Bei Cai’s disinfection film causes a lot of headache and vomiting? A community of Minhang residential supplies? Official response


Recently, Weibo

“Shanghai North Cai Nan Xinliu Village random disinfection film”

The news attracted the attention of netizens

Some residents report on Weibo

Sprinkle disinfection tablets to eliminate disinfecting

As a result, disinfectant flavor is emitted in the community

And cause some residents’ physical discomfort


The reporter called and learned from the residents of a Xinliu Village in the North Caizhen Town that the community began to distribute disinfection pieces by the neighborhood committee on the 9th, and informed that every day from the speaker, 10 disinfection films needed to be launched from their own water pipes. “We are all here. It is a 20 -year old iron pipe. Some portals have experienced water leakage, let alone the harm to the body; I still live in a lonely man downstairs. In case the pipe is leaking, it is another time for the elderly disaster.”

The resident also told reporters that “starting on the 13th, each of the manhole covers in the public areas of the community were also put in 5 to 6 bottles of disinfection films in the early morning. There are also such situations in the Green Star Community. “

Immediately, the reporter also learned from the Beicai Town Hotline that in recent days, residents in a number of communities in many districts in the jurisdictions reflect the situation of the above “disinfection of disinfection”, but the hotline is only collected. Essence

One resident of Nanxin Liucun show disinfection pieces issued by the neighborhood committee

From the photos sent by the above residents, it can be seen that the “disinfection foaming tablets” issued by the neighborhood committee is “disinfection tablets with vassirusuricular uric acid as the main active ingredient, which is effective in the effect of 45%to 55%of the chlorine content. (W/w).

“At present, the” chlorine dioxide ‘should be used in home disinfection. It is non -toxic, irritating and corrosive. It is the most ideal, efficient and safe disinfectant. “A chief physician of the infectious disease discipline told reporters that Although trichlorine uric acid is an efficient disinfection agent, it is a chlorine agent. In the ultimate product of chlorine disinfection, a methane (carcinogenic substance) is inevitable, and it is generally not used at home disinfection.

On the evening of May 14th, Bei Cai Town Prevention Office notified


Has been instructed to rectify

And sincerely apologize to the majority of resident friends

On May 13th, some residents reported that a large number of disinfection sheets were put in Xinliu Village in the town, causing disinfectant flavor in the community, and also caused some residents’ physical discomfort. In this regard, the town party committee and government attach great importance to the relevant situation.

Nanxin Sixth Village is an old residential community in our town and one of the more serious districts in this epidemic. Although the number of infections in the community has dropped sharply, there are still new cases. In order to thoroughly eliminate environmental hazards and avoid more residents from being infected with virus, it has continued to increase the environmental elimination and disinfecting frequency of the community in the near future.

During the anti -killing work on May 13, I wanted to use rainy days to put disinfection pieces on the sewage pipes and road surfaces, and to disinfect it through rainwater dilution. In the community road, the continuous diffusion of the smell affects the residents of the community. This shows that our disinfecting work is not scientific enough, and it is not thorough enough. There are still many places that should be rectified. Here, I sincerely apologize to the majority of residents and friends!

After learning about the situation, the town’s immune prevention office immediately took remedial measures to clear the residual disinfection tablets and criticized and educated the disinfecting team. In the next step, we will further grasp the main points of disinfection operations, configuration ratio, disinfection procedures, scientifically study risk areas, always pay attention to residents ‘feelings, and scientifically carry out disinfection and disinfecting work on the premise of ensuring the safety of residents’ lives and health.

At present, our town’s epidemic prevention and control is at the critical stage of the zero tackling. Thank you very much for your understanding, support and supervision of residents and friends! We will learn lessons with a highly responsible attitude towards all residents, and do a good job in various epidemic prevention work. Welcome everyone to continue supervision!

On the evening of the 14th, Shanghai Aiwei Office said


It is required to use this as a precept, and the other is the other three.

Strengthen popular science and training

Improve the scientific and professional level of disinfection

Eliminate such irregular disinfection phenomena

In response to how scientific and effective disinfection, the Shanghai Aiwei Office has repeatedly emphasized: to avoid unscientific disinfection, and at the same time, it is pointed out that the six major disinfection misunderstandings say “no”:

1. Sprinkle directly to people without a disinfectant;


2. Do not disinfect outdoor air;

3. Disadvantages of large -scale disinfection of the external environment (greening, roads, walls, etc.), including drones, “cannons” and raw lime on the road;

4. Disinfection of the method of invalid disinfection (such as a smoke machine, Miwu machine) for disinfection;

5. Use chemical disinfection agents to disinfect air if no one is indoors;

6. Do not go down the water channel to a large amount of disinfectant and vote for disinfection tablets.

The above practice is basically invalid, and causes the consequences of harm to health and pollution. For example, if the disinfectant is put on the sewer, it will corrode the pipeline and pollute the environment. As long as the airflow of the neighbor between the residential buildings is incompatible, the possibility of transmitting the virus through the sewer transmission is extremely low.

During this epidemic, the operators and the general public for the front -line environment, the Shanghai Environmental Rectification Class, the Municipal Aiwei Office Association, the Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Municipal Health Promotion Center have formulated 18 technical specifications and guidelines. The launch of a series of disinfection knowledge science materials, these knowledge have been officially launched on the “Shanghai Health Popular Science Popularization Resources Library” on the “Health Shanghai Action” popular science platform, including videos, graphics and other forms, for everyone to download Learning, you can obtain it in the following two ways:


The residents of residents’ anti -epidemic gift package supplies?


Supplier: The operation error is more, and the sent to the residents

Yesterday (May 14),

A resident who lives in Meilong Town, Minhang District, reports,

A new batch of anti -epidemic materials gift packages

Suspected of being taken away by the unknown person.

Screenshots and related materials for residents shooting videos

According to a video taken by residents, a community in Meilong Town received a gift package of anti -epidemic supplies and was placed on the ground and waited to be distributed to the residents. Put it in a plastic box.


Based on this, some residents questioned the supplies that the community deliberately deducted to the residents.

On the evening of the 14th, Shanghai United Supermarket Co., Ltd. (Carrefour) released the situation that it began to supply anti -epidemic supplies gift packs for the Meilong Town Government on May 14. In order to send the gift packs to the residents in time, there were many stores in Carrefour. The goods are packed, and the employees of one of the stores are continuously operated, and at the same time provide multiple units. When packing related batch materials, it places 1 bottle of detergent than the government procurement plan.

Delivery to the community discovered this problem when delivering it alone. The employees with the car immediately dismantled the packaging at the door of the community and took out the multiple detergents to reduce the loss of the company’s loss caused by the job error of the distribution link. Materials.

Carrefour apologized to the affected residents, saying that the 2,800 distribution of 2,800 dishes that were distributed were no longer recovered, and it was presented to residents for free.

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