The beautiful and beautiful conjoined shorts, both figure and refreshing and casual, fashionable and casual and handsome


Conjusational shorts must be a must -have in summer. Some fairies do not like to wear skirts, but they do not want to stick to simple short sleeves and trousers, so you can choose very individual shorts. This summer, the fairy’s dress must not be as simple as before. Different styles of conjoined skirts can wear different temperament. Whether it is a high -level fashion style or a casual and handsome style, it can easily change.


#What to wear today#

The khaki color is very popular in any season, because the khaki color is very gentle, and at the same time is versatile, so whether it is workplace or daily travel, it is very suitable, and it will not be very skinny. It is easy to control. The khaki conjoined shorts look not only clean and very gentle and temperamental. Fairies are very beautiful when traveling or going out on the street every day.


Pink is a color that is full of girls. For many girls, it is also a color that has always been loved, but pink is more picky, and it is easy to wear tacky feeling. In fact, as long as the color is right, it is also very versatile. For white girls, it is naturally a bright color or a retro color system. However, if the skin tone is more wheat, you can choose a retro color, which is whiter. The pink conjoined shorts like Miss Sister look very gentle as a whole, and the age reduction effect is very good. With beige shoes and white socks, there is no sense of disobedience.

There are many types of conjoined shorts. Choose different styles in different occasions. This summer makes you a charming little fairy.


Denim conjoined shorts

Cowboy is synonymous with youthful vitality. It is still loved by fairies for so long. Of course, only jeans are not enough. Now we have denim skirts, denim jackets, and conjoined denim shorts. For young girls, don’t miss it, it is high and temperament. Like Miss Sister chose a waist -shaped shorts, the proportion of the overall figure looks perfect. With a pair of flat shoes and a pair of stockings, it has the effect of showing long legs and worth learning.

A loose conjoined denim shorts are very suitable for daily travel. Compared with mini skirts and shorts, such conjoined shorts are very individual and given a very unique impression, casual and handsome, very attractive. Like Miss Sister, a pair of white sneakers, full of youth, age -reducing effect is great.

Floral conjoined panties

Flower -style conjoined shorts are also very beautiful. It is very suitable for gentle and temperamental girls, but when choosing, pay attention. It is best not to choose too complicated patterns, it is easy to wear tacky and old -fashioned feelings. The overall body of the younger sister belongs to the white style, and the green print design of the skirt gives a fresh temperament. Whether it is home or out to go shopping, it is full of goddess, sexy and light familiar.


Summer is a passionate season. When going out to play on the beach, you must choose a comfortable and casual style. The thin floral jumpsuit is very suitable. You don’t have to worry about glowing. The clothes. Miss Sister is thin and high in a blue printed conjoined shorts. The waist design makes the proportion of the overall figure look perfect, very long, and the little fairy learns.

Installation conjoined shorts

Girls can also maintain handsome girls. Girls who like cool styles must not miss the work of work -style shorts. With a pair of Martin boots, the whole person looks fashionable and handsome. If it is a slightly fat girl, you can choose a dark -colored style style Black wild and thin are naturally the first choice, but girls who do not like black can also choose a quiet and mysterious dark blue. It is very suitable for summer. You can also choose gray, gentle and elegant fashion. Sister -in -law’s white workmanship shorts are more tested, so girls should choose suitable for them according to their own conditions and wear their own style and temperament.


The fairies are really envious. The cool workpants are very aura, which is very suitable for daily explosion streets. The strong aura will definitely make them more confident, so the beautiful eyebrows who are not confident will If you want to try it, you will definitely find a different dress style. The younger -colored conjoined shorts of the younger sister are very white, and the aura is revealed in gentleness. With black boots, the gas field is two meters.

Suit conjoined shorts


The suit style is combined with handsomeness and fashion. The style of suit style giving a noble and cool feeling. For professional women, whether it is going to work or going out on the street everyday, it is very suitable. Colors and styles are also very important. Little fairy with a full figure can choose black, thin and versatile, and it is okay to wear it casually. Like the lace -out suit jumpsuit in the picture, the proportion of the whole person’s body is very perfect. The small girl can choose this way of dressing, which is high and temperament.


Both black and gray are versatile and stylish colors, and the skinny effect is also great, and it is very suitable for formal occasions, so if the fairy participates in formal activities or goes to work, you can choose these two colors of suit conjoined body. Short pants, more momentum after the upper body, and the aura has soared.


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