Style bras changed to wear, small fairy is sexy and sexy


Dressing and matching has a variety of styles, which is convenient for girls to choose according to their preferences and personality, but the bras wearing inside are actually not just to protect the breasts. Although it is private, it still distinguishes the style. And the style of the style is changed to wear, immediately transformed into a sexy little fairy!

– ❶ –

Fresh bran

Just like wearing points, in fact, the bras are also very different. Just like mature women love to wear sexy bra, the bras of the little girls will be more oriented to the girl style, and the girl style bras are generally generally. Choose a relatively fresh color, and the style is relatively simple.


Solid color small breasts gathered underwear

The simple nude pink pure color bra, although there is no printed decoration, but with the naked pink tone, it is enough to feel the feeling of the bra. There is a small bow in the middle, so that the chest is not too monotonous. And the gathering design can also adjust the chest shape.

– ❷ –

Lace breast sexy wind

Lace bras are generally sexy representatives, especially the transparent lace bra, which is more sexy. Such bras are generally suitable for women in their twenties to thirty. Small sexy, temptation is bursting.


Full cup ultra -thin breasts


The fresh light coffee color tone and the full transparent mesh fabric highlight the sexy taste, and the bottom of the cup is designed with the effect of the steel ring to gathered. Can make the chest a small role.

– ❸ –

Letter bran

In the design of the letters into the bra, just like the sweater is decorated with the letters printing, it instantly makes people feel full of personality and fashion. Making private bras can also be very fashionable.

Small chest gathered upper tuto shell

In addition to the cooler underwear, in addition to the shoulder straps of personalized personality, the black cup around the purple pink color also gives people a very young girl. The design of the classic steel ring can also gather the chests well, so that the girls are no longer the airport.

– ❹ –

No trace bray motion style

Underwear with steel rings for a long time will inevitably feel uncomfortable, and there will be no traces. Therefore, girls may occasionally release their chests and use without marks and comfortable vest bra. Comfortable, it does not prevent the effect of gathering.


No trace skin -proof underwear

Using super soft skin -friendly silk fabrics, the skin is extremely high -skinned, it is not sensible and refreshing on the body, and the wider strap bras can also achieve the effect of gathering. Very secure. How long it will not be worn.

Although the bras are worn inside and belong to a very private item, as a competent girl who loves beauty, of course, it is fashionable from the inside to the outside, so even if it is a private bra, how to wear it. So the style bras are changed, and the little fairy loves sexy and loves fashion!