This summer, “skirt outfit” is popular, with these three shoes, foreign style is thin and not picking people.


Summer comes immediately, of course, wearing good -looking skirts to play, so how to match shoes is the focus of the overall. With the shoes, it will make the body a lot of points.

If you do n’t know how to choose or match, you can look at these three types. It is fashionable and full of sense. It is full of details.


The choice of skirt with shoes

1. Youth sports shoes


Everyone should be familiar with sneakers, especially the embellishment of small white shoes. White has the effect of not picking people, so it is also very versatile with skirts. Although the shoes are sports style, it will not be very abrupt with skirts. Essence

2. High -waist small leather boots


Small leather shoes have a sense of formality. The design of a small heels is very suitable for small people to wear. It is a good choice with a dress or skirt, and small leather shoes will not be outdated.

3. Sexy high heels

High -heeled shoes are suitable for important occasions. With a tight skirt, it highlights his figure, full of details, bringing a stylish style.

How to match the skirt and shoes


1. Sports shoes+skirts

For example, if the sneakers are matched with a skirt, the embellishment of the wave dot on it adds the details of the details. The black short -sleeved blessing above, the overall simple style has a good fashion effect.

2. High -waist boots+tight skirt

High -waisted boots are not limited to black design. White boots are also possible. With a black skirt, it has a bright effect. It is very eye -catching.

3. High heels+dress

High -heeled shoes and dresses are perfect, because the design of high heels has the effect of lengthening leg shape. It looks very tall. With a dress with a dress, walking is winding.


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