Doctors teach you how to measure and record blood pressure accurately at home, everyone should master


It is usually convenient to measure blood pressure at home, which can effectively avoid the emergence of “white coat hypertension”, which means that the blood pressure error caused by seeing the psychological tension of Dr. Bai coat at the hospital, but if you do not pay attention to the measurement method and method, you do not pay attention to the measurement method and method. Then the result of measurement is very easy to have a lot of errors. Today, Dr. Liu will share with you how to accurately measure and record blood pressure and measure blood pressure at home.

1. Correctly choose home blood pressure measurement equipment

Commonly used equipment to measure blood pressure is divided into mercury column blood pressure measuring instruments and electron (no liquid) blood pressure measuring instruments. The volume of the mercury column blood pressure measuring instrument is large, and it is not very inconvenient to carry and measure. If it is measured by the elderly at home, the reading is very difficult, and the volume of the electronic blood pressure measuring instrument is relatively small, lightweight, convenient to carry, and the readings are more. Convenient, as long as it is correct, almost everyone can measure blood pressure correctly. Therefore, when the family measures blood pressure, Dr. Liu is recommended to use

Electronic (no liquid) blood pressure measuring instrument


2. Prepare preparations before measuring blood pressure

1. The position and elasticity of the sleeve belt:

There is generally an obvious sign on the sleeve belt of the electronic sphygmomanometer. The orientation and position of this sign should be consistent with the arteries on our arm. The position of the sleeve belt depends on the big arm, usually about 2 cm from the point of the elbow joint, the purpose is to flatten our heart. After the cuff is tied, its loose requirement is that it is advisable to insert a finger easily. Tight tightness may make the blood pressure value low. In addition, when measuring blood pressure, it is recommended that the big arm is exposed or only wears clothes that are tightly clinging to the body, so that the error will be smaller.


2. Choice of posture:

Measuring blood pressure at home, sitting and lying posture, it is recommended to choose sitting positions, because the sitting position is more convenient and can be measured anytime, anywhere. Once you choose a sitting position, you must choose this posture in the future measurement, so that the blood pressure measured is comparable. When measuring blood pressure, the upper body should be upright. The arms are naturally extended to the table. Do not fist at the palm of your hand. It is best to have a family member with measurement.

Third, scientific measurement accurate reading

Generally, hypertension patients who are taking medicine need to monitor the changes in blood pressure value, which is conducive to blood pressure control. The first diagnosis of patients with hypertension (the high blood pressure is displayed on the report after the physical examination). It is generally recommended to measure at home for a week before the consultation, measure 2 rounds a day, and measure 2-3 times per round. After dinner, within one hour before going to bed, keep a static state of static at a time of measurement for more than 10 minutes, each measurement interval of more than 1 minute, and several sets of data measured in each round are usually taken as the blood pressure value of this round. Recorded on the blood pressure record book. For patients with better control of hypertension, it is necessary to maintain a measuring record of at least one day in a week, which is conducive to controlling hypertension and finding problems in time.

What need to pay attention to:

One is to pay attention

When recording the measured blood pressure, use it

The same blood pressure meter, sitting in the same position, maintaining the same posture, measuring the same big arm

In this way, the value read is comparable, and it is easier to grasp the changes in blood pressure.

The second is to pay attention

Do not measure blood pressure after strenuous exercise, after meals, after drinking, and smoking. The blood pressure measured in the state of non -static state has no record value and research value, causing too much blood pressure errors and affecting doctors’ judgment.


The third is to pay attention

Do not move messy during measurement, or measure in a great noise environment, which can easily lead to psychological fluctuations in patients and inaccurate blood pressure measurement.


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