What do you want to wear on the Tanabata? Pure white long -sleeved dress shows an elegant and romantic side


The Qixi Festival is approaching. The girls want to go out for a date, but they do n’t know how to wear it. Do n’t worry. Today, Dan’er will give you benefits!


The lady who rushed to dating was wearing a palace -style white dress, which was so beautiful. The white itself was a particularly fresh and elegant color that could show a person’s elegant temperament. In addition, this dress has the material and court style of the court style Style, it looks particularly sweet and warm, noble, and the design of the dress is very fashionable and elegant, showing a romantic and charming side, which is amazing.


The design of the dress is relatively individual, with a deep V neck, looks particularly unique and sexy, very noble and generous. The dress has a waist design, which can show a sloppy figure and charming small waist. This moving posture is simply excellent. This dress also uses a cloth bag to embellish, with a multi -layered tulle design. The skirt looks very elegant, showing a romantic side, and a sense of high -level fashion.

Stepping on a pair of black pointed high -heeled shoes, how can it not attract you! Sexy pointed design, simple and elegant, can also outline your slender leg lines for you. The texture full of texture, the atmosphere and easy to take care of.

How about, do you think about it?

Or how do you want your girlfriend to wear?

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