Last night, there were people who invaded the delay of more than 20 minutes in the Rail Transit Line 2


Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Xu Chi) At about 10 o’clock last night, due to the invasion of the line on the Line 2 of the Rail Transit, the speed limit of the train to the direction of the Zhongshan Park Station was over 20 minutes delayed. After the incident, the subway operating party took relevant measures in a timely manner, and the entire operation of Line 2 returned to normal before 11 o’clock in the middle of the night.

At 10:15 last night, the official Weibo of Shanghai Metro@Shanghai Metro Shmetro released the news: At present, due to the personnel entering the line, Line 2 has entered the line. 10 minutes late. Because the incident is near the end of the subway and some bus line operations, many passengers are worried that they will not be able to catch up with the last bus.

Netizen “Xiaoxia Xia Children’s Shoes” released Weibo comments, saying that the train “card” on the train was 15 minutes on Nanjing East Road, and the bus could not keep up. Netizens, “Thousands of troops are not afraid of Jin Ge”, said: After waiting on Weining Road for more than 20 minutes, they can’t catch up with Line 8.

昨晚轨交2号线有人员侵入 延误20多分钟

It is reported that after the incident, the subway operator quickly took measures to deal with it. At 10:33 last night, the official Weibo of the subway released news: Line 2 personnel entering the line have been processed. Line 2 will return to normal operation after 5 minutes.