Recommended mountaineering equipment, donkeys will bring Sea to Summit compressed waterproof bag


Most people may think that the waterproof bag is not a must -have equipment for mountain climbing, and can be replaced with plastic bags or large garbage bags.

But plastic bags have the following 3 disadvantages:

It cannot be completely waterproof, causing a long period of rain or heavy moisture on the mountain.

There is no breathable function, causing anti -tide in the bag, and electronic products are easily damaged.

There is no compression function, and items that are easy to swell, such as sleeping bags and down jackets, will occupy many backpack spaces and reduce use efficiency.

The above disadvantages will cause many inconveniences in the process of climbing, so I think mountaineering waterproof bags are actually very important climbing equipment. This article should share how to help yourself choose a suitable hiking waterproof bag.

How to choose a mountaineering waterproof bag?

There are three main selection points for climbing waterproof bags

1. Capacity

登山装备推荐,驴友会带上的Sea to summit压缩防水袋

The capacity of the waterproof bag is available from a small waterproof bag of 1L to a large waterproof bag of 90L.

登山装备推荐,驴友会带上的Sea to summit压缩防水袋

<10L: Suitable for packaging (separation and spare clothing separation), personal items storage (electronic products, wallets, headlights)

10-40L: Suitable for equipment with large volume, such as: sleeping bags, down jackets

> 40L: Suitable for the second layer of waterproof layer. Put all the waterproof bags and then put them into the largest waterproof bag to avoid the first layer of waterproof bags from damage.

2. Fabric material

The waterproof bag is divided into Nylon and Event according to the cloth material. Nylon is divided into 15D, 30D, 70D according to the fibrous thickness. D is the abbreviation of Denier Daniel. It is used to express the weight of the wire wire in the length of the unit. The weight of 15g is 15D and 70g is 70D. Simply put, the larger the D represents the heavier and thicker the fabric, but the higher the relatively abrasion resistance.

Event and GOREX are both airproof waterproof fabrics and are made of EPTFE film. But Event’s breathability is better than Gore-TEX, because the protection and treatment of the EPTFE film is different.

3. Function design

登山装备推荐,驴友会带上的Sea to summit压缩防水袋

According to the functional design, it can be divided into perspective windows, discounted valves, and compressed designs.

The advantage of the perspective window design is that it can be clearly seen in the bag, which is more convenient to find items.

Due to the bulky and difficult operation of the water bottle, the market has gradually been replaced by Event’s breathable waterproof bag on the market.

Compressed design waterproof bags can help us save a lot of strength when the compressed volume (such as: sleeping bag).

What are the types of mountaineering waterproof bags?

The waterproof bag is divided into the following 6 types according to the fabric material and functional design: ultra -lightweight version, lightweight wear -resistant version, EVENT breathable waterproof bag, see -through window design, evacuation valve design, compressed design, can be designed with compressed design, compressed design,

登山装备推荐,驴友会带上的Sea to summit压缩防水袋

1. Ultra -Light Edition

Nano ultra-light waterproof bag (Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sacks)

Material: 15D nylon

Weight: 4L/8L/13L/20L: 19g/24g/28g/30g

The lightest in the waterproof bag

Suitable activity: lightweight hiking (short range)

2. Lightweight wear -resistant version

Lightweight wear-resistant waterproof bag (Ultra-Sil Dry Sacks)

Material: 30D nylon+Cordura wear -resistant nylon

登山装备推荐,驴友会带上的Sea to summit压缩防水袋

Weight: 4L/8L/13L/20L: 26g/30g/40g/50g

Heavier than Nano, but high durability

Suitable activity: lightweight hiking (long journey), climbing

3.Event breathable waterproof bag

Material: 70D nylon+event waterproof and breathable fabric (bottom)

Weight: 5L: 48G

Suitable activity: alpine camping (compressed clothing)

4. Perspective window design

Green Hermit ultra -light perspective window water prevention bag

Weight: 3L/6L: 23g/31g

Suitable activity: Reservations for personal items (keys, wallets, cameras), which is convenient for finding things

5. Discounted valve design

登山装备推荐,驴友会带上的Sea to summit压缩防水袋

Ortlieb Compression A gas valve design compressed waterproof bag

Material: PS 10

Weight: 7L: 58G

登山装备推荐,驴友会带上的Sea to summit压缩防水袋

6. Compressed design waterproof bag

Weight: 6L: 107G

Suitable activity: alpine camping (compressed sleeping bag)

I bought the Event of the Event of the Sea TO SUMMIT and the compressed design waterproof bag, which was used to pack my warm clothing, personal supplies and sleeping bags when I climbing.

登山装备推荐,驴友会带上的Sea to summit压缩防水袋

After 15 minutes of splashing water testing at home, you can see that water droplets can be seen on the waterproof bag, which has not penetrated at all.

It can be seen that the volume after compression does become much smaller, the compression process is not effortless and it is easy to operate.

The above is the choice method of sharing 6 mountaineering waterproof bags and recommendation. I think I think it is quite worthwhile to start with SeatOSUMMIT breathable waterproof bags and compressed waterproof bags.

Material: 30D nylon+Cordura wear -resistant nylon

Material: 70D nylon+event waterproof and breathable fabric (bottom)