I want to like the enthusiastic guest of the host -visit Croatian off -road skiers Wei Malez


Xinhua News Agency, Sagreb, February 12th. Title: I want to like the enthusiastic guest of the host

——The Visit Croatian Cross -Country Athlete Wei Malez

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xuejun

Croatian off -road ski player Wei Malez, who participated in the Winter Olympics in Beijing, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters that she would like to like the host’s enthusiastic guest because everyone was smiling and very friendly.

Malez is one of the seven participants sent by Croatia. At the age of 31, she is a veteran who has participated in the Winter Olympics for the third time. Before Malez came, she had worries and worried that she would take too long, but what made her unexpected was that the entry was very smooth and fast. The perfect organization of the Beijing Winter Olympics impressed her.

“The Winter Olympic Village is very beautiful, and the organizer arranges everything well. It is a happy thing to walk in the Winter Olympic Village.” Marryz said.

The Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee arranged specialized volunteers for each delegation. Chinese volunteers who served the Croatian delegation for the Croatian delegation were Croatian, which can speak fluent Croatian, which surprised Malez and teammates. Karolina is familiar with Croatian football star Modric and tennis star Ivani Sevich, and they are also very interested in some Croatia’s sayings and proverbs, and they suddenly closer the distance between the two sides.

The majors of the hosted by the Winter Olympics also impressed Marryz. When athletes have problems, the organizer will always solve it in the shortest time. Magitz had a problem with skiing equipment during a training, and she was immediately resolved after reporting.

“The organizer obviously prepared every possible problem, which also proves that their organizational work is efficient and outstanding.” Marryz believes that this is the best Winter Olympics that has done work so far one.

In addition, there is a deep impression on Marryz’s high -tech in the Winter Olympics village, such as robotic meals and machine cleaning flooring. She said that China must lead Europe in many aspects of advanced technology.

Affected by the epidemic, the Beijing Winter Olympics are different from the previous Winter Olympics. Both Magatz and his teammates expressed their understanding, respecting and getting used to strict epidemic prevention measures such as testing and disinfection.

At the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Malez ranked 12th in the 10 kilometers (traditional technology) competition in off -road ski women, which was the best result she achieved at the Winter Olympics. At the Beijing Winter Olympics, she also participated in the project and will also participate in a 30 -kilometer -departure (free technology) competition. Although she has never won the medal at the Winter Olympics, she said she would fight for the best personal results. (Finish)