Winter inspiration European and American fashion boots, slimming and beautiful legs


Polk 冬 2014 new winter cowhide over -the -knee boots female rabbit hair high knight boots thickened cotton boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

1. Inspiration from winter, Angola warm rabbit hair, comfortable feel! All leather high boots, extremely thin, slimming beautiful legs, creating a perfect figure! Inside the plush, the temperature also has a demeanor.

2014 autumn and winter new round head over -the -knee long boots European and American fashion high -heeled large -size women’s shoes waterproof platform thick heel Martin boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

2. New autumn and winter 2014 new round head over -the -knee boots, European and American fashion high -heeled large -size thick heels, fashion splicing fabrics, comfortable waterproof platform thick heel. Wearing fashion is not tired.

European and American station winter new round head flat bottom flat bottom thick bottom thick bottom thick women’s boots boots warming mid -tube to increase snow boots women

3. Falling and winter scratch leather boots, the thin -leggings increase in the flat bottom, and the upper feet are very comfortable.

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

Fruits leather women’s boots over knee boots in winter leather lace middle boots high heels high heels spring and autumn high boots

4, autumn and winter band -knee boots, lace high heels, very beautiful wear.

Cotton boots children in winter thickened elastic boots, high -heeled skinny legs over -the -knee long boots slopes, women’s shoes pointed high tube knight boots

5. Thicker elastic boots high -heeled skinny legs over -the -knee boots, slope heel high -headed high -pipe knight boots, comfortable slopes, sharp sexy pointed pointed, modifiers on the boots, very warm, modify leg shape length Tube, showing sexy long legs.

2014 new autumn and winter leather over -the -knee boots, boots, low heels, increase over -the -knee long boots, high -pipe elastic women’s boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

6, leather over -the -knee high tube elastic boots, anti -slip boots bottom, stable thick low heels, toe stitching patent leather, boots are elastic cloth, very good to modify the leg shape.

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

Xiangge Er 2014 autumn and winter new strap elastic boots head layer cowhide knight boots women boots female boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

7, strap elastic boots head layer cowhide knight boots, the comfortable sloping heel of the waterproof platform, not tired of your feet, full round head, and knee boots, porous lace, perfectly fit leg shape, very good Sigh.

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

Mafa Matto leather female boots Martin boots head layer cowhide low -heeled flat boots high boots over knee boots women boots

8, leather Martin boots, low -heeled flat boots in the head layer, delicate leather, soft and breathable, comfortable flat bottom, not tired on the top, long -knee long boots, very easy to modify the leg shape and show long legs.

Betty Peki 2014 new header cowhide lace -up knight boots fashion Xiaopo fusious boots over knee boots

9. The first layer of leather lace -up knight boots, fashion Xiao -slope elastic boots over knee boots, warm velvet design, breathable and warm, fashion retro lace design, increase women’s fashion, more vibrant, fashionable slope heels, texture, texture, texture, texture, texture, texture, texture, texture Excellent, comfortable on the feet.

Lu Fei autumn and winter winter shoes boots leather over -the -knee boots high -heeled fine heel women’s boots spring

10, leather over -the -knee boots, high -heeled and long boots, comfortable crickets, not squeezing your feet, scratching leather boots, strong affinity, tightly attached to the leg shape, very good to modify the calf, Expressive long.

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

Waterproof platform leather female boots high boots over knee long boots women autumn and winter new round head high -heeled long boots children winter

11. Waterproof platform leather women’s boots high boots over the knee long boots, delicate leather, full round head and cricket type, very comfortable upper feet, ultra -high fine heel, lengthening the foot curve, boots of the knee Leg -like, hairy at the boots, adding warmth and luxury, the design of the tassel lace, fashionable and sexy.

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2014 autumn and winter new European and American leather over -the -knee long boots, boots, high -heeled high -heeled elastic female boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

12. European and American leather over -the -knee thick heel boots, exquisite leather, soft and smooth, thick anti -slip bottom, thick high heels, stable and elegant, elastic boots, fit leg shape, obvious skinny legs.

European Station 2014 Spring and Autumn New Leather Boots Thick Boots Plastic Boots are lace -up boots flat bottom high -pipe motorcycle boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

13, lace -up flat boots, strong magic skinny legs! Shape the perfect leg shape, create a charming curve, fashion and leisure, and a trace of exquisiteness in the simple atmosphere.

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

Higley’s new internal increase leather boots, cowhide leather, knee boots, high boots, rivet boots flat women’s boots

14. Higley’s new internal high -level leather boots in cowhide over -the -knee boots, high boots, rivet boots flat women’s boots

2014 spring and autumn and winter new women’s shoes in the new women’s shoes increase high -heeled elastic boots thick bottom boots high boots long boots women’s boots

15. Thick bottom and high boots, loose cakes with thick soles, tall and not tired of the upper foot, black elastic cloth boots, fit leg shape, which is very thin.

Leather over -the -knee boots, thick heel high -heeled boots 2014 new British high -heeled knight boots waterproof Taiwan women’s boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

16. British high -heeled waterproof platform crude knee high boots, waterproof platform, stable coarse heel, boots of the knee, fit leg lines, modify legs, and color rhinestones at the boots. The pattern, unique personality, feminine.

Autumn and winter women’s boots children’s shoes leather knight boots boots high heel waterproof waterproof platform over -the -knee boots European and American high boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

17. European and American leather high -heeled fine heels over the knee -length boots, comfortable leather, clear texture, soft and smooth feel, comfortable waterproof platform, exquisite round head, simple and generous, elegant and elegant foot. Loose V bok mouth, comfortable to wear, sexy and fashionable.

Sa Shit 2014 new high -heeled over -the -knee long boots high boots fashion skinny leg elastic boots long boots thin heel women’s boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

18. High heel over knee boots, fine heel stubborn elastic boots long boots, black boots, can perfectly modify leg shapes, very versatile, waterproof platform ultra -high fine heels, long -legged long legs, passing Face -knee -knee boots type, fit leg shape, thin.

Sa Shite 2014 autumn and winter new thick heel high -heeled boots fashion boots women European and American round -headed waterproof Taiwan women’s boots

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

19, thick heel high -heeled boots, European and American round -headed waterproof Taiwanese women’s boots, this women’s boots thicken the short plush inside, and use high -quality velvet. Performing sexy lace embellishment, absolutely unique luxury enjoyment!

冬日的灵感欧美时尚长筒靴, 瘦身显美腿

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