living room to have a strong storage force. At the same time, it is de -TV design. In addition to storing, the living room becomes a shared multi -space. The needs and pursuit of young people now.

There is still a cabinet design between the cabinet wall and the card seat. Create a series of multi -layer display areas. Choose black to separate, place books or delicate small ornaments, so that the entire wall has a display effect. It will not give people people feel “dead and deep “a feeling of.


On the other side of the display cabinet is the card area, creating a font -type card seat under the bottom, about 40cm high, and the top of the top of the cabinet is not wasted. It is: the space left on the side of the card seat is used to place the refrigerator. Like puzzles, it is just right here, not abrupt.


Put the shape of the round dining table in the back. The family of several people eat here. It is very suitable for drinking tea. If you feel that the one -type card seat is not enough, you can choose a dwarf stool and a circle around the dining table. Five friends can sit down.

Some people may think that will it be hindered by the refrigerator on the side of this card?

In fact, it is not hindered, but it is very suitable. The refrigerator is very suitable in the kitchen or restaurant. It is very convenient to get the ingredients. The moving line distance is very short.


If you do n’t have a card restaurant at home, in fact, when you make a cabinet TV wall, you can install a refrigerator cabinet and embedded in placement. It also does not take up space and facilitates the use of daily life.

Of course, the card seat design is tens of millions. If you like it, you can refer to these.

Turn cabinet extended arc -shaped card seat

The chicken ribs at home turned around and made a low cabinet. At the same time, the stuck seat was extended.


Corner card


Close to the corner of the house, make corner card seats, make full use of corner space, not waste, and corner card seats have more seats than one -shaped card seats, to accommodate more people.