Chapter 71: Eight Qian Gua -March 24, 2021


– “Yan Chao Zhi Yi” –

===== “Anyi Line” =====

At nine o’clock in the morning, Anyi woke up in Xilai Inn. After a brief rest, the mental state was much better. Perhaps it was because of the old man of the Xiangshi Medical Museum.

Anyi:#起 身, get up

Easy: “Comfortable = w =”

Anyi: (Began to appear a phenomenon of cats)

Anyi:#Go downstairs to eat early, and continue a day of room money

An Yi’s renewal and breakfast on the first floor of the inn, and the shop was busy in the store.

Anyi:#安 安 安 安 安 安

Anyi: “Brother Tang, let’s play first, you are busy slowly”

Anyi:#First feed cats By the way

Tang Shaolong smiled. He put the sweat towel on his shoulders and placed a vegetable plate in his hand. He said, “Um.”

Anyi:#Riding on the cat to the iron flag camp Kangkang

Anyi rode outside the iron flag camp with a big cat. In the iron flag camp, the iron blood flag covered the clouds, and the blood gas and iron rust flavor permeated the air, making people feel like a blood battlefield full of fighting and killing. Intersection

One by one, the tough guys wielded the flag of iron and blood in the sun, like guns like spear, the sun fell down, and the sweat beads rolled to the ground, dripping.

On the point of view, a kind of affected smile on the dwarf with a high waist of ordinary people. He said: “Comrades practice well, the next step is to teach you your father and fellow. On the head … “

Anyi:#安 安 Kangkang first, is there a crowd who watched like me?

Anyi was watching at Tieqiying. Elderly old ladies and old ladies and even leisure people were holding melon seeds, eating peanuts, drinking small wine to point to the soldiers, saying that this action was not very hard. Xuan Tao is happy.

Looking at their practice, okay, there is no practice, that’s all right, I thought it was the elders who sent each other.

Anyi:#安 安 安 安 安 安 安 安 安

Anyi: “You uncle and aunt, give us a position, we just ran here to travel, and we want to observe the motorcycles.”

The old man and old lady looked at him with peace of mind, ignoring him, good guy, such a big place is not enough for you to sit, you have to find someone to make a place.

How fresh!

Anyi:#Sit down, well -behaved. jpg

Anyi:#Find a good talk to inquire about

Anyi:#Sit with the big cat

An Yi: “Uncle, ask you about something, let’s hear that the Wuxing Boxing Hall is not dealing with here, what’s the matter?”

The big cat’s nest is on the ground, like a big blanket, the old lady said: “What can I do, grab the business of others, this gift is twenty -two silver, which is enough for many years to harvest for many years. The flag camp passed the martial arts free of charge, and there were a few who went to them to learn boxing. “

Easy: “That’s it”

Anyi:#安 安 安

Easy: “I heard they have to kick the hall?”

An uncle even pointed out Jiangshan Road: “That is, when you look at those martial arts museums, there is still a protection fee to receive. The Yan Chao comes together. They have half of their lives on weekdays, and now they have less worship … Haha At that time, I really learned boxing as a soldier. “

Anyi:#安 安 安

A idle man laughed. He said: “This is natural. How can you prove that their fist is high without kicking the museum? You must know that the martial arts of Tieqi Camp and the martial arts of these boxing species have no realm. In the next, the high and low, then their punch may still have the possibility of accepting apprentices. Otherwise, the reputation is exhausted, and there is no money to separate, it is all the end. “

Anyi: “This”#安 安 安

Anyi: “When did they come, I take a seat back”

The old lady said: “When did you kick the hall and wait for the iron flag camp to achieve the results, and then set the next zodiac day, and invited the experts of the martial arts to sit down to talk about it, otherwise it would not talk about martial arts. “,”

Easy: “So, it looks like it has been for a long time = w =”

Anyi: “Say that this chief is good to speak”

An old man said: “The official of the court came well, and he was good at others, never saying rough.”

Easy: “It’s nice = w =”

Easy: “Can we talk to him?”

Speaking, on the Bingtai, the dwarf face and yelled at a Bing Ding: “I top you, you will ****, you will disrupt the formation, so I will punish you to wash the pants of the whole battalion. “

That soldier: “Ah, this? Is there this good thing?”

Anyi:#安 安 安 ‘s hand stopped

Fengyue Ye: (“Is there any good thing?”)

The old man said: “It’s not a rough word, don’t count it?

Fengyue Ye: (grass, born out)

Easy: “Isn’t it”

Anyi:#Then the chin could not come up

Anyi:#Chew with your chin with your hands

The old lady said: “Naturally, what is talking about, but what is the trouble for people to do?”

Anyi:#安 安 安 安 安 安 安

Anyi:#Buy some snacks next to you

Eunity: “Really not concealed, we have a few tricks, I have learned a few tricks, but they are not learned in this museum = w =”

Anyi: “Coincidentally when traveling, you must not communicate with the chief”. “

The dwarf raised his head, and he said with a good face: “Do you want to communicate with me? How to communicate?”

Anyi: “Chief …#音 trembling, don’t be excited, we have no other meaning”

Anyi: “I heard that there are different pulses and the government conflict with the government, it is a bit curious.”

The crooked head of a group of soldiers came over, and the wealth of Jimu suddenly looked at the good -looking soldiers and kindly said: “You **** will kill you again! “

The dwarf walked down the soldiers, and he said to the soldiers: “Continue to practice.”

Later, the dwarf came over, and his voice flushed: “In the land of the land, do you know?”

Anyi: “In the lower Feilongling single -dry ecological agriculture, it is called Anyi”

Anyi:#安 安 安 安 安

Anyi: “Do you run out without finishing the crops? I happen to hear the same thing in the same door, ashamed and ashamed”

Lu Qianhou said: “In this case, then, what kind of pulse is the five elements?”

Anyi: “You also know, we have no background, and we are not exquisite to learn art. The master will not let us shake it outside.

Easy: “It’s inconvenient or inconvenient”

Lu Qianhou nodded: “Well, know, let’s say, what is your task goal?”

Anyi:#安 安

Easy: “Task?”

Anyi: “Let’s talk a little bit”

Anyi:#安 安 quietly

Easy: “No one can hear”

Lu Qianhou said: “Since you are not the children and grandchildren of these five -element boxing hall, is your task goal?”

Anyi: “We have finished doing things, stay for a while to solve grievances.

Anyi: “Dare to ask Chief Lu, are you?”

Lu Qianhou pinched the Wulian seal in his hand: “Wrath and demon respected believers.”

Anyi: (Which camp is this?)

Easy: “We are the messenger of the Emperor”

Anyi: #hasham

(A camp you haven’t heard)

Anyi: “Finally saw someone except the player 眚 organized the people of the Tai Sui people”

Easy: “That group of people rely on how many welfares are too bullied”

Lu Qianhou laughed: “We have very few people. This time, we got the arrangement of the top, and came to Bao Emperor Yanxia.

Anyi: “Let’s do the same, this Master Hong Taizhi bombarded the honeycomb honeycomb, so we must let us wipe the buttocks.”

Anyi: “Do you practice here first, go a drink in a while?”

Lu Qianhou clapped: “Okay, okay.”

Anyi: “Just say that”

Anyi:#安 安 安 安

Anyi:#Sit with cats

After An Yi accepted the mute symbol, Lu Qianhou continued to practice the iron flag camp.

==== “Wind Moon Night Line” =====

Fengyue Night:#Sitting up in dying, laughing at Fengsheng for another year

Fengyue Ye: “Touch it, it’s cool to”

Fengyue Night:#Holding a folding fan to the window

Windyue night walked to the window, but saw pedestrians outside the window, pedestrians either walking, or horses, or driving, jujube red horses outside the gate are gone.

Feng Yueye: “Have you left …”#风 风 风 Block the corner of the mouth that he has raised slightly, the word “Mind” seems to be deeper under the sun

The wind blows through the streets and blows off the shaking leaves. A martial arts pavilion, medical hall, cloth village, tailor shop, restaurant, tea house, restaurant also open the portal.

Fengyue Night:#Folding the fan, walk down to continue the money of the sky, and then go to the Emei Boxing Hall to see

After the Fengyue night spent fifty text renewal, I came to the Emei Boxing Hall. The apprentices in the museum stood with dwarf piles. This is the pile of Yuemenquan. This pile.

A young man in his twenties holds a bamboo pole. Which one dares to neglect is a pole that pumps over, and this pole will swell a red and swollen blood stasis.

Duan is very dark. The young man stared at the pile and said, “Master and Brother are not there. I am the biggest. You are not standing well one by one. , Taking me this first! “

Fengyue Ye:#风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风

The young man saw Feng Yueye stop here for a long time, and he came over with a bamboo pole. He said: “Hey, which one are you? People do things? “

Fengyue Night: “On the downwind Moon Night, this time I want to learn how to learn how to prevent themselves.”

Fengyue Night:#风 风

The young man looked at the bamboo pole, and he looked at the moon and night: “Worship the teacher to learn art? Are you … what’s wrong with?”

Fengyue Night:#Use Yu Guang to look at the notice

Feng Yueye: “It’s bad meaning”#Naturally with a smile “but I don’t know how much it means?”

Young said: “This means … how can you have a good gift?”

Fengyue Ye: “Twenty -two?”#Try to ask

The young man clapped: “Just right.”

Feng Yueye: “That’s a pity. I didn’t bring enough silver today. I can only change the day.”#风 风 风

Feng Yueye: “This … I resigned first”

Fengyue Night:#Turn around and leave

Fengyue Night:#Looking for a tea house nearby to rest

Feng Yueye came to the nearby tea house to rest, and the people in the tea tower came and went, and they drank tea one by one. The men’s literary talents were flying, the women laughed, and it was a good scenery.

This is the case.

There was also the singing piano singing, the blind man pulled Erhu, and the tone was just rose here, and a Suona almost sent the person outside.

Fengyue Night: “Little Er, come to a bowl of tea” “

Fengyue Night: (grass)

The shop Xiaofei held a big teapot: “Good 嘞, guest officer, a bowl of three texts.”

Fengyue Night:#Pack out the three texts and put it on the table

Fengyue Night:#风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风

As soon as the blind man was tuned outside the door of the Chalou, the suona over there! Hey! Give this blind, this is not a bad guy business!

Blindly opened his eyes and looked out of the tea building.

Anyi: (Never)

Fengyue Ye: “It’s fun”

However, when I saw the Emei Boxing Hall not far away, someone raised his hand and wanted to pick up his signboard!

Fengyue Ye: “Huh? This is …”#风 风 风, look at the development of this matter first

I saw that the person was two women, a pair of twin sisters, wearing simple wearing, and a woman’s arm should be bundled with white cloth strips, which was funeral at home.

This is the sister of the signboard.

The woman took off her signboard and her voice was clear. She said: “In the lower Hongquan, Hong Qingyi, come today … Kick the hall! If you lose, this sign is still good!”

Fengyue Ye:#Thinking about it and walking over and watching

Fengyue Ye: “Looking at it, this trip is false, this trip”

Feng Yueye got up and walked over to watch the fun. One by one along the street, the head was leaned out of the window. The blind man in the tea house opened his eyes wide, and the beggar on the street’s broken legs stood up. I ran into the house and shouted to see the excitement. The two fools of the fighting chicken eyes no longer fighting chicken eyes, showing a taste of “big clever”.

Fengyue Night: “Well ….

The young man in the Emei Boxing Hall came out with a pole, and a group of apprentices surrounded. The woman threw the plaque to her sister. Her sister was holding a plaque, but she did not call the plaque to the ground.

The youth poked the pole on the ground, and the slender bamboo pole was directly inserted into the red brick floor, and the red brick was broken!

The young man said: “Emei boxing, Wen Guohua.”

Fengyue Night: “Emei hit Hongquan …. It’s a bit interesting”

Fengyue Night:#风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风

Wen Guohua’s eyes were obviously young people, but they were old -fashioned, but they were old and autumn: “Since you want to kick the hall, it is still the old rules. After all, you can kick with each other more.”

Hong Qingyi reached out and said, “Please.”

Fengyue Ye: “These two factions are often ….”#问 风 风 风 风 风

Dumb said: “Well, yeah, there have been a few lives.”

Feng Yueye: “Then”#Hold the desire of Tucao, “Brother Terrace thinks these two things to win more?”

Dumb said: “Naturally I don’t know anymore.”

Fengyue Night: “Which martial arts wins on weekdays?”

Dumb said: “On the weekdays, there are always disputes on both sides, so there are always disputes.”

Fengyue Ye: “It’s the best, not comparable, the best is the best.

Look at the two players in the kick. The fight is comparable. Hong Qingyou’s muscles are lingering, and the hands are combined with foot, elbow and knees, shoulders and crickets. Pull the gun!

The tunnel of the gun is tailing the tail of the dragon!

And the Wen Guohua built a fist, the shelf type is neat, the palm is like a shelf, the abdomen shrinks, and the throat mouth is ‘hum’ loudly. Can’t change, heels are stretched, and the roots of the palm toe in front of the feet are kicked towards the calf tendon!

Anyi:#安 安 安 ‘s hand stopped

Fengyue Ye: “Touch it, it’s cool to”

Fengyue Night: (grass)

But it is the idea of ​​the dotted legs in Dumen!

Dice Mother: It depends on the underworld, listening to silence …

Dice Mother:#

Fengyue Night: “~” Although I don’t understand, I feel very exciting

Hong Qingyi started like a tiger, and his feet changed in a row. The electric flashed in his hands and attacked. He pinched the bead with one hand, and the two fingers pinched the knife on the youth of the youth.

The finger is like a hook, and you want to take off these doubles!

Wen Guohua was not panicked, his body was short, with bones as plates, muscles as string, and hit the unique inner family shock on Hong Qingyi’s rib fan!

Hong Qingyun returned to retreat, walked away, put on legs, and opened the door! His left arm, made a cannon rack, twisted his waist, cut hip, and shoulder, and the upper, middle, and lower shoulders were full of strength, banging towards the other side’s chest!

Wen Guohua used the three hearts of Dumenquan, his palms, feet, and eyebrows, all three hearts, and the momentum was like fire.

The two passed seven tricks in their eyes, and these seven tricks were all about to go!

Fengyue Ye: “Wonderful, too exciting”#风 风 叹

Wen Guohua Boxing followed the Emei Boxing Boxing, Rouzhong Zi Gang, Hong Qingye Boxing followed Hong Boxing, Gangzhong Rou.

One is yin and yang, and the Qiankun is upside down.

The other seemed to be a big cooperation, and the emperor sat in the court.

Just when Wen Guohua thought it was winning, Hong Qingyao rose a spine, ankle, root, pelvic bone, scapula, shoulder joint, ankle joint, like a long gun that was reversed!

Grab the middle palace, rush the door, long arms like guns, Ma Hualong, riding a dragon style, and killing the gun! Drag the knife!

A split in Wen Guohua as his chest, the whole sternum collapsed, Wen Guohua vomited blood and split it on the spot!

Fengyue Ye: “This …”

At this time, it was the eighth trick that Hong Qingyu smashed the signboard of Emei Boxing Museum in one palm, and the signature of the Emei Boxing Museum was picked!

Fengyue Ye: (OK, Emei’s death, wonderful)

The two women hurriedly left here and walked north!

The red bricks on the street on the ground stepped out of a layer of powder when they were fighting.

The wind blows lightly, the red dust is swinging, and the ground is eight footprints surrounded by a circle!

Eight Qian Gua!

Fengyue Ye:#Folding folding fan and looking back at the corpse, squeezed out the crowd and walked in the direction where the woman left

(Wind moon night is too powerful, people have.

Dice Mother: The result of Fengyue Ye Daoyou’s deductive power is …

Dice Mother:*D100 = 40/60 Beginning, there is no defeat. (success)

When Feng Yueye squeezed out of the crowd, the two women had already gone towards the boat. Some of the crowds here called the gate to collect the corpse. Wu Feng was overwhelming, so he was so indifferent.

Fengyue Ye: “It’s a pity”

Fengyue Ye:#风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 风 How to deal with the corpse

After the people of the Yamen came, after checking the death method, the Bai Bu covered the two of them and sent it to the Tieshi Medical Museum.

Some apprentices took care of the scene, and others followed the Tieshi Medical Pavilion. High craftsmanship! “

The doctor of the Tieshi Medical Museum put down the work in his hand, cleaned his hand, and then said, “No problem.”

===== “Autumn Cold Line” =====

At seven in the morning, several people in Qiu Shihan had reached Yushan. The bones here were inserted in the mountains. The mountains on the mountains were Fengmao, and the Yushu money was boiled. A group of people live here in the valley of the two mountains, they hunt, play, and worship all kinds of totems.

Qiu Shihan: Watching the white bones on the ground was inexplicable and sad, and asked, “The white bones here are people who have been attracted by rumors before and were killed by big cats?”

Anyi: (Cat is so cute! How can you say that cat and cat)

Fengyue Night: (Cat is so cute, you will be half -body with a punch#自己 自己 自己 自己 自己)

Today, I watched those white bones: “Those are elephant bones, and Yushan is a elephant mound. After the old death, it often returns to the elephant mound fallen leaves.”

Qiu Shihan: “It’s okay to call this, yes, the bones of their era should be rotten. Is the person behind the things at the time also organized?”

Thinking Wuxi laughed, she said, “Little Taoist, you don’t know, behind that thing is the reincarnation of the town Xingxing Jun’s intention to rebuild, and then retrieved the previous life fruit, but the town Xingxingjun encountered a dragon, The dragon was big, but it was cut by others. “

Today’s question concluded: “Therefore, this is not a rumor at all.”

Qiu Shihan: The traveler scratched his head. “It turns out that this is the case.

Qiu Shihan: “What happened after this town Xingxingjun?”

Today, I asked: “Town Xingxingjun is naturally reincarnated and rebuilt.”

Si Wuxi hugged Lingzhu to walk towards the village. Jin Sheng asked about sitting at the village entrance. He looked at the scenery with a smile, and seemed to miss something, and then he firmly looked.

Qiu Shihan: nodded and kept up with them.

Qiu Shihan: Follow today.

Qiu Shihan: “Is my brother recalled what?”

Anyi: (Running out of the crushing cave)

After a while, the villagers in the village came over, and even some villagers went to the farther place to call those who were hunting.

Today, I asked: “At the beginning, I said goodbye to many friends.”

Qiu Shihan: “That is really sad, I hope not to leave with friends in the future.”

Villagers around you, and more villagers rush back from the mountains, what they said happily, called thoughtlessness. “Holy asked, for so many years, you have come back. This is the niece. It’ s really beautiful, do you have any children? “” Why is this child not like your home? ” It’s a heavenly purple stuff, it’s really a child, so small, not suitable “” Manage, when will we go out of the mountain with you? ” You are here “” … you are still there “

Qiu Shihan: Use the big guy, you, you are better than the head, and then look at this saint, and then listen to what he is ready to reply.

Today, I stood up, and he said: “All the brothers love each other, and now the brothers must be prepared. When I take the Qi Qi of the Wuxian as the grain, you and I can get down the sky and stir the windy clouds. ! “”

Qiu Shihan: Looking at the hunting people, see what responses they have heard of this.

These villagers or … players are happy: “Good, just wait for you.”

For many years, the life of an ordinary person has already carved traces into their bone marrow. They are like ordinary people. They said: “Now the ceremony is ready, you can take away the qi of wood at any time.”

At this saint, he looked at them, and he sighed: “You have worked hard, we must succeed.”

Qiu Shihan: Look at the villagers, and ask today’s sage to ask Boxing: “Can be used to the poor?”

Today, I asked: “There is nothing to think about. If Qiu Dao doesn’t mind, you can hold this ceremony together.”

Qiu Shihan: “It is the honor of poor way, today, when will we start?”

The village chief of this group of players said: “You can go now, let’s ride an elephant, so faster.”

Qiu Shihan: “Oh! Great Elephant, can I ride too?”

Qiu Shihan: The traveler was a little excited when he heard the elephant riding an elephant, “Let’s go now! But can elephants ride outside the village?”

Zi Bi’s middle man took out a piece of ivory material from his arms, and a head of elephant soul was released in Xiangbing.

Qiu Shihan: “So strong! You ivory card …”

Qiu Shihan: Scratching his head, “Can you sell it?”

A group of people riding an elephant towards Dan Guolin, some when they passed the big cat, they also sucked the cat (physics)

Qiu Shihan: (How about me)

(You are also on the elephant, a few people ride one)

Zi Bi Zhong said: “This thing is not sold, this is a companion who fights together, not a goods.”

Qiu Shihan: “Yes, thank you elephant so cute.” Patting the elephant’s back.

– “Save” –