Is there enough ground leakage in the bathroom? How to add another floor drain in the bathroom?


How many floor drains are installed in the bathroom? Is there enough ground leakage in the bathroom? What about a floor drain? How to add another floor drain? What should I do if the bathroom floor drain is anti -taste and blockage? How to do waterproof? How to choose a bathroom floor leak? … In the face of these issues, some owners are really blank. What should I do? Nanjing Decoration Company will help you solve these problems today ~

Don’t worry! In this article, I will give you a summary, let’s learn together!

Part1: Install a few floor drains in the bathroom

Netizen: How many floor drains are installed in the bathroom?

Reply: In normal circumstances, two, one in the wet zone, that is, the water room, the water, the other is in the dry area, and between the washbasin and the toilet.

If there is a shower room, the shower room should have a separate floor drain. The area of ​​the shower room is separated from the outside. Of course, if there is a washing machine, of course, there is one. In the case of neither of the above, a floor drain is enough. The position should be the lowest point of the floor of the bathroom. When paving bricks, there must be a slope. If there are more floor drains, the ground seems to be flat.

Basically, one is enough. There are three types of floor drains on the market to choose from: spring -type sealing floor drain, magnet -type self -proclaimed floor drain, three anti -floor drain, I don’t know that it is suitable for family! Spring -type sealing floor drain: there are upper and lower bombs. Two types. The upper type is pressing the cover plate, the cover plate is bounced, and the pressure will be reset again. In this way, the earliest seal -off -deodorant floor drain needs to bend over to open the lid to drain the drainage, which has a great breakthrough. However, because the spring is made of boron iron, it is easy to rust and the elasticity will gradually weaken. In addition, it is easy to wrap hair and fabrics, and it is not easy to clean.

Netizen: Is there enough ground leakage in the bathroom?


Isn’t it enough to have 3, right? The bath interval is there to prepare a washing machine for a toilet to prepare for the washing pool.

Netizen: What should I do if there is a floor drain in the bathroom?

Reply: It is best not to move this floor drain. You can add three links to the sewage pipe of the pot. The floor drain must be at the lowest point. When paving bricks, pay attention to setting up this floor drain at the lowest point. The edge of ground heating should have about 20 cm space. You can take the pipeline and be careful not to solve it. Hope to be useful to you

Reply: Generally speaking, the pipeline of the floor drain is also uniformly connected to the sewage pipe, so whether to install the floor drain is mainly to see what the bathroom is to do. Whether to do wet and wet separation.

Generally, the small bathroom is also made into a shower. If the shower area and the squatting area are in the same area, there is no need to add a floor drain. If it is partition, the shower area will also add a floor drain.


And if all the drainage is required from the pipeline of the squatter, the position of the squatting toilet is slightly lower, otherwise the bathroom will be prone to stagnant water. In fact, adding a floor drain does not take up space, and it is not particularly expensive.

Reply: You can only install the floor drain, and set the water pipe pipe from the new cloth to connect to the original lower water pipe. Stewle installation:


First: Remove the reserved holes of the drainage, so that it is fully consistent with the buying floor drain, because the reserved holes of the drainage of the drainage during the delivery of the real estate agent are relatively large. Among them, the open hole diameter of the floor drain is between 6-8mm, which can prevent the entry of dirt such as hair, sludge, sand grains;

Second: It should be grasped that the inlet of the multi -channel floor drain is installed according to the actual situation. Multi -channel floor drain is a floor drain with a multi -function connector (undertake the facial cleanser, bathtub, washing machine and ground drainage). This structure can solve the problem of multiple drainage use of a sewage channel.

Netizen: How to add another floor drain in the bathroom?

There is only one squat in the bathroom. There is no floor drain. Squatting is embedded in the ground. If you want to change it to sit and add a floor drain, how can you increase it?

It’s troublesome, and you have to find the family downstairs to communicate. However, it must be handled well, and it is simple to sit on. The squatting is removed, but if the location is unchanged, add the floor drain, and you need to hit the building. Add drainage pipes to the floor below Essence After the cement is filled, after the cement is dry, find a professional waterproof, and make the waterproof. You must do it well. It’s ok. The squatrs can be changed to a toilet. This is more convenient than the toilet to change the squat toilet, but there is a problem. Pay attention to the toilet. When buying a toilet If there are two backwater bends, it will produce a vacuum state. It cannot produce siphon, that is, it cannot be sucking, so just pay attention to this.

Increasing the floor drain also pay attention to, because the sewage pipe of the toilet is used, so it is necessary to add anti -water bending, otherwise it will return it.

Part2: Anti -taste, blockage, and waterproof problem in the bathroom floor drainage

After understanding the bathroom, you need to install a few floor drains, and after adding a floor drain, continue to take a look with the editor of Nanjing Decoration Company to take a look at the anti -taste of the bathroom floor drain.

Netizen: What should I do if the toilet floor leakage is reversed?

1. The house that has been renovated is not easy to change. If you can allow you to change downstairs, replace the pipe elbow below your floor drain to a P -shaped curve.

2. If you ca n’t change it, you can only recommend that you pour water around the floor drain every time you use the floor drain, and then cover a plastic cloth 50mm larger than the diameter of the floor drain on the floor drain, so that the plastic cloth is placed in the flat cover. Essence

3. It is recommended to use deodorant floor drain. At present, the deodorant floor drain on the market is mainly composed of three pieces: upper cover, floor drain body and floating cover. Among them, when the floating cover is water, it can float up and down in the floor drain. Cover to death to prevent the odor from from the sewage pipe to the room. Although the floating cover can cover the sewage pipe, in order to achieve better results, the depth of the water seal layer of the floor drain is needed. Therefore, it should be filled with water when used. Essence

Netizen: What should I do if the toilet floor leakage is blocked?

1. The reason

1. Miscellaneous: Family land leakage blocking is mainly blocked with some residues and garbage, causing the sewage to be unable to remove it. The kitchen floor leak was blocked because the residue of the kitchen sink was not clear and clean when washing dishes. Most of the cases of ground leakage in the bathroom are blocked by the hair, so in life, the debris on the ground drain must be cleared.

2. Building material: If the floor drain cap is not lost and it is usually covered on the ground drain, it may be that when the building materials were built in the past, the building materials fell into the pipeline.


3. The supervisor: The exterior wall drainage pipe connected to the floor drain is blocked, which causes your home’s water to not be out. You need to ask if there is a similar blockage of the neighbors upstairs and downstairs. If there is a blockage, it means that it is a problem with the outside of the outside world.

Second, dredging tips

1. Soda water dredging: First pour the half -cup of cooked southern powder into the sewer, and then pour half a cup of vinegar. After the soda reacts with the acid in the vinegar, it can remove the fat substance adhesive in the pipeline.


2. Dredging of round wood: First insert a round wood with a diameter close to the drainage outlet into the water pipe, and put a certain amount of water in the pool, and quickly twitch the round wood quickly. Under the action of inhalation and pressure, the pipeline, pipelines The dirt will be washed away.

3. Flory dredging: The sewer pipeline is blocked. You can buy a few pieces of fire alkali from the market, put it in the sewer pipe, and then pour some hot water. In the case of hot water, the fire alkali was chemically changed in the heat water, and the temperature rose rapidly. The oil in the pipeline was dissolved, and the water was discharged smoothly to solve the problem of the sewer.

4. Dredging agent: The supermarket selling “pipelines” is specially cleaned up by such pipelines. Pour an appropriate amount according to the degree of blockage. Before buying, pay attention to the instructions, because some varieties of pipelines are targeted at metal pipelines. The ____ does not work.

5. Biological dredging: Put a small yellow cricket into the sewer pipe, then add some irritating things such as washing powder or salt, cover the lid, and clear the pipeline through the biological characteristics of the yellow cricket.

6. Dredging the pump: When the floor drain is blocked, the rubber tube of the pump can be inserted into the sewer, and then a small amount of water can be placed in a small amount of water.

3. How to prevent land leakage blocked

1. Regular cleaning floor drain

The floor drain has been used for a long time, and there may be some small garbage such as hair, paper crumbs, etc. This kind of debris residue is most likely to block the floor drain. After use, it is necessary to clean it regularly. When cleaning the floor drain, it is generally necessary to clean up the debris on the cover to prevent the debris from entering the sewer and cause the silt. Then remove the cover and use a brush to wash the various components of the floor drain, which can be cleaned with some cleaners. Then disinfect and deodorize treatment of the sewer, and then reinstall the floor drain. Pay attention to daily, do not open the sieve cover of the floor drain, and do not directly pour directly into the floor drain.

2. Thin stockings blocking method

Although the floor drain can filter a large amount of junk items, small things like hair can easily fall into the floor drain, drag hanging, clean up, and disgusting. At this time, you can cut a small piece with thin stockings, open it as much as possible, and fix it on the floor drain. In this way, the hair is gathered on the stockings. When cleaning, throw the stockings along with the hair, so that the hair will not enter the floor drain.

Netizen: How to do waterproof waterproof in the bathroom?

1. Flat the ground

The first thing to do is to find flat. It is operated by cement gel materials. Only after the level is reached, the next step can be started.


2. Determine the elevation

This is a critical step. After the vertical height is clear, it is solidly found to find a certain slow slope. Laying a flat layer, sealing waterproofing around the floor drain, waterproof layer, water storage test, etc.

3. Clean up and smooth


After the main and tube are arranged, the surrounding impurities should be removed, and the templates are supported at the bottom of the board, and then watered to make it wet. Finally, the fine stone concrete is poured, and it is tightly, strict, and smooth.

4. Find a slope and leave slot

Find 1%to 2%slope from the places where the flat ground is flattened. The slope near the 50mm should be 3%to 5%, and 20mm × 20mm grooves are left around the surrounding area.

5. Water storage test


Observe carefully, without leakage can be regarded as qualified.


Part3: Toilet floor drain selection

Finally, follow Nanjing Decoration Company to see which kind of field leakage is better? How to choose ~

Netizen: What kind of ground leakage in the bathroom?

1. Choose a floor drain to choose stink -proof floor drain. The summary is clearly clear that all kinds of harmful gases are mixed in the smell to taste inside the house, so you must choose the odor -proof floor drain for health. Choose a deodorant floor drain to understand the principle not only blindly buying. Now many products cannot be 100%deodorant, so you should see it when you buy it. Do not buy simple water -sealed floor drain. To choose deep water sealing, it is better to combine physical deodorization and deep water deodorization. Physical deodorant is to achieve the switching pad through water pressure and permanent magnets, so as to achieve deodorant.

2. Choose the floor drain to choose not to accumulate water, and get off the water. To put it simply, the speed of the water will not be anti -water. Generally, 1 liter per second, but many products cannot meet this standard. Only regular and qualified products will be greater than equal to this standard.

3. Choose a floor drain to choose the anti -deodorous floor drain of the washing machine. At present, many floor drains cannot connect to the water machine floor drain. In this way, we are very troublesome when we washing dirty water. Therefore, choose the product that can pick up the washing machine floor drain.

4. Choose a floor drain to choose from four harmful mosquitoes in the sewer. They may be climbing to your home through the sewer pipeline, so it is important to choose a floor drain that can prevent the four harms.


Netizen: How to choose a bathroom floor leakage?

1. Bell -type floor drain

This is a relatively traditional floor drain. The biggest defect is shallow water. If not in a few days, it cannot beolation after drying the water area, so that the smell and pest length of the water pipe are driven directly! And the high drainage pressure on the floor is high, the pressure of the high drainage of the floor , Destroy water sealing after the emergence of siphon. Another defect is that the drainage is slow, only 2-3L/min, the drainage is not as good as the shower, and the water drilling Jinshan is an inevitable phenomenon! It has been eliminated and used.

2. Faste -up floor drain

This is a kind of improved floor drain. The biggest difference between the bell -type floor drain is that this kind of floor drain has no water area and isolate the inferior pipe from the partition. When drainage, use the water’s own gravity to open the partition, and automatically close the water. However, this deodorant effect has a lot to do with the fine workmanship of the overturn. Many manufacturers do not be closed well, and the deodorant effect is not available, and the life span is short. The drainage speed is average, about 8-12L/min. It is recommended to be used for unrealized drainage, such as dry cleaning areas, kitchens, and balconies.

3. Self -seal floor drain

This is also a kind of improved floor drain. The principle of deodorization is similar to the flip -floor floor drain. It also uses the barrier to isolate the odor, but it mainly depends on the spring or magnetic force. The deodorant effect is very good! But if you do n’t pay attention to the installation, the cement slag soil is infiltrated into the spring area or the magnet area, causing the closed failure and losing deodorization function. The drainage speed is average, about 8-12L/min. It is recommended to be used for unrealized drainage, such as dry cleaning areas, kitchens, and balconies.

4. Deep water sealing floor drain

This is also a kind of improved floor drain, and it is also used to isolate the inferiority of the water channel using the water storage area. There are about 5.5cm height and 7.5cm of water seal. Tests with quartz sand, indicating that the water flow is fast, and the sand can be rushed out without blocking. The sewage contains a lot of viscosity impurities. The deeper the water seal, the larger the hair area of ​​the hair and the adhesive impurities. In poor drainage, this requires ensuring that the water seal can be disassembled and cleaned. At the same time, the overall height of the floor drain has increased, resulting in a relatively lighter place for pipelines. The floor drain. It is recommended to use 5.5cm high water seals, which are generally used for regular drainage, such as washing machines and shower rooms.

The above is the selection of several suitable, how to install floor drains, toilet floor drains, blocked, waterproofing problems, and the choice of bathroom leakage by the Nanjing Decoration Company. How to choose a floor drain and choose a few floor drains ~ Of course, the anti -taste and blockage problem encountered by the floor drain can also be solved ~

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