Sweater+half skirt, sweater+wide -leg pants, fashionable CP in early spring, not only hidden meat but also elegant


Presumably some friends in the south have felt the breath of spring, and the weather has gradually become warmer. At this time, you should prepare the spring clothes as soon as possible.


If you want to become beautiful, you must get early, so you prepare these warm and comfortable early spring match for everyone. It is mainly divided into two types, one is sweater+half skirt, and the other is sweater+expansion recommendation. Both combinations of combinations are both combinations. It is an elegant age -reducing type, and most girls can control it.


1. Sweater+half skirt

Simple -style white printed letter hooded sweater, in addition to being used to match jeans, choose this dark skirt for the lower body, casual and lady, the front end of the skirt uses irregular tailoring. With the white slippers on your feet, casual and lazy, full of spring.


Among the many sweaters, nude sweaters are the most suitable for middle -aged ladies. This sweater is not dull, more durable than white, it is delicate, soothing and intimate. Of course, wearing a nude sweater does not specify the fashion of the same color, simple highlights are required, and there are no layers of changes.


In everyone’s impression, the fashion of sweaters has continued to increase leisure, and there is no bright spot to wear, but in fact, there are still many ways to interpret the sweater by fashion people. They will use an ordinary sweater to form various one. The style, like the sweater below with the upper skirt, can show the exquisite and elegant charm without preaching.

When choosing a sweater, you can also try some basic models, such as the black sweater below, which is undoubtedly the most classic. It is elegant and advanced on the body, and the black looks moderately low -key and foundation. With skirts, it can show the ingenious temperament in minutes.

The loose pleated skirt is the most emotional and exquisite, and most people can wear it, but this skirt should be matched with a sweater to maintain a certain sense. It is recommended that obese young ladies and sisters try more short sweaters to shape the body proportion of Sanqi, or use the same color to shape the line of lines.

Second, sweater+wide -leg pants


In the early spring, the weather was still cold. If wearing a single shirt and high -waisted suit pants, it was slightly not warm, so at this time with a camel knitted coat, it not only took care of the temperature, but also ensured the demeanor. The exquisite camel hats and the white streaming bucket bag all add a sense of delicateness to the shape.

In the eyes of countless people, sweaters are necessary items for the early spring season. Unlike other items, the sweater is very warm. The delicate and comfortable texture of this sweater, and the warmth of the warmth it claims, is particularly in line with the atmosphere of early spring. For example , Give a gentle feeling in leisure fashion.

The classic V -neck sweater is particularly versatile and comfortable to wear. Among the many women’s clothing, this kind of collar sweater should be the most common. It can make full use of unique dressing skills, wearing a sense of style, and shaping the simple style women’s clothing, and eventually becomes more refined and fashionable without appearing exaggerated.

In fact, the fashion of sweaters and wide -leg pants is the choice of grounding. For example, sweaters and white wide -leg pants are a combination of style and temperament, because white is purer than dark, white wide -leg pants can be paired with any top, which is very coordinated. For middle -aged ladies, with a pair of white wide -leg pants, the utilization rate of the wardrobe can be increased by at least 30%.

The fabric of the sweater itself is generally soft, and it is difficult to wear a formal sense. If you need to match your personality in the working environment, you can choose to pair with suit wide -leg pants.


Wide -legged wide -leg pants are particularly popular due to the flawless fabric and fit. Sweats and suit wide -leg pants are too suitable for matching. One is exquisite, one casual, which can show the mild charm of ladies in the working environment.


In such a warm and sunny weather, you have to dress yourself beautifully. These casual and comfortable warm wind match above, have you learned?


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