Short -distance travel, the trolley case is too large on the shoulder bag and too small, choose the SUBTLE Dai Meng 3 -in -1 bag in the same model


Hey ~ Little cute, have you been traveling on May Day?

I definitely don’t have it. Going out on holidays is not my style, haha ​​~

As for me, I have to wait until May Day, and the crowd disappears. For example, this is now at this time. I plan to travel with my girlfriend for a two -day short trip, and I started packing my luggage the day before yesterday. I talked with my girlfriend, traveling for a short trip, the lever box was too large, and the shoulder bag was too small. She secretly laughed at me. I knew she must have hidden any secrets and didn’t tell me.

It turned out that she bought a Dai Meng’s same model a few days ago

“SUBTLE Sports Travel Pack”

, I also proudly told me that this is a 3 -in -1 multi -function package, which is right. I went to pick up the Internet right away. Wow, it is really both face value and practicality.

Why is it?

3 in 1

Multifunction? Let me grow grass for you.

The urban life brand SUBTLE was founded in 2014, and now I am 17 years old. Well ~ It is a year of Sao! The SUBTLE brand is unique in the application of style design and performance materials. No wonder it can design such a powerful sports travel bag.

Function 1: Travel bag

Travel in summer, of course, you need to wear a small white skirt, a pair of small white shoes, a fisherman’s hat, and then carry one another one

It was almost suffocating.


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SUBTLE EQUS Sports Travel Bag Men’s Shoulder Body Bag Women’s Trend INS Large -capacity Leisure Fitness Bag


¥ 329



It is absolutely amazing to play like this to play like this. The good figure and good dressing have become the most beautiful cub Easy in the entire beach!


Function two: sports pack


Go to the gym to tie iron, do you think it is really just iron? NO! You also have to show your body and taste, you can’t let the sports bag down to lower your overall texture. On the back

The gas field only increases!

Don’t look at it lightly, but the capacity is very large. There are separate shoe bags on the side, and you are no longer afraid that the shoes will stain your clothes.

The focus is on the use of waterproof nylon fabrics, which is too important for exercise and travel.

Function three: casual bag

I really haven’t thought about it, one

It is necessary to bring daily matching, so outstanding, tall children!

It is too good to match the summer shorts!

With the disappearance style of the lower clothes, it was cool.

More absolutely,

It’s a bag that men and women are killed, “Youth has you 3” Sun Yichang has been on his body many times

SUBTLE EQUS Sports Travel Package

I feel that I can earn it when I buy it. You can use it with your boyfriend, and save a bag of money, haha ​​~

Have you been planted? We will see you next time!

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“SUBTLE Sports Travel Pack”

“SUBTLE Sports Travel Pack”

“SUBTLE Sports Travel Pack”

“SUBTLE Sports Travel Pack”