Are women in Shanghai so expensive? Wearing a velvet coat is gentle and generous, especially fashionable


Whenever you need to change the season, the first way you consider clothing is to choose to make yourself make you own

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A more fashionable coat, the suitable matching method of different thickness coats is different, and the appropriate


After that, you will consider the matching method of other clothing. Are women living in Shanghai so expensive? Velvet

The coat is gentle and generous

, Special fashionable.

The weather is warm and wearing more velvet jackets.

, Add a velvet coat

It is suitable to wear in the weather in early spring. Learning the matching method of women in Shanghai can make your early spring wear even more


And it is also very elegant.

Classic brown velvet jacket

Among all kinds of velvet jackets, brown velvet jackets have always been a very classic existence. Because the brown home improvement jacket has a retro temperament, there is a feeling of teddy bear,

Cute and advanced

The skinny effect is also good, it is a color design that is more attractive.

For short models, it will also show the sweeter effect,

Lighter and long legs

Essence Used to match

Fresh blue jeans

Other fashion. However, when your velvet jacket is dark brown, it is best not to match black pants or choose a particularly rustic matching method.

What a fashionable.

Long velvet jacket

Long -term

Brown velvet jacket

It’s different, both free and atmospheric. Thin -thin people can wear the effect of Over Size, and people who are slightly fat can wear a very atmospheric, noble aura, each matching method is different.

When your body is thin, you must choose a accessories or matching method that can highlight the thinness. When your body is very plump, you must choose a more atmospheric or lively matching method to enlarge the cute feeling. For example, with short skirts or shorts.

Pattern coat




The decoration can make the clothing display more effective


The visual tension presented is also particularly strong. Especially choice


Retro pattern

, Let a furry jacket present an elegant and relaxed sense of atmosphere.

Select a retro line of patterns, so that you can match the skirt


The visual effects that can be presented will be more elegant ladies when it can be presented. It is very suitable for some fluffy shoes, berets or knee skirts, etc.

Elegant and ladylike



Colorful velvet jacket


Short velvete jacket

It can not only achieve the effect of keeping warm, but also to a certain extent to achieve the length of leg length, showing a lively and lively effect. Therefore, many short jackets cooperate with color or white. If it is brown, orange, or yellow, it can also show a certain cute effect. This is bright and gentle. The color is suitable for every young girl to wear.

At the same time, this color is used to match brown clothing and black clothing. It is very stable. It belongs to a relatively literary style, but you have a sense of youth.

Special lively visual effect.

Printed cool coat

With pattern decorations will make your clothing different, like adding spots on a white jacket, it looks like a leopard pattern.

Cool and sexy


Because the design of the velvet is originally a decoration of fur, the same is true for lamb hairy jackets. If you choose a cute solid color, it is a cute choice. The more casual patterns like leopard and tiger patterns will become very wild charm. Each matching method is different.



Atmospheric coat

Not all say everything

White velvet jacket

The effects presented are very cute. Some of the designs of velvet design are very atmospheric. For example, the hair is longer. Looking at the more fluffy long coat, the visual effects presented are extremely atmospheric. Don’t lose at all

Tiger or leopard pattern

The decorative jacket is more atmospheric, and the disadvantage is that it is fat and it is easy to show short legs.

Pay attention to the way of matching, and recommend everyone to choose comparison


High -level shirt


Or the brown wide -leg pants and other clothing are matched. If you choose


Don’t match loose pants, remember to match tight bottom socks to achieve a clear level


Handsome coat

Short plush design and long plush design

Of course, the effect is completely different. Even if they are all white, the texture brings to everyone is different. The short plush must have a better age -reducing effect, which can become more cute, or more handsome.

The short jacket will be more cute, used to match



The costumes of skirts are very suitable. The long style will be more handsome and free. It is used to match the trousers, suit pants or jeans with a little unique shape, and the aura is full.

Very chic

Gray velvet jacket

Different fluffy colors and effects are different. I recommend so many colors. The reason why everyone is not recommended is because these two colors are relatively comparison


Low -key.

Like gray, it feels a sense of dullness. Although it is a bit cute, after being paired with dark clothing, it looks visible to the naked eye. Even too low -key. It’s better to compare the white pants with black pants

Refreshing and fashionable

, Gray is more suitable for light

Beige or light white pants.