How to choose tiles? Compared to N times, I finally figured it out


How to choose tiles? Compared to N times, I finally figured it out

Before entering the store, I thought that I could pick well. As soon as I entered the shopping guide, I started to recommend: polishing bricks? Drop glazed bricks? Glaze tiles? Ancient bricks? …… Is it unclear at all? Full of confidence, with a face -coveted face, I didn’t know if it was suitable for buying.

It turns out that the choice of tiles is enough to have a headache.

Today, let’s talk about those things about tiles ~


Part 1

Types of tiles

There are three mainstream home tiles: polishing tiles, glaze tiles, and glazed tiles.


1. Polish brick

The surface light is high, hard and wear -resistant, and good non -slip effect, but the pattern is single.

2, glaze brick

The glaze is smooth and bright, the pattern is more exquisite, and the texture of natural stone, but the non -slip properties are relatively poor.


3. Glaze tile

Differential and light bricks; antique bricks and wood grain bricks belong to it, and the non -slip degree is good.

△ Light brick brick

△ Mattic brick


△ Antique brick


△ wood grain brick


Part 2

Floor tile or wall tile


Tiles are divided into floor tiles and wall tiles according to different uses.

Note 3 points:


① The floor tiles and wall tiles cannot be mixed with stickers. Pay attention to separate when buying.

② Floor tiles can be pasted with walls, but the cost is high and easy to drum.

③ The wall tiles cannot be pasted, don’t make mistakes.

Part 3


Space selection

Before buying, we can determine what tiles, what are the specifications for each space, and what color to choose. Naturally, we will not be said to be stunned. Let’s take a look at the choice of tiles in each space ~

1. Tile selection of guest restaurant

As the main activity area of ​​the guest restaurant, the floor tiles should be wear -resistant and easy to clean. You can choose the appropriate antique brick, vitrified brick, and polished bricks according to the overall style.

• Specifications: 600*600mm in the living room within 30 square meters; 800*800mm greater than 30 square meters

• Floor tile suggestion: polishing bricks, vitrified bricks (wear -resistant); antique bricks, wood grain bricks (non -slip); flower bricks, imitation marble bricks (internal resistance)


• Color suggestion: Light color, which can make the space more spacious and not so easy to appear dirty.

2. Kitchen tile selection

The kitchen water vapor and oil stains are relatively easy to dirty. The requirements for tiles are non -slip, oil -proof and easy to clean.

• Specifications: Generally between 300*300-500*500

• Floor tile suggestion: flower bricks, antique bricks, etc. (non -slip resistance); bright glaze noodle tiles (oil anti -pollution)

• Color suggestion: Light and cold color can avoid the sense of depression in small space, but also make the hot kitchen look cool.


3. Tile selection of bathroom tiles

The first point of the bathroom is non -slip, and then it is good to clean. It is recommended to choose anti -tiles and glazed bricks. If you have better lighting, you can consider matte bricks.

• Specifications: Generally there are 200*200mm, 300*300mm, 300*450mm


• Ceramic tiles recommendation: choose tiles and antique bricks in floor tiles; glaze tiles and vitrified bricks for wall tiles

• Color recommendation: The bathroom can boldly choose small tiles and antique bricks.


4. Balcony tile selection

The balcony has been underneath the sun and rain for a long time, and it is necessary to avoid cracking and fading. It is recommended to choose wear -resistant and anti -aging.


• Specifications: 150*150mm, 200*200mm 300*300mm

• Floor tile suggestion: flower bricks, antique bricks, wood grain bricks, etc., the lower the water absorption rate, the better

• Color suggestion: the same color or imitation wooden tiles as the living room.

5, bedroom tile selection

The wooden floor is good, and the tiles are good. If you want the texture of the tile and the value of the floor, you can choose a wood grain tile.

Specifications: 400*400mm600*600mm


Suggestion of floor tiles: imitation wooden tiles, antique bricks, and bricks


Color suggestion: warm color tone, more likely to create an atmosphere

Part 4

Tile quality identification

Determine what bricks are used, and then judge the good or bad ~

1. To distinguish the tiles, check the label, check the CCC certification logo, etc.

2. Check whether the surface of the tile is smooth, delicate and flat, and whether it is damaged.

3. Measure whether the four sides of the tiles are the same size and whether the four corners are right angles.

4. Write the surface of oil with oil, wipe it after 10 minutes to see if it can be easily wiped.

5. See if the tile is non -slip, sprinkle some water on it, rub it with your feet to see if it will slip.

6. Look at the color difference of the product, put a few bricks together, and check it carefully in sufficient light.

As for tapping the sound by hand, dripping water is not meaningful.

Master the above skills, do you try to “flickering” the shopping guide?

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