Follow the “Invisible Socks”! After opening 1000+ holes, let’s take away the hot air without smelly feet …


It has arrived in June, and the weather is too hot. Once out, my girlfriend thinks that my feet are stuffy and smelly. After a long time, it is easy to get blisters.

Special uncomfortable.

After the buddy knows my distress, hand it to me

Milmumu cooling breathing boat socks

Let me use it.

How can I wear this kind of thing!

I don’t want to wear it for two days, I can only admit it,

The essence of human beings is really fragrant.

Breathable and cool and easy to wear


These pairs of ship socks are adopted

Cooling material


, Put on the back of the feet to become cold for a second.

The sock body and the bottom of the socks are two materials. At the same time, the sweat absorption is also very large, and since then, bid farewell to the foot plate sticky.

Sweat and sweat

Plus Gundam

1000 breathing holes


, Make the socks no longer boring Jio, breathe “feet”.

My girlfriend said that my feet are not smelly!

Don’t feel boring for a day

And it is a 3D tailoring design, which will have a stronger package.

You can match shoes, leather shoes,

It can be called a good thing in summer.

It’s a pair of all summer socks


Recommended reason:


1. Ship socks


Cool material, put on your feet in a second, get cold,


Fear of hot summer heat



1000 breathing holes, which are extremely breathable,

Socks that can “breathe”

3. A whole circle of silicone+3D tailoring technology,

Follow up and retreat

4. Material RUA is durable,

Can’t afford the ball without deformation

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Give “foot” cool,

Ice feel cooling

No longer hot anymore


Change the sullen feet in summer, either change a pair of light shoes, or work hard on socks.

If you wear sullen feet, your feet are hot or even peeled with your feet, it may be that the socks are not selected.


Use cool fabric

Bingbing is cool and comfortable.


What is cool fabric?

Cold fabric is a functional fabric, with a unique fiber structure, which makes it have the effect of slow heat absorption and slow heat dissipation. The moment the skin dates, it seemed like a wind blowing, and it suddenly came down.

We can compare the milmumu cooling breathing boat socks and ordinary socks. It can be found that it is also put in the socks.

The heat dissipation of boat socks is obviously better.


Ship socks will be lower

Regardless of whether you are commuting to get off work or playing, you still go out to play, put on these socks, put on these socks,

The feet are all dry and cool




It is recommended to feel the comfort of eating ice.

Breathing “foot”,

Light and breathable

1000 breathing holes, sullen feet do not exist

In addition to the coolness buff, MILMUMU cooling breathing boat socks are still very breathable,

Give your feet with enough “breathing”.

Thanks to the socks

, Realize the summer wishes that are not boring.


Breathing holes, let your jio breathe

Just like “bamboo baskets and water”,

A sufficient “breathing holes” let the heat dissipate through.

After pulling the cloth straight, we found that it not only did not have any tear,

Instead, you can see the LOGO underneath.


It is enough to prove its breathability.


Milmumu’s logo is a sheep

And compared with ordinary cotton ship socks, MILMUMU cooling breathing boat socks are thinner and thinner.

Dressing is not the same as not wearing.

Milmumu is half lighter than ordinary socks

The thickness is more obvious, and it is nearly 3 times thinner

Don’t worry about not sweating enough, because the bottom of its socks is different materials. The sock body is cold, the bottom of the socks is cotton

Sweat and sweat -absorbing and sweating is better.

Summer socks, it is enough to keep Milmumu breathing cold socks.


The power of flooding, rubbing violence, and there is no ball at all

Give “foot” comfort,

3D cutting

Bingge breathable feet,

My girlfriend told me, cutting and socks that are not cut well, wear

The experience is not good, and it is often easy to follow.

At this time, don’t get out of it, it ’s too vulgar,


so awkward.

Milmumu’s cooling breathing boat socks are very confident, we will not follow!

As long as you go down, you will retreat, and you will include freight!



Because milmumu has its own unique circle


“Bingge breathable glue”, and

There are only part of other ship socks.

The glue surface has slight unevenness,

Strong friction

More to prevent.

Non -slip


Add it

Adopt 3D cutting processes, more foot,

It seems like wearing it on the feet, and it can’t be pulled down.

In fact, I didn’t follow the followers for a day


Pulling steadily on your feet is very intimate.

Girls in high heels, glue after socks should still be available



, Do not be touched by shoes.

There are men and women, buying and buying for the other half of my beloved


Such versatile


Ship socks, invisible and cool.

The price is also very beautiful.

Today we win benefits,

As long as 39 yuan, you can get 5 pairs of ice breathing socks, and arrange it for you in a week.

The color and specifications can be seen below, and you can choose according to your needs.


Don’t say that any boys can’t wear ship socks, what age. It is the happiness of ZUI in the summer to have a pair of refreshing and dry feet.


Milmumu cooling breathing boat socks

1000 breathing holes


Follow up and retreat


Click the figure below to buy

Click the figure below to buy