Section 2 The battery 5 can listen to 400 hours, and the power consumption is extremely low, WRX911 radio evaluation


I have already started Kito WRX911 pocket radio for two months. At 16.99 US dollars, this radio is really great. I bought a black version. Its size is slightly larger than the cigarette case, and the thickness is similar to the cigarette case.


1. Model overview

WRX911 is a radio with a sliding tuning pointer with medium waves, frequency adjustment and short wave bands. The tuning feel is tight, and the phenomenon of looseness is not found. It is very good for such a small and affordable radio. The size of the tuning knob is also large and the touch is good. Be careful when tuning, but not like SRF-59, there are many frequency points. The short -wave frequency coverage is 4.6-22MHz. Because it is a pointer, its noise is very small.


2. 2 batteries can listen to 400 hours, and the power consumption is extremely low


This radio uses No. 2 battery 2. When listening to the headset, the battery consumption is extremely low. A player said the battery life of the 2 5 battery on the WRX911 radio is as high as 400 hours. The battery is not presented, and an attachment is equipped with a pair of headphones and a cloth cover with hand rope.

Third, polish mid wave performance

The WRX911 radio uses the built -in magnetic rod antenna to listen to the midfield. Many users say that the frequency of the medium wave suppression mirror of this machine is not good. In contrast, the performance of my machine is quite sloppy. I want to know why. I found that the lever antenna had some impact on the mid -wave band, so I opened the case and looked at it. Obviously, the trolley antenna is connected to the circuit board through a short flying wire. Continue to track the circuit, it seems that it is connected to one end of the mid -wave magnetic rod winding. Because the medium wave sensitivity will be increased a little, this greatly sacrifices anti -interference performance. Anyway, I bought WRX911 to listen to the middle wave, so I picked up the electric soldering iron, welded this connection point, removed the flying line, and checked it again. Mid -wave image frequency inhibitory performance has been improved significantly, and its performance is excellent. I can no longer receive short -wave mirror frequency on the high -end frequency of Mid -waves. Note: After welding this flying wire, WRX911 cannot use the trolley antenna to receive short waves or frequency adjustment signals.

After grinding the antenna, the sensitivity of the WRX911 radio is still OK, but it is a little lower than before. Middle wave sensitivity is weaker than that of Shanjin DT-400W, but with the help of a small ring antenna or an external-connected magnetic rod antenna such as Q-Stick, its sensitivity can easily increase to a satisfactory level. I made a 4 -inch adjustable magnetic rod antenna with excellent performance with WRX911 radio. This radio is also good with a passive ring antenna. At present, I use a 12 -inch and 42 -inch ring antenna. With the latter, the effect is excellent.

The selectivity of WRX911 is also quite good. The Srf-M37V radio is much better, which is basically equivalent to Shanjin DT-400W radio.

This machine has a dedicated power switch, which is not integrated with the volume adjustment of the dial. I found it easy to forget to shut down. I think it would be better to integrate the power switch function with the volume adjustment function.


At a price of $ 16.99, what’s wrong with this radio? Simple happiness. Before they stop production, start with one!


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