May 1st is coming, and give her a few nobles with noble dresses to make her travel beautifully.


With the continuous heat of the weather, we all put away the thick winter clothes and put on spring clothes. The clothing is not just to change as the temperament changes. As the season changes Essence The weather is warmer, and the skirt is also displayed in daily wear. The real silk printed dress is super suitable for spring and summer.


In the last century’s film and television, the generous and elegant wives always became the focus. Now the real silk dress is still popular, but the styles and styles are changing, and there must be no real silk dress in spring and summer. Let ’s share a few frye -reducing dresses for you. It is suitable for mothers to wear. Let’ s take a look together. If you like it, collect it!


Real Silk Remaining Slender Short Sleeping Long Slim Slit Slimper Dress


Fashion printed dresses, the design style of mature temperament, brings strong aura to women, increasing self -confidence. The front decoration design is more classic. The design of the tip of the cutting is a little temptation in the classical. Classical printing design reflects the elegance of clothes. Mulberry silk fabrics are smooth and comfortable.


Silk loose, thin silk printed mulberry silk tall big swing dress

Really large size dress, soft and comfortable, refreshing and breathable, good texture. Loose and comfortable version design, comfortable and easy to wear, control more figure. Fashionable round neck design, modifying the neck, elegant and charming, elegant temperament and reducing age. The cuffs are edged, fine cutting process, and it is more young to wear comfortably.

Silk retro seal Big Silk Silk Silk Silk Sleeve Sleeve Dress

The print is a big dress, elegant and noble, soft and comfortable, refreshing and breathable. Loose version design, comfortable and easy to wear, modify the body curve. The cheongsam buckle design, a color rope, carefully around. The oblique placket and the plate buckle showed the beauty of the dress. Hidden pockets, symmetrical design of left and right, adding practicality and functionality.

Silk True Fake two -piece solid color thin large size dress

True silk fake dresses, elegant and fashionable. Round -neck design with retro buttons. Ink print, trendy charm. Simple and trendy cuff design, free movement. Mulberry silk fabric, soft and skin -friendly, comfortable and stylish.

Slim Korean version of the versatile commuting real silk dress


Temperament silk dress, elegant and fashionable. Round -neck design, modify the neck, and elegant temperament. The side intimate pocket design is convenient and practical. Short -sleeved design, comfortable to wear, modify slim arms.

Silk slimming thin lace edge silk silk silk short -sleeved dress


Really thin dress, elegant temperament, soft and comfortable, refreshing and breathable. Small slim -fitting design, comfortable and easy to wear, modify body curve. The neckline of the shirt highlights the beautiful lines of the face. Lace lace, the hollow shape is transparent and sexy, echoing the capable collar, elegant and charming.


OL tempera

Two fake two dresses, soft and comfortable, refreshing and breathable, wearing styles. Loose and comfortable version, control a variety of figures. Comfortable sleeves, streamlined and capable, the cuffs are designed with edging, beautiful and fashionable. Simple pocket, fashion oblique plug -in design, increases practicality and functionality.

Slim Korean version versatile and thin silk mulberry silk dress

Fashion temperament is a real silk dress, fashionable charm, personality temperament, and at the same time trendy. Round neck design to modify the neck. The waist is designed with a rope, fashionable charm. Side pocket design, simple trend, generous personality.

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