Vanessa’s daughter’s growth is an important step! Customize the pink small toilet, it’s almost 2 years old, so cute


A few days ago, Kobe’s widow Vanessa also posted a cute pink small toilet photo, saying that the four princess Koko had learned to go to the toilet alone. This is an important growth node for a child. Vanessa is a text: “KOKO’s toilet training, cute toilet before the age of two.”

Although this is just a very life -oriented process, many fans lamented that they did not expect that the time was really fast. When Kobe died, the younger daughter Koko was only 5 months old, and now it is almost 2 years old.


During this time, Vanessa was accompanied by a person to take care of her daughter and gave her as much love as possible to reduce the sadness of losing her father. When Kobe walked, her daughter KOKO would not speak or walk. Later When he grew up, the four princesses took the first step in life, and also said the first word in life. Even with the statue of Kobe, Na Na said “DAD”, making people cry.

Today, the cute four princesses have added the “first time in life” project to learn to use the toilet toilet. This is not a simple matter for any child over 1 year old. To this end, tiles, tiles, tiles Nisha deliberately customized a pink toilet for her daughter to help her learn toilet. I have to say that Vanessa is really warm and careful, and she is completely awarded the “good mother”.


You know, the four daughters of Kobe are educated by her. The largest child Nana has also successfully obtained the entry of famous schools this year. Good personality, these are inseparable from Vanessa’s accompaniment and education on weekdays.


Next, Nana is about to leave home to the university campus. This family of six that was very lively and warm in the past. Now only 3 people are still in the mansion left by Kobe. Vanessa raises two little daughters alone, one 4 years old, less than 2 years old, the future is destined to be extraordinary. This single mother will pay more effort. Perhaps she can really consider finding another dependence and accompanied by the rest of her life.