Wide -legged pants have long been rotten. This summer is “flared pants”, and the legs are thin and fashionable.


If it comes to covering the pants with thin meat, the first thing you think of is wide -leg pants, then you are getting farther and farther away from fashion. Although the loose pants legs can cover their fat, the effect is perfect. Especially the small girls are not properly matched. It turned into a thick and short little radish leg, which was ugly and not grade.


When it comes to fashionable pants, in addition to the jeans that everyone loves to wear, there are also personalized flared pants. The pants are unique, but the ability to cover the calf is simply a good level. At present, this good -looking flared pants are put on, let alone much fashion than wide -leg pants. Whether you want to retro, elegant, advanced, and unique!

First, understand the trend history of flared pants


Don’t underestimate this kind of unique flared pants. It was popular in Europe in the last century. At that time, the industrial revolution had just ended, the improvement of human rights, and the people pursued enthusiastic freedom at that time. And this psychology is usually reflected in the choice of clothing, so the unique flared pants began to be born in the air. The shape of the micro -speaker highlights its own distinctiveness after putting on the body.

The first flared pants are not loved, because the shape habits are still rarely worn. However, in the 1990s, flared pants became trendy items on the street. At that time, the rise of various nightclubs and DISCO, people changed into flared pants and jumped under the shining spotlight. Essence

And now, the retro style recovery has allowed flared pants to be popular in the fashion circle again.

Second, the selection guide for flared pants

Barrier pants will have two effects on the body. One is to achieve thinner, high, and fashionable and unique, and the other is the exaggerated and greasy effect. These two kinds of opposite results are in the final analysis of the problem of choosing flared pants. The following guidelines must be learned!


(1) Error selection

Wearing flared pants is unsightly, it is often a mistake to make the following pants:


● Tight soft flared pants

The fabric of the flared pants is too soft. Even girls with thin legs are difficult to wear a sense of high -level. It will pull out the lines of the thighs, and girls with thick legs will be even more ugly. In addition, the horn design of the trouser legs opens the leg shape into X -shaped legs visually.


● Low waist mop flared pants

The popularity of this kind of pants is related to the 1990s. At that time, people particularly liked to wear such low -waist flared pants, but now they still wear this low -waist pants. Five -level points. The mopping design does not make the legs look longer, but it will only look procrastinating without temperament.


(2) Such flared pants are in line with the current trend

The current popular flared pants are the following styles, which modify the legs of the legs.

● Micro nine -point flared pants

For small girls, we should wear miniature nine -point flared pants. It looks similar to straight pants, but it has a slight arc that is slightly overwhelmed in the position of the legs of the trousers. Very thin.

● Maobian micro flared pants


The fashion of micro -flared pants can also be added to the hair edge. This style is more natural to wear on the body and visually weaken the flesh of the legs. The design of the edge can choose irregular denim lines. However, to appear the effect of age reduction and atmosphere, it is recommended to use the wool edge of the streaming edge, which is advanced and beautiful.

● Cavedo pants

The designs of flared pants are combined with the design of personality, and they are cool and cold girls. Even the sports style cotton flared pants, add some hole -breaking design to make the sports taste into a handsome style. The upper body is paired with short jackets and baseball uniforms. The proper hot girl style!

● Micro -fork trousers

A girl with a short leg, a small fork flared pants to modify the leg length. This kind of pants are very different from the previous design. It will be more feminine. The looming legs appear more sexy, especially the suit style flared pants, and the set of sets of suit shows the style of high -end white -collar workers. It looks cold and beautiful.

Third, learn the combination of flared pants, fashionable percentage

Compared with other pants, it is definitely fashionable to wear clothes. In summary, the recommendation of several flared pants recommended by Xiaobian will not look ugly. In this summer, the standard flared pants must be learned, and it is always right to start with style and classic matching.

(1) style selection


Compared with the matching, the style is the entire visual effect and the temperament emitted, and the flared pants are most recommended for these logo styles.

| French elegant style

Barrier pants are passed from Europe and the United States, and as the most fashionable French girl, flared pants are their daily necessities. The flared pants can create the French elegance we want, and the temperament is resistant to it. The tops can be used with soft fabrics such as satin, silk, and knitting. And proper dew, it really looks natural and lazy.


| Temperament commute wind


To weaken the exaggerated and sexy of flared pants, then create the most popular temperamental commute at the moment. Creating such a style is not related to the low -key dressing, such as basic items, shirts, T -shirts, and suits. In addition, pay attention to the color matching, light cold color is the best, light yellow, blue, etc., fat girls use a combination of light and deep, thin and fashionable.

(2) Classic look sharing

When the little fairy clarifies what style they want to create, they only need to choose a single product to assemble. The following classic matches, they can’t be wrong.


look1: T -shirt+flared pants+grandma shoes

There are no major problems with T -shirts and any costumes, so matching with flared pants can also show a beautiful landscape. If the flared pants are added to the checkered design, you can sublimate the whole wear. A pair of grandma shoes, modifying the foot shape, appear more delicate.


look2: One -character shoulder top+flared pants+high heels


I don’t like the casual wear of T -shirts. One -shoulder top and flared pants are paired with high heels, and immediately make you a mature gentle woman. If a girl with a lot of fleshy shoulders, the stack design is added to the shoulder, which is thin and increases the sense of layering.


LOOK3: short top+flared pants+sneakers

Barrier pants can also wear a sense of movement and vitality. A short top can be done. Add some lotus leaf design to the side of the clothes to more modify the figure. Tired of solid colors or denim flared pants, with a large color stitching, full of unique sense, sports shoes increase comfort, walking is still windy.

It can be seen from the body of flared pants that fashion is a reincarnation. Choosing pants this summer and wearing flared pants will definitely make you a fashionable girl!