Why do Pu’er raw tea rarely have loose tea? I didn’t expect to learn so much!


When it comes to Pu’er’s raw tea, all kinds of Pu’er tea with various cakes, bricks and other shapes will appear in the minds of everyone. In terms of the market, the number of cake -like Pu’er raw tea is the most, while the bulk Pu’er raw tea is the least. So why are there a lot of Pu’er tea and few loose tea? In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in it, and everyone and listen to me.


Why does Pu’er raw tea rarely store tea?


Facilitate transportation

In ancient times, the tea -horse roads in the southwest were already very famous. At that time, the tea horse road was transported in addition to some ordinary products, and a large part of the tea -transported tea was Pu’er tea in Yunnan. In the tea horse, we can see from the name that the main transportation at that time was mules, horses, etc., so the logistics was poor and the efficiency was very low.

Everyone can imagine that if the tea is loose tea, the volume will be large, then the amount of tea transport will be reduced a lot. The same weight of tea is pressed into a tea cake, and the volume will be greatly reduced, of course, it is easy to transport.


Institutional norms

In ancient times, transactions in border areas often caused disputes due to lack of supervision. At that time, the government set up some standards for enforcement to standardize the transaction of tea in order to reduce disputes. It is conducive to government tax management. For example, a piece of tea cakes set at that time was 357 grams, and a tea cake had seven cakes. Then the total quality was 2499 grams, and a box of tea 12 was about 30 kg. Such regulations are really convenient.

Conversion requirements

I guess that the concept of the transformation of Pu’er tea in ancient times may not be too clear. This concept of consciousness is more formed and modern. Pu’er tea is a fermented tea, especially the raw tea. After the finished tea comes out, it needs to be fermented for a period of time. Of course, this time may be very long. The transformation process requires that the tea is as small as possible by the outside world. Because it is tightly pressed into a cake -shaped tea cake, the tea inside is less contact with the air than loose tea, which is more conducive to later transformation. (Excessive contact with the air, many fermented microorganisms in tea will be oxidized, which is not conducive to transformation.)

Avoid moisture -proof

If there is too much contact with the air, it will inhale the water molecules in the air. The storage of tea is very afraid of tide. Even if the quality of the tea is high, as long as it is wet, the value will be greatly reduced. Therefore, we must prevent moisture when we save tea. The tea -shaped tea only has contact with the air outside, so the possibility of moisture will be greatly reduced.



The transformed Pu’er tea will have a unique fragrance, which is not available on the new tea. Suppose our tea is loose tea, then even if the aroma is transformed, it will be divergent quickly. There is no aroma of tea for a long time. What else is worthy of taste?


Enzymatic effect

Pu’er’s tea transformation is a very slow process, and the main effect during this period is external enzymes. External enzymes like to survive in a tight environment. If tea is stored in the form of loose tea, the entire conversion process will become very slow.


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