A kind of wear in winter this winter, called “suit+straight pants”, simple, elegant and high -level


#What to wear today#



The fashionable fashion can no longer satisfy the fairy now, but requires wearing


Comfortable and fashionable

If a set looks fashionable, but wear it up

Unreasonable and uncomfortable

Instead, there is too much restraint, so it is easy to make people like this

Feel dislike.

But there are so many items in the fashion circle.

For example, a kind of dress that is hot this winter, called called

Suit+straight pants


, This kind of dress is simple as a whole

Elegant is really advanced.

If you don’t know how to match it, you can see the following

Dry goods sharing

I believe it will help you, so what are the characteristics of suit jackets with wide -leg pants?

The style of suit+straight pants




As we all know, suit jackets have always been used

Mainly loose models

So most of the time appears in the appearance


Sense of atmosphere

, With straight pants, the overall dress is not available


Then, this kind of wear plan will look like the whole


This dress does not have too much requirements for girls’ body.

Suit with wide -leg pants


It is very

Good choice



Simple and fashionable

The reason why a suit jacket is a classic fashion item may be with it itself

Edition is related

The design sense of a suit jacket is simple and not complicated, so it will always show people different.

Simple and high -level sense.

I will find that people who generally understand fashion are more fell in love


, So a suit jacket with straight pants, the whole looks like

Simple and fashionable

, Wearing such fashion items, it can greatly improve the overall as a whole


Versatile daily

In daily life, girls’ requirements for themselves are not high, as long as they usually wear


Just you can, want to make the overall image look better, a suit jacket with straight tube

High waist wide leg pants

It is a very good daily wear plan.

After all, the suit jacket is quite satisfactory, and the straight -legged pants are also

Not exaggerated

, So the overall looks simple and very consistent

Daily atmosphere

If you don’t want to make an error easily, then it is recommended to try this more

Practice plan.

Selection of fabrics of straight pants

Velvet fabric

In the winter seasons, the choice of pants must be

Pursue warmth


At the same time, keeping warm and not losing too much fashion, so when paired with a suit jacket, the fabric of straight pants is also very important. In fact, in the cold winter, there are many fabrics that are suitable for wearing in winter.

Strong heating



For example, the texture of velvet fabric, the appearance of this fabric is seen


It is more delicate and quality, and it will keep warm when wearing it at the same time, making the overall dress look more upper

High -level sense


It can be said to be winter pants

The first choice of fabric.



Straight pants with suit jackets, in fact, the most consistent fabric is straight pants of suit fabrics, because the pants of the suit fabric are matched with a suit.

There is a sense of harmony.

This kind of combination often looks at no innovation, but the advantage is that the overall looks like it


Restrained without losing quality

It is also recommended to pursue a quality of girls to try this

Fabric selection

Woolen fabric


In the cold winter season, the most warm pants fabric should be the fabric of the woolen. Many girls will think that the pants of the woolen fabric will wear it.

It looks bloated.

In fact, the woolen woolen fabric wide -leg pants, there will be no such way


, But make your overall dress look more

Atmospheric and charming,

Will we wear capable


Suggestions for the matching of suits+straight pants

Method of matching

Short suit+high waist wide -leg pants

Many girls will think that like a suit jacket with straight pants, what does this kind of fashion that wears it everyday, what does it mean to wear it and wear it? Actually if you are good at

Fashion matching

People will find the fashion of different lengths, which are matched

It’s also different.

Often sometimes, the length of the fashion item determines you

Advantages and defects

It is also recommended to choose a short suit jacket and high -waist straight pants. The purpose of this match is to let the overall wear

Sigh and thin

, Short suit with high waist wide -leg pants, will be overall

Improve your own hook

The short suit jacket at the same time will look like

The upper body is short

, Long high waist wide -leg pants look lower body

The proportion is relatively long

, Will neutralize the body proportion as a whole to optimize


Body curve




But this kind of matching skills are not in line with everyone.

Straight body

Girls can choose this way of dressing.

If your body is too plump, there is no obvious one

High waistline


, Then wear high waist wide leg pants, it will also be exposed

Short leg defect

, So often the fashion is good or not, you need to wear




Other suits with wide -leg pants scheme

Slim style suit+leather wide -leg pants

The version of the suit jacket itself

More loose,

For girls with a large body skeleton, wearing this

Fashion item

It is simply a disaster, then

How to optimize

What about this way of wear?

In fact, you can choose a slender suit jacket.

Anecdotic feeling

At the same time, there are again

Sense of distance

Always feel less


Then the choice on pants, it is also recommended that the fairies choose leather wide leg pants, which can make women’s

Leg line


If you modify it, you will also add the overall dressing


If you feel like this

Too monotonous

Then you can go with some bright fashion items

As a decoration

For example, with a red hat, or a bright -colored shoes, or a

Bright earrings.


Because the overall dress has a certain one

Color ratio

It will make people look like a person who knows the match in an instant. Black itself is more certain


Maybe many people can’t accept a black, so they can choose to use it

Color to optimize


If you are born

The skin is yellow


The girls, or the skin tone is relatively dark, don’t choose to wear a black suit, because the skin tone of black and own

Not match


, Will look like the whole face

Even more dim

“Suit+straight pants”, the most popular commute matching in winter,

, Smart girls choose this way of dressing. Do you like this way of dressing?

Comfortable and fashionable








Sigh and thin