The best feelings between girls are written here


Two girls

April of the new school year.

Teacher Takata in the teaching department has determined to be the class teacher of Class B in the first grade. At this moment, he was walking along the stairs to the classroom of Class B in the first grade. Inadvertently, he turned his eyes to the school’s playground.

The cherry trees blooming in tender leaves swayed violently in the wind. The white curtains were blown on the windows and hunting. Although there is no shadow on campus, there is only a bright sun, maybe because of blowing the wind, I always feel that there is something to move.

This scenario made Teacher Takada can’t help but fall into a kind of illusion, as if the faces of the graduates were emerging on the playground.

After three years of intimacy, the boys and girls who have been promoted or stepped into the society today -although they have established long -term interaction with them, they can start from this school year, but they are responsible for their first -year freshmen. (It is a new life that can’t figure out their minds …) Thinking of this, Teacher Takata couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy. (If you are a good child … I hope there are bad children in it …)

There was noisy shout from the first class B classroom.

Teacher Takata stood on the podium and looked around. I saw eighteen girls arranged on the side of the corridor, and the boys standing by the window were about 245.

“Please quiet … I start to name now. Those who are ordered to name, please answer clearly.”

As a teacher, you should remember the students’ names and faces as soon as possible. Although it is named according to the name of the book, it will also look up to observe the students’ faces, but it is still difficult to remember.

After ordering the name of the boy, this time it was the girl’s turn.

“Anzhai Huimei.”


This is a rubber -like girl. She tied her braids with high neck, and her hair on her forehead was a bit curled, adding a little cute to her girl’s face.


“Ando Miko … Inoue Mozi …”


The teacher is a new name one by one.

“Tiancun Xiami.”

Teacher Takata couldn’t help but surprised, and moved his eyes back from Xia Mei to the first point of Huimei’s face.

“Isn’t it a cousin? … Just ask the name and ask.”

Yes, those two girls are so similar.

After ordering the name, the teacher conducted a three -minute training on “not forgetting true”. You know, “not forgetting sincerity” has become the school motto of this new school. It is not thought that in just three minutes, the boys seemed to be unable to calm down. They just gathered from various elementary schools, and they were curious about everything, and they refused to stop at all. Needless to say, there is also the excitement of new enrollment.

It is worthy of the teachings. Teacher Takata began to ponder: Did the students read the “Seton Animal” before they started to study?

The time for lunch is here.

Hui Mei also opened the bento parcel, but she couldn’t find chopsticks. This time, she was in trouble, and she remembered her mother’s busy back in the morning.

Hui Mei stood up and walked to Teacher Takata, and said, “Teacher, I forgot to bring chopsticks. Can I go back to get it?”

The teacher looked at Hui Mei’s flushed face and said, “It turns out that your family is nearby. When it comes to lunch, even if it is made by my mother, I have to pack it by myself. After all, it is a middle school student. Just follow the notebook without a pencil, do you have a sense of a pencil? Go to the diligent mixed work room below to borrow pair of chopsticks. “

Hui Mei lowered her head and was about to walk out of the classroom. At this time, Teacher Takata “ah” shouted Hui Mei.

“By the way, the teacher has forgotten to bring chopsticks. Trouble the house also help me borrow a pair.”


A happy laughter broke out in the classroom.

Maybe you will be nicknamed “Teacher Chopsticks”. But in this way, Teacher Takata clearly remembered the name and face of Anzhai Huimei. Moreover, Xia Mei, who looks exactly like Hui Mei, stayed in the teacher’s mind.

Birthday on the same day

In fact, Hui Mei and Xia Mi are not what Teacher Takata guesses. What sisters are, even friends are not. Huimei was promoted from H Primary School and Xia Mei from K Primary School to this middle school. So far, they are still alive.

When half of the new semester, the class committee Tianqi wrote in the free proposition composition with the theme of “face” that Hui Mei and Xia Mei looked like it. When the teacher read this composition as an excellent fanwen to everyone, Hui Mei and Xia Mei thought about “really like that” while looking at each other’s face.

Hui Mei is the first girl who has been looking forward to her father and mother, so she was blessed by everyone and was named “Hui Mei”. When I was young, everyone called her “A Hui, Ahui”. This nickname has a sense of soft and comfortable rhythm, so that it will be called after growing up.

Hui Mei now is already the sister of four younger brothers and sisters. The two sisters below are a pair of twins. After the war, the father was born after returning from other places. This year, he started to go to kindergarten.

Hui Mei has long pondered that she has to learn piano after entering middle school. Unexpectedly, the mother said, “Now the two small are not going to the kindergarten, so I will wait a year when Ahui learns the piano.” Listening to her mother, Hui Mei nodded just.

Huimei’s family is always filled with a bright and happy atmosphere, but Xia Mei’s family looks deserted and lonely. However, just like two people with similar faces, the personality is almost the same. Speaking, Xia Mei is also an honest and cheerful girl, so once they are together, it feels like two blooming tulips. Even the height is not comparable, so the desk is placed together.

When the summer vacation is nearly, the two have become very good partners. As soon as Hui Mei returned home, she would talk to her mother about Xia Mei’s affairs.

One day, Hui Mei heard that Xia Mei’s birthday was also April 7th. She couldn’t help but surprised: “Wow!” She glared at Xia Mei’s face.

“It is said that on the day I was born, Chunxia was dazzling everywhere, so my father gave me the name” Xia Mei “…”

“I, it is April 7th.”

“Oh!” This time it was Xia Mei. She went on to say: “However, the father who gave me the name, but died when I hadn’t remembered what he looked like. Now I am dependent on my mother.”

Although the two are unreasonable, they have similar faces -maybe originated from the mysterious and accidental nature of the world on the same day.


Yes, on the day of Huimei’s birth, Xia Mei also opened her life.

On the day of the first semester, Teacher Takata told everyone: “The student preferential certificate is placed with the staff. If you want to go to the beach or the mountain, you can get it yourself.”

“I, don’t go there.”

“me too.”

Hui Mei and Xia Mei murmured.

After entering the summer vacation, two people either go to the teasing Zizi of Linhai School, or swim at the school’s swimming pool. They always see two or three sides a week.

From the city where Hui Mei lived, the tram passed two or three stations and reached the beautiful Domodawa.

Under the invitation of Xia Mei, Hui Mei also went to Tomodawa to swim together. They put the red swimsuit and supporting white rubber band swimming caps in plastic bags, passed through the hot streets, and came to the river.

Although there are many people swimming in the river, there are no places to replace clothes, so the two came to the upper reaches, found a tree shade, and changed to swimwear. After folding the changed clothes and putting it in the grass, they jumped into the river.

The river water is very shallow, the flow velocity is fast, and they can’t be swimming at all. Therefore, the two splashed water and played happily. They did not return to the river bank until the body was cold. In the water flow. In the process of this cycle, they started to get a little tired, so they walked towards the grass that had just stacked.

“Oh!” At this time, Hui Mei yelled, and her face suddenly changed.

Blue car

It turned out that Huimei’s dress in the grass was gone. It was a super cute flat -striped cloth dress with blue and pink grid patterns. I only saw Xia Mei’s white and peony lattice clothes in the grass.

“What’s going on? Who was taken away?”

“It’s a bad boy’s prank.”

The two were afraid for a while and tightened their bodies together.

“It’s embarrassing, it’s embarrassing. You can’t walk on the street or take a tram.” Hui Mei sobbed. Xia Mei was silent, and after thinking about it, he said, “It’s okay. I go home and get the clothes you can wear, and immediately come over. If you don’t wait for the tram, it will be about 40 minutes back and forth.”

“Forty minutes?! I want to stay alone for so long? So scared. Strange.”

“Then, go there again, wait for someone to wait. If you stay next to the woman with a child, then be more assured.”

In order to benefit the beauty, Xia Mei raised his brain. Hui Mei just nodded and decided to move to the downstream river bank to wait in accordance with Xia Mei’s instructions.

Xia Mei ran away with a skirt with a dress with her hand. In order to compete for time, I rushed home to get her clothes in order to let Hui Mei let go, and she even forgot the hot weather.

In front of the fence with dark branches and leaves, there was a small door. Yes, Xia Mei’s home is on this trail. Coincidentally, a blue advanced car stopped there, almost occupying the entire road. “It’s really a matter of obstruction!” Xia Mei walked across the car anxiously, opened the door of the porch roughly, and shouted loudly:

“Mom, take out your clothes!”

The mother wearing a cool clothes came out, and a surprised expression of being calmed down by Xia Mei’s momentum.

“Clothes, take out the clothes, fast, fast, fast … Hui Mei’s clothes were taken away. You have to give me to her, hurry up.”

“Hey, Xia Mei, do you have to go?”

The mother’s unrestrained appearance made Xia Mei not fight.

“Hui Mei is still wearing a swimsuit waiting. She is almost crying … I have to hurry up …”

The mother took out a white blouse and a grass -green skirt.

“Xia Mei, Uncle Morita came to pick us up from Marshal. Don’t play, come back quickly.”

“I don’t want to go.” Xia Mei said unconsciously, closing the door behind him.

The mother stood tightly with a gentle moth eyebrow. At this time, the door that had just opened opened again.

“Uncle!” The high -pitched cry suddenly passed to the depths of the house.

“Oh-” A sophisticated middle -aged gentleman, he answered happily.

“Uncle, can you drive me to Tomodawa?”

“Okay. Xia Mei actually came to ask me for help, but this is too rare.”

Speaking, he walked happily to the porch, and soon sat into the cab.


Xia Mei was like a lady, sitting seriously on the guest behind. As soon as the car went up to a wide street, it began to drive smoothly.

“Said that your friend’s clothes are gone?”


“Stealing girls’ clothes is really too much.”

At this time, Xia Mei couldn’t help thinking, taking a car is right. On the hot sky in the city, I do n’t know when, the suffocating dull tone has been stabbed, as if a layer of silver sulfur smoked sulfur. It seems that a sudden rain of dusk is coming.

“Xia Mei, when it comes to swimming, it is better to be the seaside in the area of ​​Marson.”

When Uncle Morita said this, you can see the sparkling water flowing in front of him.

“Where is it?”

“Isn’t there a dam? Let me get off at the bottom of it.”

“Isn’t this place very dangerous? Awen is really ridiculous, but she actually let Xiaomei come to this kind of place …”

The so -called Awen refers to Xia’s mother. As soon as Uncle Morita spoke in such an intimate tone, Xia Mei couldn’t afford to stretch his face. She was gloomy and silent.

Xia Mei was very sticky when she was young. When did she become like this? In this regard, even Xia Mei himself did not know. Morita is a distant relative of Xia Mei’s death. When he was a child, Xia Mei often went to play in his home in Marson.

After parking, Xia Mei opened the door and ran towards Huimei waiting for the river bank that Hui Mei, and couldn’t help but make a scream of “ah”.

Look, isn’t Hui Mei standing there? As soon as Xia Mei walked over, a teenager wearing a student’s clothes ran away in a place where four or five meters apart.

The above is taken from Sichuan Duankai Chengcheng’s “Friends”

Picture source “Flower and Alice”