How much Snail was the original liquid, a set of skin care products is not expensive


Like the snail mask, snail cream we hear, etc., all of the skin care products that have been added to the snail original liquid, then

How much Snail’s original liquid

? Let’s take a look at the price!

The price of skin care products of Snail’s original liquid is not expensive, just take Yisi as an example!

IT’s IT’s IT’s Red Ginseng Crystal Diamond Regenerative Cream (Snail Cream) (Korean retail price 65000)

South Korea 60ml

Applicable age: between 20-55 years old

Applicable skin texture: any skin texture

Applicable people: suitable for scars, acne, acne, acne marks, stains and skin elasticity.

Anti -aging, dilute scars, repair damaged cells, increase skin elasticity

IT’s 60ml of red ginseng snail cream, the upgraded version of the snail cream, not only has the original repair ability, but the snails who have eaten red ginseng have fully absorbed the nutrition of red ginseng. The protective film, deeply penetrates the nutrients inside the skin, makes the skin more flexible, and can take care of freckles and damage to the skin. It has the multiple effects of repairing the skin, anti -wrinkle and whitening.

蜗牛原液多少钱 一套护肤品价格也不贵

Crystal Diamond Beauty Muscle Regenerative Snail Soft Skin Water+Lotion No. 1 refreshing

(South Korea retail price water 32000 lotion 32000)

Suitable age: 18 years old and over 18 years old, especially over 25 years old

Suitable for skin types: neutral, dry, mixed, oily, sensitivity and other types of skin can be used

Suitable for the crowd: especially suitable for skin tone, acne, acne marks, scars, etc. skin that needs to be repaired

IT’s Snail Crystal Diamond Repair and Repair Soft Skin Water+Lotion (Moisturizing) (Korean retail price water 32000 lotion 32000)

The snail emulsion contains 21%snail primary liquid extraction. The snail mucus lotion has the effects of moisturizing, hydrating, repairing, redness, swelling, acne removing, diluting spots and scars, effectively avoiding skin aging, and improving the brightness of the skin as a whole, improving Skin elasticity! Sleep mask containing snail mucus, integrates protection, hydrating, nourishing, and anti -wrinkle. Whitening!

Snail emulsion is divided into two models: i No. i is refreshing type suitable for all skin, especially oily and mixed skin

IT’s red ginseng snail water milk

(Korean retail price water 36000 lotion 36000)

High concentration of comprehensive nutrition, red ginseng snail has the effects of moisturizing, hydrating, repairing, acne removal, diluting spots and scars, effectively avoiding skin aging, and improving the brightness of the skin as a whole, and improving skin elasticity! Contains snail mucus! Water milk, integrate, hydrate, moisturize, nourish, and anti -wrinkle, can make the skin smooth and soft, reduce pores, lift the overall light of the skin, improve skin elasticity, so as to achieve natural whitening from the inside out!#P#Sub -title title #E#

Snail use experience

The cheeks have red blood, and the skin is a bit sensitive. After starting, I basically wipe it every day, so 15ml actually runs out of HHH! However, when there is a mirror, I suddenly found that my cheek was white, and the red blood was obviously pale. I was very impressed with this. I bought another bottle of HHH. It is said that it has the effect of repairing acne marks, but there is no acne in dry skin hahaha!

In short, the calibration repair function is very good, and each milliliter is more expensive than the small brown bottle.

Snail original fluid is not so amazing

Snail Cream originated in South Korea. He couldn’t go on in South Korea. He ran to China to flicker and wanted to make the myth of BB cream. But TV and the Internet have exploded before, and the country has exploded. To sum up, the snail extract is not so amazing, and the most moisturizing is gone. This time, a snail primary liquid was produced in the large family of the raw liquid. Some brands also declared 95%of the snail primary liquid. Think about it like that, how many cute little snails were killed. In addition, there are quite a lot of selling liquid extraction solution as other products. For example, snails are moisturizing water, snail cream (such as now famous CLIO Suyan cream) and so on.

How much Snail’s original liquid