Shanghai city defense map in Tiger Shark safe


May 1949, Shanghai. The Third Field Army of the PLA has surrounded the island into an iron barrel. Tang Enbo led 200,000 Central Army to sleep in Greater Shanghai. The crisis outside was in the same way, and the interior became a pot of porridge.

The big businessman Hu Jingshan sold tight materials and took advantage of the war. It is said that he can buy most of Shanghai in recent years. Tang Enbo’s troops were lacking in grain and less, so they ordered the investigation of Hu Jingshan.

Qiu Yi, Director of the Police Director of Zhabei District, Shanghai, was ordered to act, but he was one step later. Hu Jingshan was full of banana water on his body. The tiger shark safe also wicked. In the end, Qiu Yi discovered a flying fish brand safe manufactured by Panto in the UK after the wardrobe of Hu Jingshan’s bedroom. Because this small safe is equipped with a self -destructive device, Qiu Yi did not dare to move it. The police station in Zhabei District did not hesitate to invite German safe expert Corinman to Shanghai, and called the phone to Zhabei Prison. Said: “Director Qiu, it’s not good. Animo Liu escaped and ran away early in the morning!”

Qiu Yizheng was about to send a wanted order to arrest Niezzi, and he heard the door of the office “咣” pushed away. I lived, and I was twisting the person to the police station at this moment! “

I really do the pillow. This Yanhong family is on Shengsi Island, not only beautiful, but also a wonderful pen. Especially her recently launched novel “The Love of Huangpu Beach” is even more lingering and sensational.

Animo Liu escaped from the prison and slipped to the street to steal the red handbag.

The two of them came from Shengsi Island to Shanghai Beach today, and they were looking for Qiu Yi. It turned out that Hu Jingshan was also a fans of Yanhong. After the publication of Yanhong’s best -selling novel “Huangpu Beach Love”, Hu Jingshan appreciated it, and he specifically found Yanhong and borrowed a manuscript from her. However, after Hu Jingshan’s self -immolation died, Yan Hong’s manuscript did not know the whereabouts. Qiu Yi was about to go to Hu Jingshan’s house. The group went straight to the home of Hu Jingshan, No. 6, Xia Fei Road.

Colinman is the deputy chief engineer of the Tiger Shark safe. He naturally understands the structure of the British -made Flying Fish safe. He walked in front of the flying fish safe to the wall, raised his hand and touched a six -fold password disk on the door of the safe, and said, “Find the key, I can open it!”

Qiu Yi said with a fingers with a finger, saying: “He is the key!”

Colinman looked at the insignificant awl, and shrugged his shoulder, and the awl seeds did not speak. He found a cowhide clip from his pocket. There were more than a dozen awl in the fiber clip. Six of the crime tool. Colinman took out a copper handset, put it on the ears, and then pasted the other end of the handset to the box door of the safe. After ten minutes of password adjustment, it was finally set to 967821.

The awl six directed Qiu Yi had a glove, picked up the awl into the keyhole, tinked for three or five minutes, and retracted the awl, and listened to the sound of “Ga”, and the box door of the safe was opened.

Before Qiu Yi applauded, I saw that the two-hand of the Tastel Six turned out to be a light blue electro-spark-once the safe is opened, the power supply will be automatically connected. Liu was shot by the electric shock, and people flew out.

Qiu Yi told the police to rescue the fainted awl six, and he found a big sister -in -law and dial a stack of paper in the safe to the ground -this is the red manuscript. But except for the red manuscript in this safe, no clues about the tiger shark safe!

The title page of the manuscript of “Huangpu Beach” reads a string of brushes-26532193175512690778911. Qiu Yi looked at the string of brush characters like the password, and said to Yan Hong: “Miss Yan Hong, I think the password on this manuscript may have something to do with the Tiger Shark safe for the police station!”

Qiu Yi means to bring this manuscript back to the police station to take pictures and archive. After tomorrow, early in the morning, he will send someone to send the manuscript to Yan Hong to Shengsi Island. Back at the police station, Qiu Yi studied the manuscript. When he was studying in Germany, he studied the decipher password. When he thought about the string of passwords on the title page of the “Love of Huangpu Beach”, he couldn’t help laughing. This kind of book pages first, and then the password that looked for words was really too pediatric. For example, this-26532-refers to the second word of the third line of 265 pages, which is a “guarantee”.

Translate this string of passwords into a whole sentence, which is to keep the key!

Qiu Yi was early the next day, and took Coriniman and Anwan Liuyou to go to Shengsi Island to find Yan Hong.

The relationship between Yanhong and Hu Jingshan is not ordinary. The yard she lives is built by Hu Jingshan. Qiu Yi said on the password on the title page of the manuscript, and Yan Hong smiled sweetly, saying that when Hu Jingshan came to the island to borrow books last time, she really asked her to keep a box on behalf of her.

To put it, Yan Hong took a mahogany box from the bookshelf. Qiu Yi lock the copper and opened the box cover. Inside was two gold -plated long -shaped key.

Collinman recognized at a glance that this is the special key for the tiger shark safe. A total of three keys in a tiger shark safe, now found two, and the third key lacking must be at Hu Jingshan. But after Hu Jingshan died, the key disappeared mysteriously!

Qiu Yi asked: “What did you do to the island of Shengsi?”

Yan Hong’s face blushed and said, “Mr. Hu comes to Shengsi Island.

The Hai Temple of Shengsi Island was built by Hu Jingshan, which was also a private property of him. Will the tiger shark safe be hidden there?

Qiu Yi asked Yanhong to lead the way, led someone to search, and it turned out that under the huge “West Sea Fairy Mountain Map” on the wall of the partial temple, the huge tiger shark safe was found. Inside the wall.

Before Collinman came to China, he had checked the list of ordering of the Tiger Shark safe. Five years ago, Hu Jingshan once ordered two large tiger shark safe to their company. After the two tiger shark insurance cabinets arrived in Shanghai, Hu Jingshan donated to a city hall. Now the tiger shark safe has been placed by Tang Enbo to play the top secret documents.

The tiger shark safe has three keyhole on the body of the tiger shark safe, and the password plate above is actually ten digits!

The tiger shark safe not only requires the correct password, but also three people also insert three keys into the keyhole at the same time, and turn together.

Usually, the tiger shark safe is issued by the factory, and the factory will give users a password manual. Once the password on the safe will change, it will change over time and month. In other words, this tiger shark safe is an artificial intelligence safe.

Fortunately, Coriniman took the emergency password of the Tiger Shark safe before coming to China. The emergency password can only be input once. After entering the emergency password, the password lock of the tiger shark safe will be completely scrapped. The safe can only be enabled by the new password lock.

Colinman confirmed the number of the Tiger Shark safe and then adjusted the password disk into an emergency password. Qiu Yi and Colinman each took a key and inserted the lock hole. After entering the third keyhole, as the two keys turned together with the awl’s awl, they listened to the three sounds of “Ding Ding Ding” in the safe. Lock!

Obviously, it was either Coriniman’s password problem, or the three keys had problems! The awl crowd in six consecutive sounds, and Colinman looked at the key from Qiu Yi, and could not help but call God a few times. It turned out that the key tooth had been stunned with fine steel. No wonder the safe can’t open, the problem is on the key!

The safe was automatically locked, that is, God and the Buddha had no choice but to come together! Looking at Coriniman, who was stalling, walked over and said, “I have read the novel of German writer Rickel” Open the Nazi Nazi’s Nazi. “Safe”, there is a way to open the lock -up tiger shark safe! “

In order to prevent the opening of violence, the manufacturer contains more than a dozen fierce explosives and automatic explosion agencies in the safe. The British spy described in that novel is familiar with the structure of the tiger shark safe. Use the silent pistol to hit two holes on the phase door of the safe, then disconnect the red burst wires inside through the magazine, and then connect the two green wires with one outer wire together- “Boom” sounds. After the explosion, the door of the safe was exploded by itself, and the explosive devices in other places in the safe will not explode because the inductive current is broken.

Because the secret documents in the Tiger Shark safe are installed in the steel drawer inside. The explosion of the box door will not have a big impact on the inside of the safe. Secret files.

Qiu Yi’s way of trying to look at the way, he listened to the “bombardment” sound. In the yellow smoke, the door of the tiger shark safe burst! Not waiting for the smoke to spread out, Qiu Yi rushed forward and took out Hu Jingshan from the safe. Treasure Map. But before he launched the treasure map, he heard the “咣” of the palace door “咣” and kicked away, breaking into a dozen big men holding a short shot from the outside.

The big Han pistol headed for a while, after a chicken pecking rice -like shooting, all Qiu Yi fell to the ground. Qiu Yigang secretly pulled out his pistol and saw the big man waved his left hand, and a sharp knife flew like a sharp knife. Come over, in the middle of his right arm, Qiu Yi screamed, and his pistol “click” to the ground.

Colinman was scared in the black hole’s muzzle and sat on the ground with his head. The conperaous six “squeak” and went straight to the door of the back hall, and was about to escape. Xing’er ran a few steps, lowered a sweeping leg, and the concept six “Mom” fell into a rolling gourd.

The leader of the leader was Qin Lian, the Director of the PLA Sanno Special Service. He walked in front of Yan Hong to a military ceremony and said, “Please instruction of the Tang Dynasty director, how to deal with these captives!”

The real name of Yan Hong is Tang Yanhong. She is the webmaster of the CCP in the Shanghai Underground Liaison Station. All the actions of the Shanghai Underground Party are conducted through her!

Tang Yanhong used the password on the title page of the novel manuscript, and easily attracted Qiu Yi and his party to Shengsi Island. The key of the stinged safe is Tang Yanhong’s own hands and feet. The purpose is to test whether there is no key and whether you can open the tiger shark safe.

Tang Yanhong’s meaning is very clear. There is only one way of living in front of the three people, that is, to help the PLA to do things, open the Tiger Shark safe in the Dang Enbo Police Command, and take out the defense map of Shanghai City.

The PLA soldiers were under pressure, and Shanghai was in danger. Qiu Yi was not a fool. He had to leave a way for himself. After thinking about it, Qiu Yi decided to rely on the Communist Party. After Coriniman provided an emergency password for another Tiger Shark safe, he was sent to Suzhou, who was sent by the person from Qin Lian, and was placed in a liberated Suzhou and was placed under house arrest.

Governor Qin Lian forged a fake scene of Qiu Yi’s ambush in the Temple of Hai Divine. The injured Qiu Yi led Tang Yanhong and Tarram Liu to return to Shanghai again.

Based on the treasure map left by Hu Jingshan, Qiu Yi finally successfully found the first batch of property-30 boxes of ocean in the dock of the seaside. Tang Enbo decided to set up a banquet in the security hall and award Qiu Yi. Tang Yanhong was dressed as Qiu Yi’s girlfriend, and the awl sachets were pretended to be a servant and followed. However, at the door of the police hall, Jiezi Liu was blocked outside the door. The guards only allowed Qiu Yi and Tang Yanhong to enter.

Tang Enbo first delivered a short speech. When he was going to award Di Yi awarding the Blue Sky and Better Medal, the underground party ambushed outside was done. The power supply wire was cut off, and the courtyard of the police hall immediately fell into a dark.

There was a pot of porridge in the ballroom. Tang Yanhong flashed out of the door and went straight to the fifth floor. There was also a dim spare electric light on the outside of the room door. Two guards with submachine guns stood there straightly. Tang Yanhong twisted his waist and walked over. The two guards looked at them. Once, Tang Yanhong waved his arms and “exhaled” his palms, the blade -like palm was cut on the neck of the two people, then leaned over and picked up a submachine gun, pulled out the universal key, opened the iron gate of the machine room, and opened the iron gate of the machine room. Essence

Through the dim light of the two spare lights in the machine room, you can clearly see the north wall of the machine room, standing on the north wall of the machine room, and the tiger shark safe stands. Tang Yanhong took the submachine gun in her hand and was about to shot eye -catching and implemented violence.

Tang Enbo is indeed an anti -Communist veteran. He installed the most advanced X -ray alarm instrument in the machine room. As long as someone broke into the machine room, the alarm would make a sharp scream.

The guards downstairs ran to the fifth floor along the stairs. The footsteps of “咚” were like a drum. Tang Yan was so anxious that she gritted her teeth and raised the assault rifle to the tiger shark insurance cabinet door and buckled the board. Obviously, she wants to use the self -explosion function of this safe to completely destroy the urban defense map in the cabinet.

The “Da Da Da Da” shot the muzzle with a shuttle bullet. The door of the tiger shark safe was hit by a honeycomb coal by the flying bullet, but it did not explode. Obviously, this tiger shark safe is a pupa.

Tang Yanhong rushed out of the aircraft’s main room. By the light of the helmet on the head of the guards rushed from the entrance of the stairs, Tang Yanhong elf -like out of the building, and then pulled the bricks on the corner of the building with both hands, quickly landed towards the ground to the ground. It’s going on.

In fact, when you open the door of the fake safe outside, you will see the real tiger shark safe inside. Qiu Yi used his relationship in Shanghai. It didn’t take two days to listen to the secret of the hiding body of the Tiger Shark safe.

The three keys to open the safe are chiefs of the specialist stocks, and the secretary of the opportunity Huang Zhanyu and Zhang Dejin, the head of the police camp, kept separately. Because this is a very period, these three people cannot go home at all, eating and living are in the courtyard of alerting guarding headquarters.

The password of the Tiger Shark safe was in Tang Enber himself. Because of the emergency password of Colinman, you can get the three keys to get the three keys?

Tang Yanhong listened to Qiu Yi’s report and thought about it: “We only have a week. Our task is clear, that is, using the two keys on the tiger shark safe of Hu Jingshan, a stealing beam and changing pillars, changing the cattle department chief, Huang Zhanyu or Huang Zhanyu or Huang Zhanyu or Huang Zhanyu or Huang Zhanyu or Huang Zhanyu or It is two real keys on Zhang Dejin, and the other can only be solved by the awl’s awlcelet! “

If you want to get the real keys of those two safe, you can first send the awl six to the police Command. Since the last Tang Yanhong night theft police station, the police station has been like an enemy, and there is no special passage issued by the police command. It is almost impossible to go in!

Qiu Yi looked at the laid pictures of the water pipe of the police command, and said, “Yes!”

Next to the Police Command is the Shanghai Water Water Third Factory. If the water outlet pipe at the other end of the police command is blocked, and then the water plant is forcibly suppressed by the water supply pipe. The ministry must ask the tube water factory to repair the water pipe, so that awl can be mixed into the police command.

Tang Yanhong felt that the plan was feasible, and hurriedly sent Qin Lian to prepare. The Shanghai Water Water Third Factory had a party branch of the underground party of the Communist Party of China, and the awl six easily became the pipeliner of the water factory.

Sure enough, Tian Sui wished, and the tap water pipe of the secretary Huang Zhanyu’s office burst. The conclusions stepped on the waters on the wooden floor and rushed into the machine secretary room. By changing the opportunity of the water pipe, he pretended to be Huang Zhanyu’s body at once.

When Huang Zhanyu saw this wretched tap water pipe worker fell on his body, he was so angry that he scolded “rolling away”, then raised his leather boots, and kicked the three ass of the awl.

Animo Liu was kicked into the corner by Huang Zhanyu, but he had already secretly applied it to exchange a real and false key. The specialty of the specialist stock cow is in the office on the second floor, and Zhang Dejin’s office of the police camp chief Zhang Dejin is in the other building. The water pipeline there is intact, and the awl six cannot be approached.

A few hours later, the Water Pipe Road was completed, and Animo Six unwilling to leave the police command with the workers.

That night, through the three -handed managing road, the timing bomb of the underground party in the Police Command exploded. The police headquarters whispered in the building for a while, and the police camp was like an enemy. With the explosion, the CCP’s underground radio issued a password telegram -the underground party of the Communist Party of China has obtained the urban defense map of Shanghai, and the battle to attack Shanghai can quickly start.

Tang Enbo was sleeping, and he was shocked by the explosion of the bomb in the building and woke up. The underground party of the Communist Party of China has settled the timing bomb to the building’s building. It seems that the huge Shanghai Beach is really not a safe place. Tang Enbo just wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and the chief of the special subject hurriedly knocked in the door with the deciphering telegram. Tang Enbo saw the intercepted CCP secret electricity. He hurriedly put on his coat, and asked the specialist stock chief, the secretary Huang Zhanyu and Zhang Dejin, the commander of the police camp.

Tang Enbo took the deciphering telegram and paced in the bedroom uneasily: “The Tiger Shark safe is the highest safety factor in the world in the world. The password is only known to me. How can our urban defense map be stolen? The army is purely bluffing! “

After listening to the specialist of the specialist stock, he said, “Commander, I heard that the deputy chief engineer of the German Tiger Shark safe is in Shanghai. Will he fall into the hands of the Communist Party? “

Tang Enbo was shocked after listening. It seems that the urban defense map is really likely to lose theft. He led the three people to the top of the top floor. After Tang Enbo lost the password of the safe, where did Huang Zhanyu know that his key was fake? It was not opened. In the end, the cabinet door was automatically locked. It seems that no one can open this safe within a week.

Without the urban defense map that mobilized 200,000 troops, Tang Enbo was unable to command the Shanghai Defense War. There are only two copies of the Shanghai City Defense Map. One is in the hands of Tang Enbo, and the other is in the hands of the Minister of Defense. Now the Minister of Defense has already ran to Taiwan by plane. responsibility. It seems that he can only ask for help from the German Tiger Shark safe.

The telegram was photographed in the German Tiger Shark safe, but the Tiger Shark safe calls for repackage, because the deputy chief engineer Coriniman is not there, and they cannot get the emergency password in the safe. In the telegram, the company’s president told Tang Enbo that Colinman knew that the emergency password of the lock -locked safe can open the safe. However, Collinman has long disappeared in Shanghai like steaming in Shanghai!

When Tang Enbo was about to hit the wall, Tang Yanhong was in the Kaiqing Meeting. If the violence opened the safe, she came with a salary plan at the bottom of the kettle, using a fake key to completely lock the tiger shark safe.

A few days later, a US military C-46 transport aircraft took off from Hsinchu Airport in Taiwan. Zhang Dejin, the head of the police camp, led the heavy soldiers, and had already pierced the airport. It was the city defense map of Tang Enber’s help from the Minister of Defense. The US military aircraft came to Hongqiao Airport, but there was no intention of landing. After hovering on the top of Zhang Dejin’s head for two weeks, the plane flew straight in the direction of Suzhou. 10 minutes later, the plane landed at the temporary airport in Suzhou.

The mechanic and pilot of the plane were actually underground lurks in our party. They hijacked pilots over Shanghai and forced the transport aircraft in Suzhou. In order to get this precious map of Shanghai urban defense, Tang Yanhong really worked hard.

On May 23, 1949, our army launched a total attack on Shanghai. By May 27, the battle was ended. Shanghai liberated, only five days before and after.