Beige jacket long skirt, skirt with knee, with pointed fine heels, set off the body


It is simpler to wear in summer. Such a simple style will show the flavor of atmosphere and make people more refined. So how to choose clothes in summer? In fact, there are many people who like to leisure and simple style in summer. You can choose denim shorts with T -shirts, which are convenient and natural. Some people like long skirts, do not pick up figures, simple loose styles, many beauties can easily control it. If it is sexy, it is sexy. Atmospheric, you can choose a tight dress to set off the beauty of the body curve. Of course, a beautiful beauty will prefer to mix well.


This beauty chooses a long dress, which is slightly loose. The beige color is more common and also sets off the skin color. This long skirt is over -the -knee length, waist design, and the cuffs are tightly designed. It also seems that the proportion of the figure is very good, the skirt is scattered, the walking feels with elegant, the neckline is very delicate. Many formal clothes are such a style. Fashionable feeling.

The dress is made of chiffon. Many clothes in summer are made of such materials. The breathability is very good. It is not easy to wrinkle. It does not need to be ironed. Many things are eliminated. You can try this dress in summer. If you do n’t pick your body, you can match a very elegant feeling. The figure is slightly fat, and you can also match a very delicate feeling. Such a dress will not set off your body, but it makes your match easier. Life is actually very simple. How do you wear your own style.


Wearing a dress, you need to look good with high heels, what style of high heels you like, go with the following. This beauty chooses a silver sequin pointed heel, shining upper, many girls like to match this high heels, very delicate, very delicate, very delicate, very delicate. It also sets off the effect of atmospheric, increases and thinner, sets off temperament, silver fine heels above 8 cm, very delicate, very beautiful to look at, it is also a very versatile shoes, and wearing high heels, beautiful women will become even more beautiful. confidence.


Beauty has raised her hair, so the face shape is more delicate and more refreshing. The combination of summer must be exquisite and unique. The black shoulder bag and the shoulder strap are black leather and metal chain combination. The girl who is confident is very important. When you are used to praise, you will become more natural. Many people will be unnatural when they hear others’ praise. , I feel embarrassed. You are fashionable and beautiful, just to show yourself, and let others appreciate it?