The ceramic valve core and copper chrome plating shower are standard, but it can be spent 500 more plus these three functions, so as not to lose


The bathroom is comfortable and uncomfortable, half of the storage and decoration style. Half half is easy to use shower. In addition to going to the toilet, the bathroom is washing. When you go home from get off work, take a bath and shower.

I have stepped on the pits that I have stepped on the shower. There are really too many, and I ca n’t count it myself. It ’s really improving the sense of happiness. So how to choose the shower in the bathroom? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy too expensive, just to see these 3 points.

The standard configuration of a easy -to -use shower should be a ceramic valve core. Except for this material, everything is free of talk. , Durable shower.


And buying shower is not the surface material of the dead buckle. It is the most perfect to see if the shower has these three functions. These three functions are basically standard standard. It is also a matter of spending more than 500 yuan, so you don’t lose it.


1 supercharged function

In the past, I thought that all shower would have a booster function, which can change the realistic situation of my home’s water pressure. In fact, the small water pressure at home is not used.

The function of the supercharged shower is actually making us more comfortable to take a bath. The water coming out of the shower can become larger and thinner. It can quickly help us rinse the foam. You can use a small amount of water to achieve a lot of water. Come out, so the supercharged can be understood as another method of water saving.


However, not all the environmental environment is applicable, and the water quality is not available, because the water outlets of the supercharged shower are particularly small, and the scale is accumulated in the long run. The shower that has not been used for a long time should be changed again.

Small water pressure cannot be used with supercharged shower. The water pressure cannot be supercharged. Natural bathing is a problem.

2 constant temperature

The key part of the constant temperature is the mixing valve. The service life is five or six years higher than the shower. The shower may be blocked by the scale because of the accumulation of time. Is necessary. The constant temperature shower can ensure that it can be washed to mild water instead of suddenly hot water in the summer. In winter, it can be washed to the precise temperature adjustment of water. Without cold water, it suddenly stimulates the body.

Both solar energy and the hot water heater are not recommended with constant temperature shower, because they are too high, and it is easy to burn the component of the constant temperature shower. The gas water heater is greater than 12L of hot water. Essence Therefore, although the constant temperature shower is durable, the early selection and conditions must be matched, otherwise it is not easy to use.


3 The additional multi -function of shower

In order to increase the selling point of the product, the Shower brand has increased a lot of practical functions from life. Compared with the previous only selling a single shower, it has been outdated for a long time! The bathroom network recommends that you buy a shower and buy a spray gun. The high -pressure water comes with the spray gun can wash the stubborn stains in the ground, mop and floor drain.

There is also a rack with facial cleanser and soap that should be used often. There are also a variety of water outlets, soft, porous water outlets, and have different ways of water out of water for children to wash their hair and feet. There is also a faucet that is integrated with the shower. Unlike before, a faucet is installed alone.


Come and talk about your home to buy shower. What functions are you most like?