Futian is about to the scalp, which will also heat up of heat stroke


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伏天将至 头皮也会中暑

Next week will officially enter the hottest Futian of the year. While the heatstroke prevention and cooling, can you realize that the scalp need to take care of the heat stroke with your heart? Especially the outdoor ultraviolet exposure, the indoor blowing air conditioner, the cold stimulus, is easy to make the scalp heat up of the heat. Experts teach the secrets and tell you how important it is to protect the scalp!

伏天将至 头皮也会中暑

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Outdoor 30 ° C+,

伏天将至 头皮也会中暑

Ultraviolet boasting showders are numb. At this time, it is easy to get a lot of money if you do n’t do your hair and scalp!

What are the symptoms of scalp heat stroke?

1. The hair is dry and frosted, and the lack of luster

Not only will the sun exposure will make the skin shortage, dim, red, and scalp, and the scalp will be “grilled”. The water loss in the hair will lose its gloss and turn dry grass!

2. Extraid the hyperplasia of head oil and dandruff

伏天将至 头皮也会中暑

When the scalp water is imbalanced, the hair will be damaged, and the head oil will also secrete the bacterial hyperplasia and reproduction that causes the survival of oil to survive! The most obvious thing is that Mara -coli bacteria lead to serious dandruff, and the hair is greasy to beat at noon.

伏天将至 头皮也会中暑

Hair and scalp will also heat up of heat!

What should you do if you have hair?

First of all, you should do sunscreen homework. Wearing a sun hat and a parasol is a good defense method;

Secondly, do the scalp and hair clean every day. The deep cleaning should also repair the damaged hair to soothe the scalp discomfort;

Also, prepare a bottle of hair care -free essence or spray with you, apply it when the hair is dry, spray it, and let it glow;

Finally, reduce the stimulation of hair dryers. If you have to use it, it is necessary to apply some hair care essence to “heat insulation” before blowing!

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Indoor 25 ° C,

伏天将至 头皮也会中暑

Cold air makes you feel cold, and the temperature that is too cold is also easy to get a cold!

Improper use of oil -controlled shampoo can cause the hair to “external oil and internal dry”

伏天将至 头皮也会中暑

Teacher Liu Dongyang, a member of the Global Experts and Dermatologists of Hafei, believes that long -term air -bleaching air -conditioning affects the health of the scalp because the air conditioner reduces the indoor humidity, not the temperature. The long -term air conditioner in the summer will cause the indoor air to be too dry, causing the scalp water loss rate to increase. We usually feel dry on the face to replenish it by skin care products. The body’s skin does not give you signal so sensitive, and the scalp looks very fragile and helpless in this case. In order to adjust the balance of water and oil, the scalp will secrete oil to lock the water.

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When you notice that the oil problem is serious, if you use simple oil -controlled shampoo products to suppress oil regardless of the reason, it will cause the scalp to exacerbate and stimulate the scalp to secrete more oil. At this time, your hair will appear ” The phenomenon of oil and internal dryness.

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伏天将至 头皮也会中暑

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伏天将至 头皮也会中暑

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