For the new year, a pearl accessory, the party is 100 % good


The pearl jewelry at the “Garden Dream Pearl Love” experience exhibition of Suzhou Humble Administrative Garden.

“The incense wind is full of color, and the pearls have been filaments.” Since ancient times, pearls have been in the field of jewelry jewelry, and they have a high position. “Pearl is priceless and flawless.” Its gorgeous quality is often used to describe the elegance of people.

The treasures displayed at the Pearl Exhibition of Victoria and Abtec and the Abte Craft Museum.

In fact, there are many types of pearls and different quality, including the gloss, color, shape, size, surface clarity, pearl layer thickness, symmetry and pearl skills of pearls, all determine the value geometry of pearl jewelry. Under normal circumstances, the most intuitive criterion for judging the quality of pearls is the size of the pearl. The larger the pearls, the more precious the pearl; the unique gloss best reflects the quality of pearls and makes people distinguish the texture of the pearl. What you pay attention to is the brightness of pearls.

The pearl cover displayed at the high -end jewelry exhibition at Mikimoto’s 125th anniversary. Picture Source/Mikimoto Royal Ben Weibo


If you are divided by reference, you can generally be divided into two major methods: collection and daily wear, and wearing. In different scenarios, we need different types of pearl jewelry to decorate the beauty of life.


Personal daily: Sense pearl earrings

Zhou Dongyu wore a minimalist lattice small suit with single -sided earrings and sweetness, and his temperament was outstanding.

In the past two years, the emerging designers have a lot of re -innovation for pearl materials. Many single products with unique design sense have emerged, becoming the new favorite of tide people. In a series of design, the two categories of the most well -known oversized and unilateral asymmetry can also highlight the personality of the wearer. Although they are small objects, they can concave the atmospheric field.

Elegant commuting: retro pearl broocated

In the “jewelry box” of the British royal family, pearl broocari often appeared. At the same day, the Queen and Princess Kate chose the pearl brooch.

The brooch is loved by women both politicians and business. They have a variety of styles, and they can interpret the style wideness. It is a trendy item that is very suitable for daily work occasions and shows elegant temperament. There are many celebrities with the “pearl complex”, especially some “power women”. They are very good at using pearl jewelry and their toughness and cold temperament to add the favorability of full -body wear.


Mind grab the mirror: pearl decorative shoes


In the 68th Berlin Film Festival, Tilda Swinton was wearing a black suit jacket and a bow to decorate pearl pointed satin shoes.

Compared with the popular trend of previous years, Pearl’s “fire from the head to the foot”, looking far away, the pearl shoes with a close look at the details have begun to become the heart of quality people. Under the careless dress, there is only a pair of luxurious and bright shoes to get eye -catching. There is no need to wear “mind”, “a pair” is just right. “Foot Pearls” -the can not only copy the romance in the poems, but also show their own luxury.

Gift elder: High -quality bead skewers necklace


Jessica Chastain wore a Prada black off -back dress, wearing a pearl necklace.


Compared with a single pearl pendant suitable for daily wear, the bead curtains are more valuable in terms of value. It is also a more traditional method and method of pearl skewers and wearing. Therefore, it is very suitable for giving elders around and after the holiday. In addition, high -quality beads are also a more collectible item. China has said that “seven -point pearl, eight points treasure” since ancient times, pearls can be called “treasure” when pearls reach 8 mm diameter. White pearls and black pearls with better quality and better quality are above 10,000 yuan, which not only has high ornamental value, but also has high collection value.


Beijing News reporter Zhou Hongyan’s picture source Visual China, brand official micro school pairing Li Lijun