What are the advantages of plastic boxes?


In our daily life, plastic packaging boxes are not uncommon. Although our living standards are constantly improving, we are more and more like streamlined packaging. Plastic packaging boxes are more and more popular because of their unique advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the knowledge related to plastic packaging boxes!


The box packaging container made of plastic has many characteristics such as low density, light quality, easy processing, etc., transparent or transparent appearance, and is widely used in the food packaging industry. Because the plastic box is better, it can be used to store things well. Therefore, many products choose plastic box packaging.

Plastic is the main material with synthetic or natural high molecular resin. After adding a variety of additives, it is ductantly under a certain temperature and pressure, and a type of material that can fix its shape after cooling. The process of natural or synthetic polymer resin molecules is plasticized in the melting state, and the process of uniform distribution auxiliary molecules around is plasticized. This process has been plasticized, and it has not been achieved. It is considered to have not yet plasticized. Plastic packaging is one of the four major materials in the packaging industry: 30%of paper and cardboard, 25%of plastic, 25%metal, and 15%of glass.

Advantages of plastic packaging box:

1. Easy to form, as long as the mold is replaced, you can get different varieties of containers, and it is easy to form a large number of production.

2. The packaging effect is good, there are many types of plastic, easy to color, and bright color. You can make different types of packaging containers as needed to obtain the best packaging effect.


3. There are good corrosion resistance, acid alkali, oil resistance, and impact resistance; and have good mechanical strength.

4. Customized, customized, various plastic box customization, various styles and styles, can be customized.


5. To advertise, use high -quality PP packaging sheets, which can not only allow the audience to directly see your product through the packaging, Fang Zheng’s straight packaging, the effect of bright printing can also comprehensively enhance the attractiveness of the product.

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