Siemens water heater temperature setting


If it is mechanical, the rotating temperature control knob directly (generally the temperature is high in clockwise); if it is a computer, press the temperature control button or increase the number of ignition. In addition, the adjustment of small water can also increase the temperature. Generally, the current electric water heater has a controller, which is separated by the controller alone.

On the temperature conditioner of the electric water heater, there are water temperature signs, such as “i”, “Ⅱ”, “Ⅲ” or marked English, Arabic numerals to indicate low water temperature, medium, and high conditioning position, and align the temperature conditioning knob opposite In a sign, the water temperature of the water heater insists on the temperature set in the instructions of the file.

When applying, let the water spill out to try the practical water temperature before stopping the shower to avoid excessive water temperature and burns the skin. Several functions of Siemens water heaters have the following choices when used:

1. Time setting: With the clock setting function of this machine, in areas where the electric valley peaks are charged and different, you can avoid high -priced electricity peak periods, and allow the water heater to use low -cost electricity to heat the heat water.

2. Medium temperature insulation and intelligent appointment functions, reduce high temperature water due to the large temperature difference with room temperature, the heat loss in the heat preservation period is too large. When using hot water, it is necessary to automatically adjust the power to heat the heat in advance.

3. Because this model has a dual heating tube, the maximum power is used to heat the heat water when using hot water to avoid the usual thermal insulation and heat loss.