Switzerland Yidu Edox sharp cool black translucent hollow series


Boman series ultra -thin automatic hollow watches are elegant and handsome

瑞士伊度表EDOX 犀利酷黑透视镂空系列

We understand the professional watch -making brand EDOX Switzerland Ido Watch. After 130 years, it has created countless excellent classic models. payment. This Beman series Les Bemonts Open Vision Automatic has a new and elegant case design. The hollow design at 6 o’clock shows the operation and beauty of the movement wheel. Appreciate the beauty of its craftsmanship. The back cover is also completely transparent, revealing the Swiss automatic movement.

瑞士伊度表EDOX 犀利酷黑透视镂空系列

The watch’s waterproof 30 meters, 42mm stainless steel case; rotating 180 degrees through the movement, and placing the crown position on the left to be more comfortable and matched. Essence EDOX is a professional watchmaking factory. The origin is located in the Heart of the Jurassic Mountains (the birthplace of the Swiss clock). It was founded in 1883. After 130 years of history, it has become the leading position in the Swiss watch industry and created countless excellence. Classic watch.