New underwear fights with old brands, and those who have “no steel rings” get the world?


With the gradual awakening of women’s self -awareness, the rise of “her economy” and the rise of her own concepts, women’s demand for underwear products has begun to change from functionality such as gathering and promotion, and the market -free underwear market has risen rapidly. For a while, from the sense of technology, the main comfortable steel -free ring, size -free underwear poured into the underwear market.

At the size of the 100 billion market, the transformation of Chinese women’s underwear track has attracted more and more new brands to join. These emerging underwear brands that were born on the Internet, although seizing the opportunity and gaining a good development momentum, the current market share is still not competing. In addition, the dilemma such as fierce competition and homogeneity has also made many emerging brands feel stressful. At the same time, the admiration, Mannfen, urban beauty and other local underwear were born in the 1990s. Now they also resolutely choose to transform, abandon sexy labels such as lace, steel rings, and march to soft steel ring and steel ring underwear -here -this At that time, it is a “grabbing” with the emerging underwear brand.

Consumers love underwear brands. Figures/Beijing News reporter Ni Ping

The growth rate exceeds 70%, and the market -free underwear market has risen rapidly

Open the underwear storage layer of the wardrobe. In 1993, Xiameng (pseudonym) has a probability of more than 50%of the probability of picking up a steel ring underwear. The probability of 20%of which is still no size underwear, and the only one in the wardrobe The probability of the steel ring lace underwear is almost 0. Xia Meng said that she couldn’t even remember the time of the last steel ring underwear.


Since 2017, Xia Meng has begun to buy steel -free underwear on the e -commerce platform. For the office worker Xia Meng, who is nine to five, there is no squeezing feeling of the steel ring, and the steel ring -free underwear that has no obvious suffocation and marks has become her favorite for a day. Since the order -free underwear from the live broadcast room last year, the design of the rear -free buckle and the loose size limit made Xia Meng feel the convenience of the underwear to wear and take off, and also eliminates the trouble of choosing a size. In addition, Xia Meng also told the Beijing News reporter that since last year, she was obsessed with yoga movement, and she also reserved at least 5 sports underwear. “,”

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With the gradual awakening of women’s self -awareness, the rise of “her economy” and the rise of her own concepts, women’s demand for underwear products has begun to change from functionality such as gathering, and the market -free underwear market has risen rapidly. Wang Qinglin, an analyst of Ai Media Consulting, pointed out that in addition to changes in female consumers on underwear products, the influence of last year’s epidemic has helped the development of China’s “home economy” and “healthy economy”. Lay laid a market foundation. Data show that in the first half of 2020, the steel ring underwear market was over 70%.

Although Xia Meng believes that she does not have a fixed underwear brand pursuit, most of their underwear are well -known domestic and foreign brands, and there are no shortage of emerging underwear brands. “Now these new underwear brands are too hot. Open the e -commerce platform to search for steel -free underwear, you will definitely see brands such as the internal and external, internal and external, ubras, and vegetarian muscles.” Xia Meng told reporters, “In addition, he loves to watch The recommendations of live anchors such as Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, even if they don’t know much about such underwear brands, they still can’t help but place orders. “


In fact, Xia Meng’s shopping experience is not an example. The pursuit of young people in the post -90s of Xiameng has made many businesses see new business opportunities that needed underwear. According to the company’s investigation data, as of now, there are more than 410,000 underwear -related companies in the country. As of June 25, a total of 15,000 registrations have been added in 2021.

Not only the post -90s, mothers also like no steel rings

Underwear e -commerce practitioners have made trouble in 2020 in the steel -free rim and a size of underwear. She was originally a look at the new Rui underwear brand. At the beginning of last year, she bought an order to take care of her friends. She bought a steel ringless underwear. The upper body effect surprised her. ” After the impact of the epidemic, the noisy dance classroom could not open normally, and she had the idea of ​​making an agent of underwear brand.


Noisy has been doing Kissy’s proxy of Kissy’s kiss underwear brand since March 2020. At the beginning, it was mainly based on friends. With more and more friends’ promotion after the experience of placing an order and continuous advertising in the circle of friends Her underwear business became better and better. Last year, when Double Twelve, it made a result of 10,000 yuan for 10 days. She told the Beijing News reporter that last year, she could pay the rent of 20,000 yuan per month by making an underwear brand agent.

According to noisy observations, unlike the “post -90s women are the main consumer groups of emerging underwear brands” displayed in the Internet big data, she focuses on most of the customers in small shops without steel rims without trace underwear. In terms of good -looking and sexy, the comfort of wearing is more important. “Although the demand for new underwear such as” comfort “and” health “starts at the younger generation of women, there are data. The growth rate of consumer consumers without steel -free bras is higher than the per capita growth rate. The Beijing News reporter also found in several underwear stores in Beijing that in some underwear stores based on young consumers, there are many young girls who take their mother and other elders to choose underwear.

“Birth” online, offline channels still need to be deployed

Since I have been in the industry for more than a year, I have confessed that although the business of the private domain traffic in the circle of friends has been doing underwear, although the business is still good, it is obvious that the product is not as good as before. From the perspective of noisy, underwear is not fast -demand, doing business in the circle of friends, and the friends who should buy almost have already bought it. But some analysts point out that this is also related to the fierce competition of women’s underwear tracks today.

Data show that as early as 2018, there were more than 3,000 domestic women’s brands. In addition to traditional underwear brands such as admiration, Dianfen, and urban beauty, emerging underwear brands such as UBRAS, internal and external, and banana also entered the competition to divide the source of customers. Today, these emerging underwear brands, which have started around 2016, are able to quickly run the horse with “explosive products” and “digital marketing” to gain the favor of capital and markets. According to the company’s investigation data, in 2020, there are newly received financing of roughly, such as toffees, plain muscles, Ubras, Banana, and Maia Active. In July of this year, it was announced that it had completed a $ 100 million round D financing internally and abroad. In addition, the information data of the magic mirror market shows that in the first phase of the “women’s underwear/men’s underwear/home clothing” in the first stage of the pre -sale list in June 18, 2021 , Respectively Ubras, inner and outside bananas, inside and outside.

The Beijing News reporter noticed that under the good momentum of the emerging underwear brand incubated online, it has also begun to deploy offline channels, such as the inside and outside of 2012, and began to expand the offline market in 2016; Ubras has launched offline stores since 2019; Banana, established in 2015, has also opened the first offline experience store at the end of last year. Wang Qinglin believes that the layout of the emerging underwear brand is offline stores. On the one hand, they hope to use offline stores to enhance the brand’s popularity to form a user increment, and on the other hand, there are considerations to further expand other businesses. Analysis also pointed out that the expansion of the emerging underwear brand expansion is related to the natural high experience of underwear categories. Data show that 90%of users are still biased towards offline experience when they are purchased for the first time. The 90 -year -old consumer Du Xing (pseudonym) told reporters that even if you buy the same brand, as long as you are different styles, you will go to the offline store to try on the order before you place your order. You can only pass through the underwear to determine whether it is suitable for you.

Ma Gang, an expert in the clothing industry, pointed out that the emerging underwear brand that has begun to start online and offline has obtained a good development momentum with the communication channels closer to consumers with the good marketing method. However, from the current share of the underwear market, the emerging brand It is not enough to compete with traditional underwear brands, and those with high market share are still traditional underwear brands such as Huijie, Anlfang, and Dananfen.

The size without size is 995%, and the popularity is also crisis at the same time.

Behind the development momentum of emerging underwear brands, there are also difficult survivors. The underwear brand, which was established in the same year, was quietly exiting the online flagship store. As of now, the flagship store on Tmall has no product display, and the flagship store on also shows that it will stop opening on July 30, 2021.

给 A flagship store did not give an explanation of stopping business, but in Wang Qinglin’s view, in the fiercely competitive underwear track, the emerging underwear brand 蒛 suffered a double pinch. On the one hand, in terms of design, positioning, marketing, etc., it is more in line with the impact of other emerging brands that the new generation of demands. They are weakening the original competitive advantage. The Beijing News reporter noticed in some social platforms that many consumers are quite dissatisfied with the quality and service of 蒛 蒛 蒛 蒛 蒛.

Nowadays, the emerging underwear brand of the righteousness is also facing the challenges of product quality. Whether it is to emphasize the sense of technology of the product, or the launch of explosive models such as a sizeless underwear. When all underwear products are marketing, it will eventually reflect the consumer’s dressing experience. For example, a sizeless underwear that was once reputable is not suitable for everyone. Last year in a sizeless underwear, Consumer He Yuan also bought one in the official flagship store of a underwear brand. But unexpectedly, when the weight and daily wearing size meet the requirements of the purchased underwear, she purchased an embarrassing situation of no size underwear. In addition, some consumers have said that they cannot accept the concept of sizeless underwear.


Even so, there are still brands that continue to follow up without size underwear. Following UBRAS, the interior and inside and outside of the banana have been launched, and the traditional underwear brands such as urban beauty have also followed up. Data show that in the first half of 2020, no size vest bray bras had a growth rate of 995%. This also reflects the unavoidable product homogeneity of the underwear market.

Ma Gang believes that the problem of homogeneous product homogeneity in the underwear market is innovation. In this market that enters the market that is not high, consumer demand is rapidly developing and changing. The products they accept can promote market development. Wang Qinglin pointed out that underwear products are developing in a diversified direction. In addition to the requirements of comfort and health, consumers also have functions, fashion, and professionalism in the workplace and sports.

The Beijing News reporter noticed at offline stores such as UBRAS, internal and external, in addition to explosive products such as no size underwear, these emerging underwear brands have continuously developed and listed underwear with side -collection and fashion functions. Last year, MAIA Active, a designer sportswear brand of nearly 100 million yuan B -financing, told the Beijing News that he would not follow the trend to enter the field of underwearless underwear. They believe that sports underwear is also an incremental market. Tmall sports underwear categories are growing rapidly in China.


Do you want the steel ring? The lovers stand at the crossroads

As one of the most concentrated areas of Beijing Shopping Mall, Xidan undoubtedly represents Beijing’s consumption trend to a certain extent. On the weekend, the sweltering sauna can’t stop the popularity here. The Beijing News reporter saw in major shopping malls that compared with the crowded women’s area, the passenger flow in the underwear area was significantly less. In this slightly clean area, there is a sense of existence without steel ring underwear -including almost all underwear stores including urban beauty, admiration, and Walgel, etc., and the steel ring underwear is the best. Obvious position.

Underwear is called the “second skin” of women, and it is just needed for women. In 1975, An Lifang was founded in Hong Kong, China, and entered the Chinese mainland market in the 1980s. In the 1990s, the rise of underwear brands in the Mainland, a number of local brands such as admiration, Mannifen, and urban beauty. In addition, overseas brands such as Huoge, Deanfen, Victoria (hereinafter referred to as “Victoria’s Secret”) have also settled in the Chinese market.

According to data from the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the number of women’s underwear brands in my country currently exceeds 3,000, and the pattern is scattered. According to Euromonitor data, in 2019, the top five market concentrations in the Chinese women’s underwear market are only 9%, which are admiration, urban beauty, Huijie, Anlfang and Tingmei. In this context, the Chinese women’s market still has the potential of market share to the head company, and no steel circle underwear has become a must -have for major underwear brands.

With the changes in women’s body aesthetics and the change of consumption habits, the “sexy economy” is gradually losing power, and the more comfortable steel -free underwear is rising rapidly, and the steel ring underwear is gradually changing to the soft steel ring. “In recent years, more and more young women consumers have begun to pay attention to health and pursue natural aesthetics. More new technologies and methods have also appeared to enhance women’s figure. With the rise of young consumers, the market for steel ring underwear In fact, it is constantly shrinking. “Sustainable Fashion Chinese SFC sponsor Yang Dazhen said.

The old underwear brand that grew up in the concept of “sexy economy” also stood at the crossroads with the birth of the new consumption concept. The most representative brand is undoubtedly Victoria’s secret. This brand that relies on the sexy economy has influenced a generation of women’s body aesthetic. The performance has ushered in “Waterloo” in recent years: in 2019, the total sales of Victoria’s Secret fell to US $ 6.805 billion, and the parent company L Brands lost $ 366 million. The ratings of the show have reached the lowest level in history, and then suspended in 2019. The other local brand urban beauty labeled “sexy” also announced the return of “pragmatism”.

In the offline visit of the Beijing News reporter, the most obvious brand is also the secrets and urban beauty. The changes of the Victoria’s Xidan Yuecheng Store are very intuitive. The huge posters on the outer wall of the street have been replaced by photos of Yang Mi, He Sui, Yang Tianzhen, Zhao Xiaotang, and Chen Man. Still occupying the main position.

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In the Urban Beauty Xidan Pearl Store, the shopping guide told the Beijing News reporter that there is no traditional steel circle underwear in the store. The Beijing News reporter asked for verification from the urban beauty. The relevant person in charge of the urban beauty told that resin steel rings, soft steel rings, and steel ring underwear have become the mainstream of underwear store consumption, but it cannot be understood as the urban beauty all underwear is a steel ringless ring. shape. Urban Beauty Stores will make adaptive categories and styles based on regional, consumer group portraits, user research, and consumer preferences.



The start is late, but it may not be possible

On the occasion of the transformation of the old underwear, the emerging steel -free underwear brand relying on the Internet has become a powerful opponent in this track. According to statistics from third -party agencies, during the Tmall Double 11 in 2020, UBRAS first entered the underwear brand list to “airborne” first, and in 2019, Double 11 still ranks in the top ten Gorer and Sanshou.

In terms of admiration holding, many Internet brands have emerged in the women’s underwear market in my country in recent years, making the women’s underwear market more segmented. According to the data, Neiwai was established in 2012, and the Metrooton School was established in 2015. Ubras, Banana, and Kaichi were established in 2016.

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In the old -fashioned underwear, Ichi Holdings launched the launch of the steel -free underwear brand “Xixi” in 2018. Urban Beauty launched zero -sensitive underwear in March this year. It is also reported that although Victoria’s Mizhi launched steel -free underwear in 2016, it is still one step later than competitors such as Aerie and ThirdLove.

From the perspective of the industry, although some old -fashioned underwear started late, it was not incompetent. Ma Gang said: “The update of the product is an inevitable result. Consumers vote with RMB to determine the iterative method of the product. The rise of steel -free underwear is mainly changes in the consumption direction. Old underwear still has a chance. Migration is the same logic, and the advantage of the old brand is that consumers have already established a sense of trust. “

On the other hand, the old -fashioned underwear has been deeply cultivated for many years, and the accumulated offline channels will also become a major advantage in its power -free underwear market. As of the end of 2020, there were a total of 2156 offline sales terminals in admiration, and the total of 2,776 offline stores in the Mannfen parent company Huijie. According to the official website information, there are only 10 offline stores in UBRAS. At the same time, the online operation capabilities of the old underwear will be further dug.

“Old underwear will first make efforts from offline and strengthen online. Many traditional brands are not weak online. It is only based on the reason why online and offline prices must be unified. Therefore Based on the Internet’s underwear brand. “Yang Dazhen said.” The main consumer groups that rose in the 1990s may be older, so the brand’s adaptability and market preparation in the face of the new consumer market may not be particularly sufficient. In this process, there will be a huge opportunity for the newly rising brand. “


Mastering the secret of women’s consumption is the last winner

In a store with emerging steel ring underwear brands, a pair of mothers and daughters attracted the attention of the Beijing newspaper reporters -after consulting and encouraging mothers to try on a series of processes, her daughter purchased the first one in her life for her mother. No steel ring underwear. It can also be seen that the emerging steel -free underwear brands are penetrating through the consumer groups of old -fashioned underwear through young people. And how these old underwear keep their own one -acre and even counterattack no steel ring underwear market will also be a “tug -of -war” full of highlights in the future.

Ma Gang told the Beijing News: “In the field of steel -free underwear marketing, old brands still need to strengthen the exposure of new categories.” Yang Dazhen also said: “Female consumers have a long loyalty and use cycle of underwear brands. Young consumers with the growth of the Internet have declined with loyalty to old brands. If these brands can emphasize the lifestyle that young people like, I believe there will still be a lot of opportunities. “

Data show that since its launch, Ai Mei’s steel -free underwear brand has grown rapidly. In 2020, the year -on -year increase in revenue of Xixi reached 218.38%to 129 million yuan, accounting for 3.85%of the main business revenue. In 2020, 88%of Xixi’s revenue came from e -commerce, and only 11.61%came from direct operating. Other brands of Ai Mei shares are the absolute main force of direct-operated stores, with a proportion of 51.08%-83.96%. It can be seen from channel data that the strategy is similar to the emerging steel -free underwear brand, and it also provides ideas for the development of old underwear -free underwear.

As the rapid development of steel -free underwear, the future development of steel ring underwear has also received the same attention. As a higher underwear category that is more comfortable than traditional steel ring underwear, urban beauty, Huijie Co., Ltd. and other companies have also launched a layout for soft steel ring underwear. The relevant person in charge of urban beauty said that the pursuit of steel -free pursuit of comfort is the main effect, supplemented by the equivalent effects, and the target target group is consumers aged 22-35. Some consumers and consumers over 35 years of age pay more attention to the shape effect of the body. Older consumers face problems such as drooping and pair of breasts on the chest. Overwriting effect and support. Resin steel rings, soft steel rings, and no steel rings, such as comfortable underwear products, will become the mainstream market in the future.

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