A 50 -year -old woman wears skirts, remember the principle of “three wearing three wears and three without wearing”, elegant and temperamental


Even if women are 50 years old, they still have the right to pursue beauty. At this age, only the single items that can most highlight the women’s temperament are skirts. There is no restriction on the youth. There are styles that meet the temperament of each age,

However, if you want to interpret the elegance and fashion of the skirt, it is recommended to remember the principle of “3 wear and 3 without wearing” in order to wear more outstanding.


After all, at the age of 50, I rarely spend on dressing and matching, and it is more troubled by Fanchen trivial matter. Women in the paragraph are applicable,

It can help you take less detours on the skirt, better highlight your temperament and charm.

The principle of “3 wear 3 wear 3” of the skirt

1. The version of the version is pine and does not wear tightly


As women grow older, their appearance will change a lot. Compared with their youth, there is no such slim and slender figure. Therefore, in order to better modify the shape of the body, it is recommended to wear a loose version of the skirt. Try to wear less tights,

The loose version of the skirt is more tolerant of the body, and any body can be easily accommodated.

The effect of covering the meat will be better, and in the wear experience, it is more comfortable and comfortable, and it is more suitable for daily wear.

On the contrary, tight skirts have high requirements on the body. At this age, if you still have to wear tight skirts, you still have to wear tight skirts.


So it is easy to expose the defect of the figure,

Moreover, the temperament of the tight skirt is also difficult to match with its own charm. The shape will appear very abrupt. Unless it is well -maintained like the stars, and the figure is also firm and stylish, otherwise you still wear tight skirts.

Skirt recommendation: A -line skirt, straight skirt

Matching demonstration: shirt+straight skirt

Shirts are more in line with middle -aged women’s temperament.

Its tough version can modify the body shape and is quite stylish

It can also make the whole person look more energetic. When matching, you can choose a straight skirt. The degree of modification of the figure on the figure is similar to the shirt. It can highlight the personal temperament. You can choose the length of the skirt according to the characteristics of the leg. With temperament, long skirts can be elegant and charming.

2. Put the color and not dark

Many older women, because they do n’t have much confidence in themselves, they always choose skirts with darker colors. Although these colors are classic and versatile, it is difficult to shape the image of middle -aged women. In this bright spring and summer, Cross, choose


Choose some colorful skirts to better highlight the characteristics of personal and enhance the sense of fashion.


So the color choice of the skirt, try to wear bright colors, not to wear dark colors.

If you feel that the bright color skirt is too bright and bright, it is difficult to control,

May wish to reduce the saturation, choose a light -colored style,

For example, the Morandi color that is very popular last year is a good choice. It is visually not only soft and resistant, but also better highlights the gentle and charming temperament of middle -aged women. It is not easy to make mistakes to match it.

Color recommendation: light blue, brown, beige

Matching demonstration: red+white


This red dress is very temperamental, and it is also white, but the saturation will not be very high. Add some black tones to bring too strong visual impact. If you are worried fatigue,


Then add some white items to match it, which can be well neutralized.

The visual effects of the overall shape will be softer and durable.

3. The fabric is hard and not soft

Not all middle -aged women’s figures are very slim and stylish, some blessed and some figures are all objective facts.

Therefore, in order to better highlight the personal temperament, it is necessary


Not only makes yourself look more energetic, but also the effect of covering meat and thinness.

And the stiff fabric and the elegant skirt,

Give people a soft and soft feeling.

On the contrary, the style of too soft fabrics does not play any modification effect on the body, but it will also appear bloated, not only difficult to set off the temperament, but also lower the image.

Material recommendation: lace, satin, cotton

Matching demonstration: sweater+lace skirt

The style of the suit jacket is stiff, and the style is calm and capable. It is a single product that is in line with the temperament of middle -aged women, especially in the workplace women. The white suit jacket will not look as dull as traditional black. The satin dress is very atmospheric,


The satin material is strong, with its own gloss, and the visual effect is excellent

The feel is smoother and soft, which can not only modify the body lines, but also highlight the high level and elegance of women.

No matter what age, women have the right to pursue beauty, so we should be more interested in dressing and matching, letting our charm release, not to be invaded by the world, doing a good job of wearing a skirt, remembering this ” 3 The principle of wearing 3 without wearing “, avoiding strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and profit -seeking, can we wear more outstanding and high -level.