This year’s “short jacket” is on fire, 3 coats+3 tricks, thin and high


In the cold wind, the long jacket is extremely warm, and everyone will love it. But there is also a problem: the long coat will be pressed height, the long coat is not enough to show the curve body, the long coat will be bloated, and the long coat is not fashionable enough …

Therefore, today’s demon will be shared with you, this this is super high+short jacket this this this year. I heard that MM who doesn’t like to wear long coats has a special hobby wearing only “short coats”, so I give you a plan for everyone.

3 short jackets in winter


Model ①: down jacket jacket


The warmth of the down jacket can be said to have passed any items, which is the clothes of TOP1 in the winter jacket. Its warmth is 100%. Compared with a boyfriend who may not be warm enough, short down jackets are unnecessary in winter.


Whether it is a female star or a fashionista. They can always see the various items they match in the bitter cold wind. Then it was free and very foreign, and the so -called bloated was not seen at all in the deep winter.


The short down jacket with gray sports pants, the small girl can try more, just to show the length of leg length, which can increase the height of the high and foreign jacket than the uniform long jacket.

Slightly taller, short down jackets+flared pants, a pair of pointed Chelsea single boots just stretch the leg length, fashionable exposing a slender ankle, which looks eye -catching and out of temperament.

Model ②: Lamb Cashmere Jacket

The lamb cashmere jacket is soft and waxy, making people want to go to RUA. Therefore, the lamb cashmere jacket is also a fragrant citron in winter, and if it is lighter in material selection, such as: white, it can also wear a playful college style, very ignorant of the girl, super -age reduction reduction, super -age reduction reduction

Therefore, it is also the styles of fashionistas and female stars from all walks of life, with pants, putting their bodies out of a three -seven -point ratio, and seeing their legs length and tall.


Short coat matching technique

Model ③: leather jacket


The leather jacket is a combination of refreshing and heroic qi. In winter, wearing a short leather jacket, you need to add velvet or thickened in the inside, otherwise it will not be beautiful in the cold wind. And leather jackets do not only refer to clothes with leather materials, it may also have other models and materials. Such as suede short jacket.

The inner lining of suede+lamb cashmere is also super praised in winter, and it is not bloated than down jackets. This clothes have a small flaw, which may be easy to “hit the shirt.”

And like this. Black flared pants+black high heels. His legs are very eye -catching.

Tips ①: Show of three -seven points proportion

The choice of coats is right, of course, it also needs to match the skills. First of all, the most direct idea of ​​short jackets is the proportion of three or seven points. The so -called three -seven -point ratio is to visually show the waist line visually, followed by leg length. If we fail to meet the waistline and leg length, then we must learn to use “external force” to build.


And the so -called “external force”, the demon felt that he must not leave a pair of shoes with a pointed design. Whether it is high -heeled pointed shoes or flat pointed shoes. Especially like choosing the same color of the same color+shoes, this kind of external force that does not seem to have “side effects” happens to create a more significant proportion of three -seven points.

For example, in this way, black pants+black Chelsea single boots are just right.

In fact, explanation is nothing more than “visual confusion” and “visual eye -catching”. The method of blurring lines is used to make pants and shoes integrated, and then the waistline is still displayed with three or seven points. Of course Essence


So, if you are a petite body, wearing a short jacket in San or Seven must be a shortcut for you to capture fashion!

Tips ②: Must must be stuffed in the inside

Sometimes, the coat may choose to wear it. Then at this time, to create a body ratio of three or seven points, you must have a corner of the clothes. Otherwise, there will be a lack of soul waistline.


The Demon gave everyone a comparison with no jacket corner and the corner of the clothes. Obviously, the slender effect of the jacket corner can be more intuitive.

So, can we also demonstrate again, wearing the rules of the short outer jacket, and the corners of the clothes can be made well. The waistline is available, and the effect of the legs is also available. Of course, it looks beautiful.

Tips ③: Create the “capable” feeling of wearing

Since it is a short jacket, you must learn to create a sense of “capable” wearing. After all, not every girl has a super online clothing. The color matching and fashion elements are too complicated, and it must be a big discount.

I found two negative examples for everyone. The reason why the two sets are the opposite is 2 points.

The first element overflows, and the second color matching is too abrupt.


First of all, the red hair collar jacket, with the zebra stripes, the first illusion of the demon is that this is wearing pajamas to go shopping. The material is soft and pajamas.

The second set is an orange jacket and sweater. The knee -knee boots are matched. The demon can feel that she really wants to make herself more fashionable. The whole person is very “ruming”, so abrupt.

Therefore, the combination of short jackets maintains the capable and harmonious harmony of the short jacket. For the short jacket, the fashion dressing is definitely icing on the cake, which can more intuitively reflect the beauty of wearing.

Well, I will share here about the short jacket this year? PS: Will you abandon the warm -keeping long jacket and put on a short jacket with a more figure?

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Short coat matching technique

And like this. Black flared pants+black high heels. His legs are very eye -catching.